Lanorae Codex

The Lanorae Codex is a compilation of all the findings and research of the Archivist. Quite possibly one of the most informative works in Lanorae, it is filled with sketches, information, and speculation about the native flora and fauna of the region, as well as recordings of most of Lanorae's known history. In many ways, it is like a much more primitive and extensive pokédex, coupled with a thorough field guide.


The first volume of the Codex was said to appear soon after Lanorae's discovery, which lends a great deal of suspicion as to whether or not the Archivist was always the supposed author, and, if so, whether the Archivist is merely a title rather than a single person. However, ever since its discovery, the Codex has been one of the core reference works on the region of Lanorae.

Even so, the Codex seems to somehow miraculously be able to update itself. Even the original copy — which has since been retired from public use and remains within a protected exhibit — has completely updated information, which is a strange phenomena that no one has been able to explain.


A copy of the Lanorae Codex seems to find its way into the possession of most individuals. For lack of a better comparison, the Codex is like Lanorae's Bible, thus few travelers are seen without a copy and most establishments have a volume somewhere in stock. Unlike many other books, the Codex is rarely purchased, and is instead offered free of charge in many locales.

It's a strange tome, but one of endless knowledge.

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