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[Added to Timeline] Family First

Gilveradin knocked on the manor in front of him. He looked up still somewhat surprised such a grand looking place virtually fell into his sister’s lap. As he waited for someone to answer he took the time to try and order his thoughts at least somewhat.

Falstaad had a Vermillion Dragonleaf seed, and the Hinterlands are a still largely unexplored region. Perhaps the Reds are hiding somewhere in there. I’ll have to get a second opinion from Vel as well.

Gil fidgeted with a coin, flipping it over his fingers. 

The Darkspear are unlikely to help not only because of past grudges but their numbers are still in recovery.

The Wildhammer may help if I can convince them it would eventually be a threat for them as well. Their help could make a major difference with their air support.

The elf sighed a bit too deeply. 

This is all a mess.

Velameestra held a vial up to her eyes, carefully scrutinizing the color of the liquid inside as she compared it with the description in the array of notes and open tomes he had littered around her work station in the hidden corner of the study.

"I... believe that's correct," she mused to herself, for a moment debating whether the herbal reduction was cooler in color than the rich, warm violet mixture that the recipe described. Unfortunately, due to the faded colors in the ancient tome she was referencing, there wasn't anything reliable to compare it to. She set the vial back down , placing both her hands on the desk and leaning over another open tome as her eyes hastily scanned for the next step of the procedural recipe.

Her ears pricked at the distant knocking down the hallway, and her brow furrowed.

"...who now?" Velameestra asked herself, scanning her memory for any instance that anyone else in the house had informed her of a visitor. "Oh, right," her mind fell on the sending she had received from Jaina the day prior. "Gil."

She straightening up again as she started to busy herself extinguishing the low fire and progressing her work to a stage where she could safely pause it.

"Put the book down, answer the door," she said, seemingly to no one whatsoever. However, at her command, a particularly large tome that had been suspended, open, in mid-air floated gently down onto the table.

However, as she continued clearing up her work, she paused, straightening with a deadpan expression as she sensed the spell fizzle.

The elf sighed.

Right. Sixty foot limitation.

She moved a few more minor things before she turned and strode quickly towards the front door of the manor. She pulled it open, and blinked as her eyes fell on the familiar face of her twin.

"Gil," she greeted She pulled the door open wider and stepped aside so that the other elf could enter. "Apologies for the wait. I... was finalizing a few things. I wasn't sure when the ferry was getting in."

“It’s no problem at all Vel. I honestly didn’t expect you to be home when I arrived to be frank.”

Gil entered into the manor looking around. “This is a nice place though. Talath did a good job fixing it up I’m sure.”

He stopped in the entrance room. He turned back to his and sister giving her a serious look. “Do you have a place we can talk without being overheard?”

"My study will be fine."

Vel gave a slight nod of her head, her eyes flickering back to her brother with a knowing glance.

Right to business, it seems.

With a slight gesture, she led the other elf down the hall and waited for him to enter before she pulled the door shut behind them--a clear sign to the other members of the household that the occupants inside were not to be disturbed.

"You'll be happy to hear my lead bore fruit."

He blinked in surprise. “I can honestly say I didn’t expect anything to come of that so quickly.”

He grinned at her “I had a lead of my own crop up actually. Almost literally in fact. Elissa had taken me to the garden within the Palace to show me a tree she had planted. It was the same tree that Borel had planted beneath his estate. The one he had the leaves from stashed in his desk.

Uther had received that seed from Falstaad.”

He raised his eyebrow.”what did you find out so quickly?”

Vel raised an intrigued eyebrow at Gil's report. "Falstaad?" she mused, though she didn't follow up with any further questions, assuming further explanation would be given if needed.

She crossed her arms, leaning back against the back of the worn sofa that was situated in front of the hearth.

"I found an ally, at the very least. Though... unfortunately it seems you have a dead end as far as tutelage, presently. As it would appear, Dragonsworn cannot be trained by those of lesser rank than they who made them. And... well. From what you said, your connection was rather prestigious."

Gilveradin frowned. “I did not expect that at all. So it seems my only avenue is to deal with Alexstraza herself then? That’s.. inconvenient at best.”

After pondering it for a few moments. “The Ranger-General wanted to send me essentially to the where the warfront would be.”

"Presently, though it was implied she can elevate someone else to that station should it prove necessary, and I imagine your existence may be... made aware."

The mage cocked her head curiously at her brother's next statement.

"And, truthfully, I can't say I'm surprised that aunt Sylvanas would request such a thing. You are her family, and she's going to be there herself."

She paused, chewing on the thought. "Would you prefer something else?"

"I already have said my request and granted.. limited permission. I have a missive to take to the Farstrider Lodge in the Hinterlands. I told Aunt Sylvanas almost everything because I was hoping she would give me the permission to approach the Reds for help."

Gilveradin had a hurt look in his eyes. "Instead if I pursue them she promised it wouldn't be as a Farstrider. As if I would chase a mere rumor while war is going to break out. In any case I'll be speaking with the Darkspear Trolls and the Wildhammer Dwarves to see if we can get their aid for this fight."

"Given the nature of the dragons we have observed so far, I doubt any leads would be anything but rumor. Besides. Ultimately they suffered loss in this invasion too. Logic would dictate if they are inclined to strike back they will likely do it without someone asking."

The tone Velameestra used was matter-of-fact and even, bearing no trace of accusation, though her head remained slightly tilted quizzically.

"Hmph. The Wildhammer... I suppose makes semse. Aerial assault, and if Falstaad shares a secret of some sort with you there is room for equal standing. Though approaching the Darkspear considering their circumstance... baffles me."

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