Mistral Borealis

Race: Human (Zodian)
Age: 32 (Campaign Start)
33 (Current)
DoB: Drydara 21, 915
Height: 6'00''
Eye Color: Pale Green
Hair Color: Blue-Teal
Home: Ascension (Zodia)
Relationship Status: Married to Signus Borealis
Family: Signus Borealis (Husband)
Venturo Borealis (Son)

Myron Lagana? (Father)
Agathe Lagana? (Mother)

Sybil Auriga (Sister-in-Law)
Vega Auriga? (Brother-in-Law)
Kora Auriga? (Niece)
Class: Wyvern Rider
Status: Alive

A wyvern rider in the service of Connor Haventree. She was once a talented member of Zodia's Wing Guard, but the loss of her memory has left her oblivious to many years of her history. Most likely to get lost in the clouds.

Mistral Borealis, formerly Mistral Lagana, is a Zodian-born human that originally served in the Wing Guard under the command of Astraea Andromede. She was believed killed-in-action after a ballista shot knocked her from the sky, though ultimately she found her way to Lagalla several years later after suffering amnesia.


Original made in Black Desert Online

Mistral is a tall and well-built woman who has a poise and physique that clearly portrays her active lifestyle. She has strong arms and legs from her years of wyvern riding, and normally keeps her pale blue hair chopped short out of both preference and practicality. Her eyes are pale green and almost always filled with mirth, and are contrasted by her dark skin. After undergoing a ritual where she consumed the "Lore" of a wyvern corpse in a desperate hope of repairing the temporarily severed bond with Symphora, Mistral's eyes were permanently changed and now appear more like those of a wyvern's — complete with the slit-like pupils.

There is a large scar on her forehead, normally hidden beneath her bangs, from the injury that cost her her memory, and she has a large lightning scar that snakes from the middle of her back up around her shoulders and down near her hips from the lightning strike that nearly killed her in the Okeanos Sea. The rest of her body is littered with battle scars both from the accident, and various other skirmishes she has found herself in over the years.

She lacks a lot of the feeling in her back, specifically in the immediate area of the lighting scars, due to the permanent nerve damage the injury caused.


Mistral — otherwise frequently known as "Misty" — is fairly laid back and tends to take a more nonchalant approach to most matters. She is fond of good-natured humor and teasing, and this tends to be reflected in her attitude toward other people around her. However, she is capable of being serious when necessary, and has an incredible awareness of the reality of most situations despite the lackadaisical persona she wears. She has proven to be almost merciless on the battlefield, and she has a talent for combat strategy. Most notably, she is known for altering the wind currents around her to give her an edge when fighting other airborne fighters, and while she frequently participates in "trick flying" for pure enjoyment, the stunts she pulls have also proven to be invaluable in combat.


Early Life

Mistral was born in Zodia's capital city of Ascension - or rather on the outskirts of it. Her father, Myron, was a talented diviner who was skilled in devising fate as portrayed by the stars. Meanwhile, her mother, Agathe, was a blacksmith that worked out of their small home and sent a variety of different weapons and armor into Ascension.

At some point, Mistral was able to find a wyvern egg, and she managed to hatch it around the age of 15. The young, newly born wyvern was dubbed Symphora.

The Wing Guard

Around the age of 16, Mistral's home was attacked by a particularly daring group of bandit raiders. Ultimately, her parents were killed, though she was forced to safety atop Symphora. By the time she was able to regain control over her wyvern and return to her home, the house was pillaged and in ruins, and her parents were dead. She did what she could to offer last rights to her parents, burned their bodies and what remained of her home, and took off for Ascension.

She found work under another blacksmith, but ultimately decided that she wanted to do something against the bandit threat. She worked on training in her spare time, working to learn how to fight alongside Symphora instead of just ride her, and a few years later she enlisted in Zodia's Wing Guard. While her abilities were clearly unrefined and self-taught, the General Empyrean of the Wing Guard at the time, Sybil Auriga decided to give her a chance.

She was assigned to the same unit as the princess of Zodia, Astraea Andromede, and Sybil's own brother, Signus Borealis.

(The exact details of her time with the Wing Guard are still largely unknown).

