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"This book is a resource for all those that have access to it. It has been compiled purely for that purpose: to provide a means for showing the information that I have worked so tirelessly to gather. It is, by no means, a completed work, as new secrets are always uncovered in the region of Lanorae, and truly, what example of such duties could ever be called complete? Regardless, I endeavor to ensure its pages are always the most updated I can muster.

Just know all the information you possess within these pages will always be as recent as I can manage. It is, after all, my sworn duty. Use it well, and may you uncover your own answers on any journeys you pursue."

The Archivist, Introduction to the Lanorae Codex

Welcome to the Lanorae Codex - the official wiki of the campaign setting known as Of Cogs & Clefairies.
At the moment, the wiki is home to 47 articles.

About the System

Of Cogs & Clefairies uses a modified version of the Genesys tabletop RPG system by Fantasy Flight Games. While the core of the system remains the same, utilizing the Success/Failure dice pool and the theater of the mind, some mechanics have been altered to better fit the world of Pokemon and how it behaves.

Information on such changes can be found throughout the Codex, with links and page number references to the core material as appropriate.

About the World

The region of Lanorae?, which is the region in which Of Cogs & Clefairies takes place, is a Steampunk, Victorian era region with some high-fantasy elements. While inspiration has been heavily drawn from the canon Pokemon universe, several aspects have been altered to create a more realistic, mature, and fantasy-esque setting to be explored.

For that reason, some aspects may vary from the canon Pokemon universe, and elements such as alchemy, chimeras, and flux-chemistry have been added to add a deeper breadth of exploration to the region.

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