Davian Mercer

Race: Human (Lagallan)
Age: 24
DoB: Caoimara 21st, 924
Height: 6'01''
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Maroon
Home: Shorclif (Lagalla)
Relationship Status: Courting Piper?
Family: Rictor Mercer (Father)
Cordeliabelle Mercer? (Mother)
Etney Mercer (Aunt)
Class: Mercenary
Status: Alive

Formerly the most eligible bachelor in all of Lagalla

Davian Mercer




Early Life

Davian was born in raised in the small port town known as Shorclif where his mother worked as an apothecary while his father lead a mercenary group called the Mercer Brigade. Despite the secret that his mother was a mage that was disowned for loving a commoner, Davian never inherited the gift, but learned to accept who he is. His family has worked in the Mercenary business for generations and it was no surprised that Davian wanted to continue the business. He dedicated himself with training with his father whenever he’s home from work, while his mother homeschooled him and taught him how to read and write. Davian’s life was rather peaceful, but that soon changed when a woman and her child came into Shorclif, people spread rumors that the child resembled the royal family and that she was a bastard child, but there was no proof and it wasn’t wise to spread such rumors about the Emperor. The child was named Alstroemeria Locksley and she would change the peaceful life Davian had.

Alstro and Davian

As time passed, Alstro formed a group of trouble makers within the neighborhood, Davian had joined, but only because he didn’t have a lot of friends and wanted to keep Alstro out of trouble, with little success. The group would pull pranks on unsuspecting mages and it usually resulted in the group getting in trouble, especially Alstro by her mother and Davian’s father. He understood why they disliked mages considering few of mages that pass by the small town were rather rude and left quite an impression on the kids. Davian had kept his head down as he was told by his parents, but one day a mage insulted his mother after finding out that she was mage who married a commoner, which was frowned upon by society. Davian wanted to intervene, but she made it clear that it would only make the situation worse. Either way, it was got worse when the mage publicly announced to the people that his mother was who was married to a commoner, and how this went against the will of their god, Aisling. The people of Shorclif cared little of this, but those that did made themselves clear they wanted no part with the Mercers and would mock them any chance they passed by. Davian told his parents that they should do something, but they simply said to move on. When he told them that this is wrong and if we do nothing they will continue to do this, his father responded.

“Son, you need to realize that there is nothing we can do because it will only make the situation worse. I have no regrets of my decisions and neither does your mother. We know how things will end if we try to fight back, and in time you’ll come to realize that's just the way things are. All we can do is keep our heads down and continue on with our lives, we will be fine. Don’t make the same mistakes your Aunt did.”

Daivan knew well that his Aunt punched their mage employer simply because he was about to kill a commoner for something as petty as stealing and if it weren’t for his grandfather’s credibility, she would have died as well. When his grandfather told his aunt to not make the same mistake again, she refused and left, no one knew where she went. Davian defeatedly nodded, but it was obvious that he wanted payback. Eventually everyone in Shorclif knew, and as soon as word came to Alstro, she decided to steal the staff from the mage who announced this, Davian tried to tell her that it’s dangerous and she could get hurt if they catched her, but she didn’t listen and she and her group went off. Davian saw this as an opportunity to get revenge by letting her steal the man's staff, so he gave her time before informing his father. When his father came back with Alstro, he saw the injury and he felt devastated. He blamed himself for allowing her time to get revenge, and now realized what his parents meant by making it worse if they fought back. After the incident, he asked his father what had happened and was surprised to learn that Alstro was able to use magic and heal some of the wounds. He went to meet with Alstro and noticed her group was turning on her after seeing her cast magic. Alstro had no one else, but Davian and he was relieved that she won’t be able to pull off pranks like those ever again. After the events, Davian continued his training so that he could form his own Mercenary company and eventually Alstro joined in on the training. The two would take lessons with his father whenever he was around. Davian had a knack for fighting, while Alstro was striving to become a great tactician. The two made a promise to each other that when Davian became the leader of his own company, she would be the first to join and be his tactician. Davian looked forward to his future and hope that he could one day help change how society viewed commoners. However, over time, Alstro began to become distant, and began visiting the neighboring city of Brimrad. She was learning to be a cleric through a church, but Davian would soon realize what she was really doing. At age 14, Davian joined his father in his travel where he learned what he was expected of him as a leader, he saw the comradery between his father and his men and knew this is the life he wanted to have. He hoped to one day have a company where they could help people and form a kind of family.