At some point she started to see Signus romantically, and eventually discovered that she was pregnant. Signus proposed to her immediately upon finding out, and they were married soon after. Astraea, who had come to be Mistral's best friend, was present at the wedding as the maid of honor. Several months later, Mistral gave birth to her and Signus's son, Venturo.

About a year and a half later, Mistral had since returned to active duty in the Wing Guard, and accompanied her wing to resolve a bandit issue in the wilds of Zodia. It had seemed fairly routine, until Mistral noticed that the particular group had managed to somehow acquire a dragonkiller ballista. Seeing they were aiming for Astraea and her infamously aggressive wyvern, Alrakis, Mistral quickly intervened and dove for the ballista.

In a panic, the weapon was fired. It missed Alrakis, but punctured Symphora's wing and sent her reeling into the forest.

Mistral was knocked unconscious and wounded from the severe impact, and Symphora's wing was broken.

In the resulting chaos, Astraea and Signus attempted to find her in the thick trees, but the bandits also attempted to go for the downed wyvern rider in the hopes of taking her as a hostage to bargain for their lives. Another battle broke out, and the wing of Signus's wyvern, Talos, was cleaved straight off by a dragonkiller sword in the possession of another bandit. He was also sent from the sky and knocked unconscious, his wyvern succumbing to its wounds. Astraea was able to pull Signus out of danger, but they were ultimately forced to retreat.

They sent a unit out to find Mistral later, but she was never found.

Lost Memories

When Mistral awoke, she remembered the wyvern.

She remembered the tome she wore at her hip. Vaguely. It had been a gift. It's name was inscribed fondly on its inner cover, with an affectionate note to a beloved "Mistral." That must have been her name. She could only assume as much.

Everything else was black.

She did not remember Astraea, Signus, or the Wing Guard.

She did not remember who her parents were, nor what had happened to them.

She did not remember her son.

Once Mistral had regained enough stamina to move, she had managed to heave her broken body onto Symphora and the wyvern was able to struggle her way out of the forest. They slowly made their way to a small town where Mistral was able to get some form of medical aid, though she could not answer any of the questions about what had happened to put her in such a state, nor could she even begin to offer enough information to get a feel for who she was.

She simply assumed it had been some sort of accident.

Just as she was getting ready to leave, the small settlement was attacked. She and Symphora fought alongside the few fighters in the settlement to fend the attackers off, and as if to further dissuade them from returning, Mistral urged the wyvern to pursue them for quite a distance—picking stragglers off in the meanwhile to ensure they wouldn't dare to come back if any were fortunate enough to live.

It was one thing she certainly remembered how to do.

She pursued bandits closer, and closer to the sea, and eventually was swept up into work as hired protection for ships that were crossing the ocean. She was happy to find purpose. After all, she had no clue of who she was aside from a first name and a connection to a wyvern. Eventually, she found her way to Okeanos, where she met the Grand Admiral Eleutherion Varro, and eventually their playful flirtations turned into something more.

Years passed.

While accompanying Varro aboard a vessel, there was a storm. Given Symphora's size and the ferocity of the sea, the wyvern remaining on-board may have sent the ship hurling into the depths, but Misty was unwilling to allow her wyvern to traverse the storm herself. With merely a playful smirk at Varro, Misty took off into the stormy skies.

Unfortunately, it was a thought easier had than done. Mistral was unable to control the unrelenting winds, and she and Symphora were at the mercy of the storm. They fought against it for what seemed like an eternity, until a flash of lightning was drawn to the flying pair and struck the wyvern rider. They were sent hurling into the sea.

By some miracle, they had washed up on the shores of Lagalla and were found by the leader of a mercenary company, a man by the name of Richtor. He and his company provided her aid and succor until she and her wyvern were able to fly again. Immediately, Misty headed for the beach, only to find the shattered remains of a ship washed aboard.

Then she found part of a name.

It was the one that had been hit by the storm.

She debated returning to Okeanos with the hope that the crew—and thus Varro—had made it out alive, but with every move she made to do so another sign would show up that seemed to spell out the worst. Eventually, she decided not to return and face the heart-break there, and instead turned to the company of the man that had helped to save her life.

Fate clearly had something else in store.

