Archivist, The

Race: Human?
Age: ???
DoB: ???
Height: ???
Eye Color: ???
Hair Color: ???
Home: ???
Relationship Status: ???
Family: ???

The Archivist is a mysterious individual whose true identity has remained wrapped in an enigma. They are known to leave riddles and cryptic messages around the Lanorae region for travelers to find, and is believed to be the author of the Lanorae Codex, though they rarely seen in person. People who claim to have seen them describe them as a cloaked figure, who's face is hidden beneath the shadows of a hood.

Much of the Archivist's research has proven to be beneficial even to the scientific community as it seems they delve into some of the most elusive and perilous secrets of the region. Much of Lanorae's myths and legends have also appeared for the first time written within the pages of their Codex, which has left a good deal of curiosity as to what the Archivist actually is. It is widely believed that they're human, or at least, they appear to be human in form.


The Archivist's appearance is unknown, as they normally appear heavily shrouded.


Enigmatic and cryptic, the Archivist is known for their tendency to speak in vague phrases and riddles, typically offering fragments of clues without revealing the entire purpose of whatever it is they are trying to reveal. They seem to have an appreciation for those who seek out answers for themselves, and frequently tend to take an interest in those that find themselves in over their heads.


For as long as Lanorae has been settled, there seems to have always been an Archivist. Messages from the entity have appeared for centuries, and their Codex first appeared a mere decade after Lanorae's initial founding. The fact that the entity has seemingly been around for so long is what largely gives rise to questions as to whether they are truly human, though it is also possible there is simply more than one, and they have served as part of a much larger organization.

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