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The Mage-Empire of Lagalla has just burst into rebellion. The Emperor and Empress were captured and executed, and the Empire wounded, retreated to their floating city of Arcanan. Their son, the crowned Prince Connor Haventree, consolidated his loyalties in fear, especially after learning that his bastard half-sister, Alstroemeria, was partially behind it. Alstro was a member of the rebels that had begun to fight the empire, and had kidnapped her younger half sister, Delphine, who was hidden away for her own safety since she was non-magical. While responsible for capturing them, she did not order or wish the death of her father or the Empress. After being betrayed by her own people who did this without her knowledge, she took Delphine and fled across the ocean. Prince Conner learned of this, and pursued her to the mountainous kingdom of Zodia.

There, they met Prince Orion, the heir to the very same kingdom, who Alstroemeria was, at one point, arranged to marry when she was a part of the royal family. Orion was, however, close with both royals of Lagalla. To stop them from killing each other as they stumbled upon one another, Orion put both of them under his protection and invited them back to the Capitol of Zodia, Ascension. Along the month-long journey there, they were beset by the walking dead, and learned that Zodia, too, was in chaos. The king has been found dead, and there is an inheritance dispute over the crown between Orion and his elder sister, Astraea. Needless to say, it's a bad time to be a king. Tensions rise across the board, and the fates of these ancient kingdoms, and the peace they once held, now hangs in the balance of the next generation... and the companions, loyal or freelance, that have flocked around them.

Lagallan Common Calender

Historic Events

Year -1000 The Three Sisters, Aisling, Maeve, and Caoimhe, descend to the continent of Saol Deo. The land they descended upon later became the capitol city of Arcanan. There, they fight against the dragons and their taguel and laguz servants. With potent magics, the goddess Aisling burned away the impurities of the Laguz and Taguel and remade them in her image as the first men and women. With their armies, they defeated the dragons. Over the next thousand years, humanity spreads across Saol Deo.
Year -513 Seasil is born.
Year -30
Drystan and Arlen Haventree are born.
Year -22 On Wyrmsgilt, the Laguz and Taguel rise up against their draconic masters and overthrow them, obliterating the Manakete population. The Confederacy of Independent Tribes is established.
Year -5
  • Caoimhe and Maeve sneak away from Arcanan to visit their people despite Aisling's warnings. Drystan and Arlen fall in love immediately. They visit again at the same time the next year. The following year, both couples consummate their relationships.
  • After laying with mortals, Caoimhe and Maeve lose their immortality. Taking pity on her foolish sisters, Aisling takes her now-mortal sisters into her own body so that they will not die mortal lives, and raises Drystan and Arlen to godhood, so that they may be with her sisters forever.
Year 0 Aisling, now the Three-Faced Goddess, leaves Arcanan, blessing the rest of the Haventree line - the children of the Gods and Goddesses - with the most powerful magic. They then found the Empire of Lagalla, with the sacred land and home of the Goddess herself, Arcanan, as the seat of their power. Using the gifts and divine right given to them by Aisling, they unite the continent.
Year 100 Captain Andronikos Andromede leads a small fleet of explorers, entrepreneurs, and sailors across the ocean to the east. They are ravaged by horrible storms. Only half of the ships make landfall.
Year 101 Convinced the Goddess has forsaken them, Captain Andronikos and his survivors follow the North Star, hoping to find safety from the terrible wyverns and marauding laguz who had begun to prey upon them. They find the ruins of Caer Talavera, the former capitol city of the Draconic Empire. They take haven on the ruins atop Mount Talavera, eventually building a new city amidst and atop the ruins.
Year 109 The thriving colony declares its independence from Lagalla, naming Captain Andronikos the first king of a new nation, free from the influence of the Gods. Zodia is founded.
Year 110 The First Beast War between Zodia and the Confederacy of Independent Tribes begins.
Year 193 The First Beast Wars ends with a Zodian victory. Zodia claims a large portion of territory for itself.
Year 232 Zodia establishes a navy and begins trading with Lagalla and Fanrong Gu.
Year 279 The Second Beast Wars Begin.
Year 285 The Second Beast Wars end with another Zodian victory. The current King of Zodia travels to Garhold, the capitol of the Confederacy. A peace treaty is drawn up, and Zodia extends its borders even further, to its current borders.
Year 798 The Third Beast Wars begin and end within the year, with another Zodian victory, successfully defending their borders from a despotic Beast King.
Year 800 The Confederacy opens up trade with Zodia in penance for the war.
Year 840 The northern half of Saol Deo succeeds from the Empire of Lagalla. Lagalla attempts to take it back to little avail, as the rebels utilize the terrain and environment to devastating effect. They are granted sovereignty. Talamh an Bhratach is founded.
Year 862 Edward Hightower is born.
Year 905 The pirates of the Okeanos Sea form a loose conglomerate of allied pirates under a single admiral. The nation of Okeanos is formed.
Year 912 Richard Dunaid is born.
Year 915
Mistral and Hei Jiyan are born.
Year 923
Year 924 Davian Mercer is born.
Year 925 Eira Spencer is born.
Year 926
Year 927 Iiji Na'Taro, Rinzu, and Fauxphurr? are born.
Year 928
Penelope is born.
Year 930 Connor Haventree is born.
Year 931
Year 932 Mistral's parents, Agathe and Myron, are killed in a bandit raid. Mistral ultimately flees to Ascension and finds work helping a blacksmith.
Year 934
Year 935
Year 936
  • Mistral discovers she is pregnant with her and Signus's son. Signus proposes to her the moment he finds out, having been planning on doing so anyway.
Year 938

Mistral is shot from the sky during a Wing Guard raid on bandits in the untamed reaches of Zodia. She loses her memories in the resulting crash.

Year 940 Prince Connor opens Gleipnir, the first mage to be able to do so in centuries.
Year 941
  • Princess Delphine is discovered as non-magical.
  • Alstroemeria is taken into the family as a princess to be married to Prince Orion of Zodia to form an alliance between the two nations.
Year 946
Year 947



Year 948 Spring


Season 1: Immortal Ties(Year 948-949)

Ardara, 948
Arcaite, 948
Maetus, 948
Maedara, 948
Maecaite, 948
Drytús, 948
Drydara, 948
Drycaite, 948
Aisfeile, 948
'Year 949'
Caoimtús, 949
Caoimara, 949
Caoimaite, 949
Artús, 949
Ardara, 949
Arcaite, 949
Maetús, 949
  • 9th- The Zodians depart from Lagalla
  • The Epilogues Begin
Maedara, 949
Maecaite, 949
Drytús, 949
Drydara, 949
Drycaite, 949
Aisfeile, 949

Immortal Ties Epilogue Events

Year 950
Year 951
Year 952
Year 953
Year 954
Year 955
Year 956
Year 957
Year 958
Year 959
Year 960
Year 961
Year 962
  • Ehmii? is discovered by Wilson Fleming.
Year 963
Year 964
Year 965
Year 966
Year 967
Year 968
Year 969
Year 970
Year 971

Let Sleeping Dragons Lie (Alstroe & Connor 22 years later)

Year 972
Year 973
Year 974

The World in your Hands (Alstroemeria & Adrian)

Year 975
Year 976
Year 977
Year 978
Year 979


  • 15th- The Epilogues End and the Last Scene from Immortal Ties

Season 2: TBA (YEAR 979-???)

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