Delphine Haventree

Race: Human (Lagallan)
Age: 14 (Campaign start)
DoB: Caoimaite 15, 934
Height: 5’1
Eye Color: Aquamarine
Hair Color: Purple
Home: Arcanan (Lagalla)
Relationship Status: Single
Family: Gavin Haventree (Father)
Camellia Haventree? (Mother)
Connor Haventree (Brother)
Alstroemeria Locksley (Half-Sister)
Class: Princess
Status: Alive

Greatest amount of hobbies.

Delphine Haventree


Haventree purple hair that reaches to her mid-back. She wears her hair up in two buns, generally, as a reminder of times spent with her mother. Her eyes are blue.


Delphine is compassionate, skilled with various crafts and other such skills, dedicated to finding and making friends happy. Incredibly open-minded, as doing nothing but reading, researching, and being locked away because of who she is would be likely to make her. However, this leads her to be overly trusting, potentially too agreeable.

Most of her life was incredibly planned; however, Delphine prefers going with the flow along with her newfound freedom.


Delphine is a thirteen-year-old idealist who sees the best in those around her. She is very close with her half-sister, Alstro, and her brother, Connor, and trusts them easily. Upon learning that she, a royal, had no prowess for magic whatsoever, her parents hid Delphine away from the world. In short, no one outside of her immediate family and select castle staff knew of her existence. Over the years, she grew close to her pegasus, Ferdinand, whom she often “talks” to for advice; however, as Delphine is growing, her conversations with her pegasus may soon come to an end.

Delphine had a good relationship with her protector, Thaddeus, who was responsible for keeping her safe. The princess would occasionally convince him to let her sneak out to play with Ferdinand and see her siblings, as long as she promised him that she would not stray too far. He even once tried to bring in an archery target for Delphine to practice indoors. The results - broken vases, holes in a few books, and the almost starting of a fire from a lit candle that was almost hit. Needless to say, Thaddeus was a bit more accommodating of Delphine leaving for some target practice every once in awhile as long as there weren’t too many eyes or ears present to learn of her existence.

Her parents were rarely able to visit. Both could never be in the same room with Delphine at the same time; however, her mother tried to visit her at least once or twice a year as long as eyes and ears weren’t pressed upon her. On Delphine’s twelfth birthday (and also the final time Delphine saw her mother), the Empress was able to steal away and celebrate with her daughter. Knowing that the princess had a knack for archery (since Warren was insistent that Delphine learn how to protect herself), the Empress gave her daughter the bow (Yewfelle). That night, her mother also took Delphine up on her pegasus, providing a wonderful final memory of her mother.

One night, a close family friend and staff member who knew about Delphine’s existence (Warren) provided a “distraction” along with Alstro, freeing Delphine from her room and Ferdinand from the stables. This distraction secured their escape away from the only home Delphine had ever known. And that is where her adventure begins. (She mayyyy have been in charge of controlling the pegasus while Warren shot down some people trying to catch them on their escape.) Delphine was told that she was never to speak of Warren’s presence or involvement in her escape, especially to Connor. Alstro also reminded Delphine that she was not to speak of her own identity as a Haventree to anyone.

Delphine was entrusted to the Mercer family for a short time while Alstro was out taking care of some rebellion things. As such, she grew to trust and care for the Mercer family, having some wonderful conversations with Richtor, Delia, Davian, and Rosalynd. Once the fighting broke out, Delphine was taken with the Mercers to the Dhanner’s Farm in Eastern Lagalla, as it was safer for everyone there. Delphine also met some of the mercenaries from the company this way.

A few days later, Alstro returned (after the execution of Delphine and Connor’s parents); however, Delphine was not informed of the execution. From there, they headed across the ocean. It took months and involved the celebration of Delphine’s thirteenth birthday. Once on the shore in Zodia, the group hit the ground running. It was then that Delphine learned of her parents’ deaths and received a heartfelt letter from her mother.

Currently, Delphine is trying to sort through her emotions over the death of her parents and the potential involvement of her half-sister, Alstro. She wants to see the good in Alstro, despite the mistake that was made. Delphine is also poised to begin the thick of puberty, having already developed and gotten over a small crush on Davian, brushing him off as something like a brother. Her new life of freedom coupled with the physical and emotional changes ready to take place within her while the world around her is in a bit of chaos provides Delphine with a future that awaits being written on the blank slate of her life.

Campaign Stats


General Skills
Alchemy (Int)
Athletics (Br)
Cool (Pr)
Coordination (Ag)
Crafting (Int)
Discipline (Will)
Medicine (Int)
Perception (Cun)
Resilience (Br)
Riding (Ag)
Skulduggery (Cun)
Stealth (Ag)
Streetwise (Cun)
Survival (Cun)
Vigilance (Will)
Magic Skills
Light Magic
Dark Magic
Anima Magic
Social Skills
Charm (Pr)
Coercion (Will)
Deception (Cun)
Leadership (Pr)
Negotiation (Pr)
Combat Skills
Brawl (Br)
Melee-Light (Br)
Melee-Heavy (Br)
Ranged (Ag)
Artillery (Ag)
Knowledge Skills
Bestiary (Int)
Education (Int)
Lore (Int)
Underworld (Int)
Warfare (Int)

W. Threshold
S. Threshold
Crit Rating


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