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[Added to Timeline] Second Impressions (Nyxxa and Arthak)


Nyxxa worked with a whetstone she had commandeered as she waited patiently in the darkened building.  A leg dangled from the rafters as she kicked it back and forth.

I hope this is actually his place.  If not this is gonna be awkward.

It likely would be regardless.  The mix of maps and weapon supplies indicated that it very likely Arthak's abode. 

She had gone separate ways with Kroll before entering the Broken Blade camp.  Given her last sighting, she was unsure if Arthak would want to be seen with her just yet.


He might even kill her on sight, she mused.  But.  Might as well nip this in the bud.  And at least she had the high ground if things came to blows.

The front door opened, and the heavy sound of steel boots came into the room.

Arthak looked around the space he had more or less taken as his home for the time being. Despite his best efforts, he spent most of his time in Silvermoon, using messengers to coordinate with Gramgunn. Over the course of the last few weeks, he had perhaps had spent three nights on the cot he'd set up in the corner.

I'll only grab what I need for the return trip. This is only a day trip after all. Just checking in.

The chieftain sighed, and took another step, deeper into the room. He then stopped.

I'm not alone.

Above me.

There was a blur of movement as Quel'delar was torn from its sheath, and raised aloft in a guard. Looking past the blade, Arthak saw the intruder, lurking lazily in the rafters.

One eyebrow raised slightly, and then with a grunt Arthak resheathed his sword.

"Ah. You're back. Good," the chieftain said, lighting some tobacco as he did.

“Huh. Not the reaction I was expecting,” Nyxxa said, cocking her head to the side.

She too returned her weapon to its sheathe. Gracefully, she flipped down from the rafters and landed in front of Arthak.

As Nyxxa stood before him, she knew he could now see her for what she really was. Not that he would know what that meant. Not yet. Brown, repurposed, clothes had been replaced by sleek dark leathers that barely hid any skin. The purple tattoos that spiraled over her body, digging into her skin like engravings rather then simple ink, were now exposed everywhere that wasn’t covered in fur.

“Sorry it took a bit. Kinda died back there.” She said with a shrug.

The chieftain returned the shrug.

"Interesting. I heard some interesting rumors to that effect. You make it back alright?"

I'm assuming she's safe from Legion suspicion, at least for now. Otherwise she wouldn't be here.

But still, best to tread carefully. 

Nyxxa nodded nonchalantly.

“Had a bit of a scrape coming in. They thought I was a traitor, but a quick review of my memories cleared things up.”

She tapped on her head.

“I’m a Saytr. The demons in charge know it’s my job to deceive and in my nature to not give a shit about who’s hooves I step on to do so- so long as it’s in the Legion’s best interest. The lady in charge here let me go, but her lead swordswoman still isn’t too happy about it. Seeing I used her quarry for an attempt at my own gain.”

As she spoke, there was a green flicker that subtly pulsed around Nyxxa’s tattoos. Even obscured by shroud covering her eyes, the strong glow of fel energies underneath was apparent.

[Casting See Invisibility]

“Good to see you’re still in one piece. Though... as I recall you once said that you tend to prefer weapons you’ve made yourself. So either you’ve changed that rule or you’ve gone native in your design choices.”

Nyxxa smirked down at the orc.

"And I don't recall you having glowing tattoos before. We have layers, it seems."

With a shrug, Arthak blew a cloud of smoke in Spinyl's general direction. He drew Quel'delar, and set it on the map-strewn table.

"From what I understand, it's a relic of the elven people. It was a trophy of combat, and it's mightier than anything I have the time to make. Exceptions become necessary."

He offered her a humorless smile.

"Why are you back, Nyxxa?"

Wonder who he had to kill to get that...

“Same reason I followed you here in the first place.  None of that has changed, dying was just a setback.”

Nyxxa’s tail flicked.

“As I recall, I had offered to be your guide to this world.  And as it stands, the woman in charge knows this now.

And even if you didn’t want me around anymore, your clan still has my things.”

She returned his humorless smile.

"I never said I did not want you here. But forgive me if I comment that whatever you offered, it wasn't me you were following."

Arthak took another drag, leaning upon the table, one hand staying near Quel'delar.

I should be safe. If she wanted me dead, for whatever reason, she would have tried to not be seen.

But, I have been wrong before. So here were are.

"Which is fine. I can understand...or perhaps I misread your priorities. Regardless, if Lady Shas-"

Before Arthak finished the word, Nyxxa moved swiftly to cover Arthak’s mouth- as quickly as she could move. She looked him dead in the eyes with a dire expression on her face.

“Do not. Speak her name.”

“A woman of that power... do so would be to invite her into the conversation should she wish it. For your own safety as well as mine. As it has been said, names have power.”

As her words were delivered, Nyxxa withdrew from his mouth.

“I would have told you before, but at the time I did not remember such things until recently.”

She gestured back to Arthak.

“Please continue.”

There was a faint twitch in Arthak's face as the satyr's hand was removed. Slowly, he loosened his hand from around Quel'delar and allowed the blade to lay back down upon the table top. He hadn't even realized he'd grabbed it as Nyxxa had darted forward.


A fair precaution. But...there were other ways to make the point.

Ways that don't get her head cut off.

Retrieving his cigarette from where it had been smacked aside, Arthak wordlessly retrieved the cot and only chair and placed them on opposite sides of the table. Setting himself upon the cot, he gestured for Nyxxa to sit.

"My question still stands."

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