For a year, she had actively worked as a mercenary—protecting settlements against raids where she could, or helping stabilize those she could not.

She aided them up until circumstances in Lagalla found her recommended as a guardian for the crown-prince Connor Haventree, and after a good-natured farewell to those she had come to know in the company, she shifted her services to Connor. After all, he certainly seemed to have a good heart and a determination to change things.

In his company, she yet again found herself sailing toward Zodia, though as they passed through Okeanos, she found hierarchy of the ocean-bound nation in the midst of attempting to select a new Grand Admiral.

As far as she knew, her fears had been correct.

Eventually, they arrived in the docks of Ascension.

Immortal Ties: Zodia Arc

Very quickly, Mistral was caught up in responsibilities in Ascension as she was assigned by Connor to go after the young girl, Seasil, once they realized that she had been sent on her way out of the city. Connor informed her that the young girl was in fact a manakete, a race formerly thought extinct, and he felt that Mistral's experience with wyverns would be useful in helping her to recover.


Mission Two: Retrieving Astraea

Symphora's Awakening

Soon after Seasil entered into training with the Wing Guard under the guidance of Mistral, the manakete asked whether she would be dodging fire while training with Symphora. When Mistral was confused about the idea, Seasil was shocked by the idea that the wyverns had forgot such an ability in scarcely 1000 years, and used her draconic influence to attempt to unlock the fire that still burned within Symphora.

It proved to be surprisingly effective, and the wyvern was able to spout a plume of fire. However, it had unforeseen side effects, as Symphora seemed to no longer recognize Mistral despite the fact Seasil was informed that she was looking for "Sister"—the title formerly assigned to her rider. The wyvern almost seemed like she was specifically looking for another of her kind, or something akin to it, instead of a human.

Symphora ultimately flew back to her cavern to await her "Sister's" return, while Seasil and Mistral returned to Ascension. However, on the walk back to the Auriga manor, Mistral became aware of the fact someone was watching her—someone with piercing red eyes in Polaris Keep.

She returned to the keep and asked about the individual, and was introduced to the woman named Siah, who informed her she had a way to potentially remedy the issue if Mistral was willing to attempt it. Mistral inquired further, and Siah teleported with her into the nearby mountains to the location of a wyvern corpse that had started to decay.

Siah used the magic leylines of the area to pull a form of essence from the corpse, and explained that it may be that Mistral needed to be more like a wyvern for her own to recognize her. When Mistral, somewhat jokingly, asked whether the orb of energy would kill her, Siah responded that it was not likely. However, it needed to be consumed.

Compelled by a mix of desperation and curiosity, Mistral consumed the essence which Siah referred to simply as "lore" and she became aware of a string of memories that were very much the wyvern's own: brief images of the warmth of the interior of an egg, to it being trained by its rider, and eventually it being stolen by the Firstborn and slain in the mountains.

While the memories themselves had degraded due to the amount of time the wyvern had been dead, it was enough for Mistral to realize that the Firstborn had returned to Ascension, and the pair quickly returned back to the Keep.

Upon arriving, Mistral was informed that other changes had taken place—namely, her eyes now resembled Siah's in their slit-like nature, and by extension, those of a wyvern's.

The woman did not waste time in hurrying to inform Astraea of the last known location of the Firstborn, though the princess was more distracted by the change in Mistral's eyes. Upon being told what had occurred, she was furious, but insisted that they go to Symphora to see if the ritual had even worked to repair the bond that had been lost.

Fortunately, it seemed to do so. Regardless, it was Astraea's intention to execute Siah, but Mistral was able to talk her down by explaining that it had ultimately been her choice, and it had been one made out of her desperation and obligation to Symphora after everything the wyvern had been through with her. Despite the recklessness, and Astraea's original anger, she was unable to remain upset with her friend, and relented that she would not kill the strange witch—though did threaten her quite thoroughly and ultimately demanded that none be permitted to see her without her express permission.

Mission Five: The Necrodragon

Mistral was part of the primary force that journeyed to contest the massive, undead dragon that the young manakete, Nihli, had unintentionally raised. During the resulting conflict she served primarily as a support unit, ultimately enhancing the abilities of her companions with her primal magic while she worked to keep the additional enemies swarming around the great beast at bay.

