Alstroemeria Locksley

Race: Antecedent
Age: 21 (Campaign Start)
22 (Zodia Arc)
DoB: Maecaite 5, 926
Height: 5'07''
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Violet with yellow streaks
Home: Brimrad (New Lagalla)
Relationship Status: Its Complicated
Family: Rosalynd Locksley? (Mother)
Connor Haventree (Half-Brother)
Delphine Haventree (Half-Sister)
Lyra Andromede (Aunt)
Class: Tactician
Status: Alive

Worst at chess.

Alstroemeria Locksley is one of the leaders and the tactician of the Lagallan Rebellion. She has devoted herself to the people of Lagalla, and stands firm that the best path for her nation is the dismantling of the mageocracy and the monarchy. Following the execution of the Emperor Gavin and the Empress Camillia by the people she trusted, she has begun to doubt the path she has walked.


A tall young woman with skin a bit tanner then that of her half siblings. Bright amber eyes and a scar crossing her face from her left eyebrow to her right cheek. Her violet hair reaches her knees, and she usually keeps it tied up in a loose braid. She spends much time sweeping her long bangs out of her face, though she tends to prefer one strand to cover her scar.


Alstro is passionate, outspoken and a bit pushy. She's always eager and willing to listen- and her expression of curiosity can end up a little overbearing. Very inquisitive and always wanting to know everyone else’s business and motives. She will generally not push issues unless she has determined that a person’s motives are putting people's lives at risk. Then she will push the issue almost obsessively.

She takes great care to make sure she stays calm, rational, and in charge of the situation. Though despite her best attempts, she is prone to outbursts of anger.

Alstro will do almost anything to ensure the future and prosperity of the rebellion, and she would give up her life to ensure a better life for the people of Lagalla.

She does not enjoy strategy games, especially chess.


Early Life

Alstro was born and raised in Shorclif, a port town in the Lagallian empire. Her mother worked a variety of odd jobs, and Alstro was often left up to her own devices. It was never discussed out in the open, but people knew that given Alstro’s appearance Rosalynd had likely slept with a noble. The pair were often mistreated by the villagers, though were quickly brought into the protection of the Mercer family. Not able to make many “normal” friends, Alstro would instead hang out with the rowdy neighborhood children, becoming somewhat known as the ringleader in a notorious band of pranksters. Her friend Davian, the son of the Mercer couple, would try to keep the gang out of trouble. Unfortunately he wasn’t very successful. Alstro would make her gang target mages, specifically because how they treated the “ungifted”. However, her inexperience got the group caught a lot. Alstro would get lectured constantly, both by her mother and by Davian’s father, Rictor Mercer. They warned her that if she kept pushing her she could end up losing her life. Alstro would pretend to take it to heart and then it was back to business as usual.

This cycle continued until she was seven, when a scheme to steal a cleric’s stave resulted in her getting a severe cut on her face. Through holding the staff, she was able to discover her own latent magical abilities. When her gang saw this, they told her she could no longer be trusted because she “she was a mage and would one day be just like them.” Alstro was devastated. The event mellowed her out, causing her to stick by Davian's side. She was still frustrated by what she saw day after day, but without a gang there wasn’t much she could do. Davian notably did not care that she was a mage and was glad she wasn’t getting into trouble anymore. Alstro promised him that when he got a mercenary band of his own, she would be the first to join.

When Alstro was eight she devoted herself to learning all she could about battle tactics to better be an effective mercenary when she was old enough. She wasn’t quite adept at the sword, and instead took up marksmenship instead. However, the path of her life changed suddenly again when she ran into a mysterious man. He mentioned that he knew of her and her history of causing trouble for mages a few years back, and was disappointed that she had stopped. Initially she didn’t want to talk, but eventually he gained her trust, giving her information on the revolution. He introduced himself as Brynston?. Before she knew it, the young Alstro had found herself intensely devoted to the cause, and joined the criminal organization- the Council of Vermin.

Princess Alstroemeria Haventree

Right around Alstro’s fourteenth birthday, her life changed again. Unbeknownst to her, the youngest daughter of the imperial family had been discovered to lack the magical abilities of her lineage and had been hidden away. This was problematic, as a daughter of the Haventrees had been betrothed to Prince Orion of Zodia. The royal family needed a replacement daughter, and one that had magical abilities. Fortunately for them, they knew where to look.

