Kendra Queshire

Race: Human (Lagallan)
Age: 24
Height: 5'04''
Eye Color: ???
Hair Color: Blonde
Home: Arcanan (Lagalla)
Relationship Status: Single
Family: ???
Class: ???
Status: Alive

Most emotive eyebrows.

Magister Kendra Queshire



Magister Kendra is an enigma. She became magister at the age of 16 - an unprecedented age for doing so - when she invoked a centuries-old law (that has since been ammended) to challenge her mother, the late Magister Madline Queshire, to a magical duel for her seat on the Magister council.

She won without a single spell from her mother landing on her.

Since then, she has spent all of her time as a magister pouring over every single tome within Lagalla, delving into the deepest secrets of magic. She has never weighed in on a political ruling, and seems disinterested in politics. She did not bat an eyelash when the rebellion began. She is more interested in her own studies than most other things. In just under a decade of her being a magister, the only thing that has sparked any interest in her was Prince Connor's successful manipulation of Gleipnir, the sacred tome of Drystan. Since then, she has made herself his preeminent tutor on magic.


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