She sustained minimal injuries—the most notable of which being mild burns from the poison of a large spider that hearkened to the conflict—and served to keep wayward creatures from attacking Prince Orion while he attempted to lend aid and support from the battlements.

The Inheritors' Final Stand

During Orion's coronation Mistral served as one of those watching for any disturbance while simultaneously enjoying the festivities of the evening by making it an obvious goal to dance with as many people as possible. Near the end of the evening, she passed by Signus, and after some cheeky flirtation on her end, they danced as well. During which, she asked him if she could lead, and, after momentarily being taken back, he said he would follow her anywhere. Mistral returned with the question of "how about here?" before kissing him, making her final choice known.

She glimpsed Varro raising a glass to her with a sad, but content smile in the background, though the moment was interrupted by both Ven and Delphine running up to the couple in childish glee.

Mistral was present during Corvus's attack on Alessander, though she obeyed Astraea's call for all Wing Guard members to disperse into the city when the additional monstrosities wrecked havoc upon Ascension. She ultimately left her son, who had accompanied her to the coronation, in the company of Piper?, who had remained in the keep to look after a grieving Lyra. She promised him she would be back, and gave him the wyvern scale necklace he had made her for safe-keeping so he could return it to her when he saw her again later that night.


Upon regrouping with Davian and the others, Mistral was insistent that she needed to report to the Perseus Caverns to aid in the control and recovery of the wyverns that had been set loose into the skies of Ascension. Given Symphora's behavior, and how other wyverns had responded to her, she believed that Symphora may have been instrumental in getting the Wing Guard armed and in the skies quickly to push back the forces that were razing Ascension to the ground.

However, she was incredibly relieved that, upon mentioning the Auriga manor and the possible presence of the infant Kora there, Delphine, Eira, and Hodden volunteered to aid the family.

Upon arriving at the Perseus Caverns, after fighting her way to them, she was quickly appraised of the situation by Signus and Astraea. Mistral admitted that she had an idea, though it was a bit of a gamble that she was not entirely certain would work. Effectively, Symphora seemed to had become an alpha, of sorts, and may have the means to grab control of her "pack". While there were several individuals that were incredulous, it was decided there was really nothing to lose.

While Mistral and Symphora worked to start calling the wyverns to the caverns, Signus, Astraea, and several members of Mistral's own unit (namely Artemis and Ambrose) ran interference to keep enemies from being drawn to the solo wyvern rider. Amazingly, the gamble proved to be effective, as Symphora was able to restore some semblance of order to many of the panicked beasts and call them back to the caverns, where they were rounded up and returned so that more members of the Wing Guard could take to the skies.

Once the chaos in Ascension was mostly subdued, Mistral returned to her son and the others at the keep, where Venturo tearfully returned her necklace and embraced his mother. She comforted him until he fell asleep, and then briefly spoke with Signus—who expressed they had best get some rest as well. Mistral agreed, and moved to curl up next to her son as Signus grabbed her hand and kissed it.

Immortal Ties: Lagalla Arc

Mission ???: Retaking the Factories

Mistral accompanied the small group that was sent into the western reaches of Lagalla in order to attempt to recruit the Ridge Riders? and their leader, Flint Westridge and retake the factories that had fallen under the control of the Lagalla loyalists.


Campaign Stats


General Skills
Alchemy (Int)
Athletics (Br)
Cool (Pr)
Coordination (Ag)
Crafting (Int)
Discipline (Will)
Medicine (Int)
Perception (Cun)
Resilience (Br)
Riding (Ag)
Skulduggery (Cun)
Stealth (Ag)
Streetwise (Cun)
Survival (Cun)
Vigilance (Will)
Magic Skills
Light Magic
Dark Magic
Anima Magic
Social Skills
Charm (Pr)
Coercion (Will)
Deception (Cun)
Leadership (Pr)
Negotiation (Pr)
Combat Skills
Brawl (Br)
Melee-Light (Br)
Melee-Heavy (Br)
Ranged (Ag)
Artillery (Ag)
Knowledge Skills
Bestiary (Int)
Education (Int)
Lore (Int)
Underworld (Int)
Warfare (Int)

W. Threshold
S. Threshold
Crit Rating


Free as the Wind
Racial Ability
Once per session, your character may spend a Story Point as an incidental. If they do so, they can end or prevent an effect that would either move them without their permission or prevent them from moving.

