It is easier to destroy yourself than to change a nation... but easier to destroy a nation than to change yourself.

Magister Kendra Queshire

It seems the longer we stay in this group, the more complicated things get. Brigands I can handle, undead we fended off, but things are getting more dangerous.

Davian Mercer

Alstro! Actions have consequences!

Davian Mercer

The smith hones his blade, lest it crack in times of stress. The mage hones his mind, lest it splinter when he needs it most. The ruler hones his laws, lest they crumble into anarchy. And the goddess hones her faith, lest her followers wish to seize her power.

Magister Kendra Queshire

I guess it’s a statue of your goddess. Or is it everyone’s goddess? I don’t know anymore.


I like you, but you need to go.

Penelope Perthus

I don't like you. Get out.

Penelope Perthus

It must be a horse with a skin condition.

Davian Mercer, on wyverns

Ah, fuck. We're fucked!

Chance Panic

I will make you see me as a man!


As long as they know it's the system's fault and not mine.


Come now, Davian, you're going to make me blush, and I daresay neither of our romantic entanglements need anymore threads!


You never truly lose if you learn something. Even if it’s a failure, even if it’s a mistake.


This book is sassing me. This is a sassy book.

Connor Haventree, on Gleipnir

...Your ears.... your... DID YOU EAT A DRAGON SOUL TOO?!

Delphine Haventree, to post-Avalon Alstroe

I should remind you that it was quite serendipitous that Deliah stumbled upon your father when she did, otherwise I might have been your mother.

Cass, to Davian

I am not gross. I like to think I'm fermented... like a fine wine.

Chance Panic

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