The Kingdom of Zodia

Where the Sky meets the Earth


In year 100 on the universal calendar, a group of sailors left from imperial Lagalla in search of a new land to colonize. Records vary on the reason the Zodians left in the first place. The Lagallan history books report it was a sanctioned expedition to explore and gain new territory. The Zodian history report that the people who would become the Zodians were fearful of the way the nation of Lagalla was changing, and decided to leave before things got too bad for those born without magic. What is uncontested is the ordeals that the Zodians faced in the founding of their new nation.

Nine ships left Lagalla. Only four made across the Okeanos sea. Many people died in terrible storms, including the man who organized the expedition. The people were able to make it to the land, but their troubles were far from over. They discovered laguz and tanguel, beast-shifters that slaughtered and ate them. They were hounded by wyverns, griffins and other wild beasts. The people felt abandoned by the Goddess. Amidst the chaos, a leader emerged by the name of Andronikos Andromede. With Andromede, the surviors persisted, and in year 109, the new nation of Zodia was born- free of the Gods that they had believed had abandoned them. Andronikos Andromede was reluctantly crowned the King of Zodia.

In year 110, one year after Zodia had been founded, the First Beast War between Zodia and the Confederacy of Independent Tribes began. After decades of bloody warfare, the war ended in year 193 with a victory for Zodia. The nation claimed a reasonable sized portion of Confederacy territory.

It was in year 232 when Zodia got back into contact with Lagalla. Lagalla was shocked that the Zodians had even survived, let alone a sovereign nation. Though there was nothing to be done, so the two nations opened up relations and started to trade.

In year 279, the Second Beast Wars began. After more bloody conflict, The Second Beast Wars ended with another Zodian victory. The King of Zodia traveled to Garhold, the capital of the Confederacy. A peace treaty was drawn up, and Zodia extended its borders even further, to its current borders.

In year 798, the Third Beast Wars began and ended within the year, with another Zodian victory. Zodia successfully defended their borders from a despotic Beast King. In year 800, the Confederacy opened up trade with Zodia.

And now, in year 948, King Castor has died under mysterious circumstances. This event coincided with bandits suddenly ravaging the countryside. To make matters worse, a manakete, a race thought to be long extinct, has begun raising the dead.


Zodia is incredibly mountainous, and the terrain is harsh. Summers are chilly. Winters are inhospitable.

Capitol: Ascension


Zodians are atheistic, and skeptical of religion. Though conversely, they are incredibly superstitious. There is a wide-spread belief in the ability to read cosmic systems in order to garner clues for events yet to come, which is a domain held by the Diviners--dual colleges of mages that practice both light and dark magic.

There is also a belief in the idea of guardian angels and that spirits of loved ones long past may come back to watch over those yet living.


The harsh nature of the land they live in has had a notable effect on the general behaviors of Zodians. Most Zodians are introverted, reserved yet superstitious. Very cautious of new ideas- as what has worked so far hasn't failed them yet and the land itself is unforgiving to failure.

Hunting and animal husbandry is an important part of Zodian society. Most Zodians keep at least one animal companion. Naturally this fact tends to sit poorly with the laguz and taguel both in and out of Zodian territory, though no one legally hunts laguz and taguel anymore.


Zodia is a Kingdom, ruled patrilineally. The king, the royal family, and major members of the government are all heavily involved in the military.

The major governing body is the Zodian Defense Council, lead by Force Commander Alessander Drake. Second only to the ruling monarch, he has ultimate say in the choices of the Defense Council.

The Wing Guard- the battalion of elite Wyvern riders, commanded by the Marshal Empyrean Astraea Androemede.

Zodian Defense Force Infantry- commanded by General Corvus Auriga

Zodian Navy- commanded by Admiral Bianca Sagitta

Zodian Intelligence Division- lead by Director Draco Lacerta

Individual knights and officers within each military division, going down from there. Most members of the noble class have their wealth either because of mineral trade, military service, or both.

There are organizations of diviners and dark mages that read the stars and astrological patterns as a form of study. These individuals have no formal say in Zodian policy, and their power is directly proportionate to the amount of superstition that individuals in power maintain. On rare occasions, some generals have become close with some diviners, whom they consult on military action. The amount of weight given to these divinations varies drastically from person to person.

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