The new leader of the Mercer Brigade

When Davian turned 17, he was given approval by his father to lead his own company, however Alstro was not there to keep her promise. He didn’t know why she left, but she simply vanished without saying goodbye or why. He led the company alongside his partner and best friend, Nathanial Dhanner. The two had met through their parents as the two families had worked in the Mercer Brigade that was led by Davian’s grandfather and eventually his fathers. The two boys had similar goals of helping people and quickly became fast friends as they would visit each other's village whenever they can to spar. 7 Years had passed and his company had grown from 2 to 30 members, he had grown some renown within smaller towns of Legalla, and he felt content knowing that he was able to help people in his own way. From former pirates to even an amnesiac Wyvern rider, Davian met unique individuals with their own goals and was happy to have known every single one of them. Within the 7 years he had rare occasions of working alongside Alstro, escorted her once or twice “Visiting” her mother, though she would often ask to sneak out to have some time to herself. Davian began to realize what Alstro had been doing when she one day brought a little girl named Delphine into his house. She told him to take her and his family out of Shorclif, but he didn’t. He wanted to know why and he got his answer not long after when there had been reports of Brimrad being taken over and the Emperor and Empress had been Executed. Davian was shocked, but then grew furious when he realized that not only did she caused this, but she was collaborating with his Aunt and her "visits" had implicated his company and family. When Alstro returned, he was ready to knock her out and turn her to the authorities, but he came back to his senses when her mother saw the the two in their one sided argument. Alstro begged him to help her fix this, and he frustratingly accepted to help considering it’s too late to try and convince the masses his company was not affiliated with the rebels. They first stopped by a village named Draycott, where his family took refuge withing the Dhanners farm and began planning their next course. Alstro wanted to go to Zodia, and Davian had to assemble his team so he sent letters to every member of the situation and told them to meet them at a port for Okeanos, but he understood if they didn’t trust him or wanted no part in his company given the events and affiliation with Alstro. As they made preparations for the ship, only 15 members arrived at rendezvous. Davian expected this to happen, but it wouldn’t change how crushed he felt having half his crew leave him. He turned his sights to Zodia, to aid Alstro while taking on the job as a guard for Delphine. He is determined to fix the mess Alstro has made and he will see if her plans will work, assuming they're not too late to stop this war.

Campaign Stats


General Skills
Alchemy (Int)
Athletics (Br)
Cool (Pr)
Coordination (Ag)
Crafting (Int)
Discipline (Will)
Medicine (Int)
Perception (Cun)
Resilience (Br)
Riding (Ag)
Skulduggery (Cun)
Stealth (Ag)
Streetwise (Cun)
Survival (Cun)
Vigilance (Will)
Magic Skills
Light Magic
Dark Magic
Anima Magic
Social Skills
Charm (Pr)
Coercion (Will)
Deception (Cun)
Leadership (Pr)
Negotiation (Pr)
Combat Skills
Brawl (Br)
Melee-Light (Br)
Melee-Heavy (Br)
Ranged (Ag)
Artillery (Ag)
Knowledge Skills
Bestiary (Int)
Education (Int)
Lore (Int)
Underworld (Int)
Warfare (Int)

W. Threshold
S. Threshold
Crit Rating


Ready for Anything
Racial Ability
Once per session as an out-of-turn incidental, you may move one Story Point from the Game Master's pool to the player's pool.

Tier 1

Gain when making Leadership checks (or other checks to inspire, lead, or rally an audience) per rank of Command. Inspired targets also add per rank to any subsequent Discipline checks they make over the next twenty-four hours. This does not increase with additional ranks of Command.

The character may decrease the difficulty of any Discipline check to avoid the effects of fear by one level per rank of Confidence. If they decrease the difficulty to zero, they do not have to make a Discipline check.

Each rank of Grit increases your character’s strain threshold by one.

Each rank of Toughened increases your character’s wound threshold by two.

Tier 2

Intense Focus
Active (Maneuver)
Before making a skill check, the character may perform the Intense Focus maneuver. The character suffers one strain to upgrade the ability of the skill check once.

Well Rounded [Charm, Leadership]
Choose any two skills. They permanently become class skills.
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