One day Alstro's mother brought her into the city to finally meet her father, the Emperor of Lagalla. They explained that because of her abilities, the royal family wanted to legitimize her, and give her all the privileges and responsibilities of a princess. Alstro was horrified by all of this and ran away.

That same night, Alstro explained the situation to the Council of Vermin. She was told that this opportunity could work for the rebellion. If Alstro had all the privileges of a princess, she could access information that could greatly aid the revolution. This could tip the scales in the rebels’ favor. After this insistence, she obliged and returned to accept the Emperor’s offer.

Alstro was brought back to the palace and began her new life as a princess. She pretended to be grateful to the royal family for taking her in. Despite this, her and Prince Connor did not get along. Connor was kind to her, though Alstro's own history and situation made their relationship difficult.

Emperor Gavin attempted to pass of Alstroemeria as his and Camillia's daughter. Given Alstroemeria's appearance the majority of the nobility knew this to be a lie. Emperor Gavin's infidelity became a popular topic of conversation as well as guessing who was Alstro's mother. Alstro made things tense in court, and it was obvious to her that many people, especially Empress Camillia, couldn't wait for her to be sent to Zodia.

A few months into Alstro’s move to the palace, she started to notice her half-brother’s unusual behavior. He would often sneak off when not in his lessons. She decided to follow him and found him going to a secret room. Inside she discovered Delphine, the non-magical princess. Alstro was appalled that the Haventrees would keep their daughter like this, and was surprised to learn that Conner felt the same. Though the two continued to argue from time to time, Delphine became the one point of agreement the two shared. For her birthday they both worked together to get her elaborate gifts, like a pegasus and bows. They would also join forces to sneak her out of her room from time to time, with the help of Connor's 'friend' Warren Shieldhart.

Though Delphine changed things for Alstro, she never lost sight of her original mission. For the next few years she learned all she could on imperial strategy. Every so often she would leave the capital with the claim of wanting to visit her mother. During this time, she would share information and messages with rebel spies.

Rebel Leader

By the time she was twenty one, it was decided that now was the most opportune time to strike. The Emperor and Empress would be visiting one of the cities for a Lagallan Holiday, and the guard was moving in a manner that would make it easy to overwhelm their defenses. By cutting off that city, the rebellion could trap the Emperor and eventually capture him. Alstro knew it was now or never, and sent the message to strike. Late at night, Alstro went to Delphine’s room and offered to take her out of this room for good. Delphine happily obliged and the two, with help from someone else, escaped on the back of Delphi’s pegasus Ferdinand. Before Alstro took her place in the rebellion, she dropped off Delphi at the Mercer’s house and told both them and her mother to leave town as soon as they could. She also warned Delphi not to tell anyone she was a princess, as they might want to hurt her.

Alstro then took her place as a leader in the rebellion. In several days time they were able to take the city and capture the Emperor and Empress. Everything had gone according to plan, and Alstro planned to use them as a bargaining chip in the strategy to get Connor to surrender. Unfortunately, the Rebellion had other plans. While Alstro left town on other business, Etney Mercer staged the public executions of Gavin and Camellia. Alstro was horrified.

Now concerned that her sister would share her fate should she stay in the country during the now Civil War, Alstro began her journey over the sea to gain the support of Zodia. She recruited the Mercer Mercenary Company, and braced herself for whatever may come.

Immortal Ties

Summarized in Alstroemeria's Journal

Campaign Stats


General Skills
Alchemy (Int)
Athletics (Br)
Cool (Pr)
Coordination (Ag)
Crafting (Int)
Discipline (Will)
Medicine (Int)
Perception (Cun)
Resilience (Br)
Riding (Ag)
Skulduggery (Cun)
Stealth (Ag)
Streetwise (Cun)
Survival (Cun)
Vigilance (Will)
Magic Skills
Light Magic
Dark Magic
Anima Magic
Social Skills
Charm (Pr)
Coercion (Will)
Deception (Cun)
Leadership (Pr)
Negotiation (Pr)
Combat Skills
Brawl (Br)
Melee-Light (Br)
Melee-Heavy (Br)
Ranged (Ag)
Artillery (Ag)
Knowledge Skills
Bestiary (Int)
Education (Int)
Lore (Int)
Underworld (Int)
Warfare (Int)

W. Threshold
S. Threshold
Crit Rating


For High Treason, Assassination, Espionage, and Conspiring against the Holy Seat of Lagalla

ALIVE: 300,000 Imperial Credit


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