Tier 1

Gifted [Riding]
When you purchase this talent for your character, select one skill. Your character adds to any checks they make using this skill. Each additional time you purchase this talent for your character, select two additional skills. Your character also adds to any checks they make using those skills. You cannot select combat or magic skills when choosing skills for this talent.

Each rank of Grit increases your character’s strain threshold by one.

Knack For It [Riding]
When you purchase this talent for your character, select one skill. Your character removes from any checks they make using this skill. Each additional time you purchase this talent for your character, select two additional skills. Your character also removes from any checks they make using those skills. You cannot select combat or magic skills when choosing skills for this talent.

Let's Ride
Active (Incidental)
Once per round during your character’s turn, your character can use this talent to mount or dismount from a vehicle or animal, or move from one position in a vehicle to another (such as from the cockpit to a gun turret) as an incidental. In addition, if your character suffers a short-range fall from a vehicle or animal, they suffer no damage and land on their feet.

Each rank of Toughened increases your character’s wound threshold by two.

Tier 2

Anima Adept
Each time you take this talent, you may choose a passive bonus to grant all of your Anima Magic spells that you cast. When purchased as a Tier 2 or higher talent, you may cause your spells do deal 1 additional damage to one hit of the spell, or you may increase the range of the spell by 1 square. When purchased as a Tier 4 or higher talent, you may also choose to give these spells a default Critical Rating of 3 (or a -1 to their critical rating if it already has one), or reduce the strain cost of casting spells by 1 (this upgrade may only be chosen once.)

Gifted [Discipline, Resilience]
When you purchase this talent for your character, select one skill. Your character adds to any checks they make using this skill. Each additional time you purchase this talent for your character, select two additional skills. Your character also adds to any checks they make using those skills. You cannot select combat or magic skills when choosing skills for this talent.

Well Rounded [Melee-Light, Lore]
Choose any two skills. They permanently become class skills.

Daring Rider
Active (Incidental)
Before your character makes a Driving, Piloting, or Riding check, they may add a number of to the results to use this talent to add an equal number of . The number may not exceed your character’s ranks in Daring Rider.

Tier 3

Barrel Roll
Active (Incidental, Out of Turn)
Your character can only use this talent while riding a flying mount of Silhouette 3 or less or while flying with their own wings. When you or your mount suffers a hit from a ranged combat check, after damage is calculated but before armor is applied, your character may have their mount suffer 3 strain (or suffer it themselves if unmounted) to use this talent. Then, reduce the damage suffered by a number equal to their ranks in Riding (or Coordination if unmounted).

Active (Maneuver)
Your character may suffer 2 strain to pull an engaged, willing ally on to your mount. Any time another person is astride the same mount as you, any attacks directed at them target you instead.

Tier 4

True Aim
Active (Maneuver)
Once per round, before the character makes a ranged attack, they may perform a True Aim maneuver. By performing this maneuver, the character gains all the benefits for aiming and also upgrades their attack roll once per rank of True Aim.


Species: Wyvern
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Eye Color: Bright Yellow
Hide Color: Primarily steel blue with lighter accents


W. Threshold
S. Threshold
Crit Rating

Symphora (sim-FOR-ah) is Mistral's mount and long-standing companion. While she was technically a wild-born wyvern, she seems to have taken to being Mistral's companion well as the pair of them have displayed an incredibly strong bond.

Symphora is known for being relatively laid-back for a wyvern and does not seem to be quite as prone to the temperamental mood swings that tend to plague a great deal of her species. She does have clear likes and dislikes, and it tends to be evident pretty early on whether or not she likes the company of certain people - though she has expressed the ability to be able to tolerate the company of those she dislikes as long as Mistral is in the vicinity (and she frequently is).

The wyvern has a certain devious streak, however, and she does play "pranks" in a certain manner. For instance, she has seemingly intentionally tripped certain people up with her tail.

Directly attacking Mistral is the easiest way to get on her bad-side as she will relentlessly protect her companion until the threat is either eliminated or she is incapacitated in some manner.


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