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[Added to Timeline] His Own Wickerman

Gilveradin laid against Greysoar as he kept watch late that night, though he found himself mostly staring up at the sky instead of the heavy forest around them. He had lost himself in his thoughts his usual, his smile just as far away. 

“You know Greysoar it just seems like I’ve made a lot of mistakes recently. Missed chances that I should’ve taken. Journeys I didn’t need to take.”

The young elf sighed as he subconsciously played with the acorn that hung around his neck. Flashes of memories from the last year almost almost seemed to play out in front of him.

“I really did want to learn from him. I made a promise, and then things got swept away so fast. I didn’t even get to know him before...” he let the thought trail off and he reached behind to scratch the gryphon’s neck. 

He sighed softly again. 

“I could’ve been there when they delivered that message to the Darkspear, but I continued on my journey thinking things would be fine. How could I forget how deep that hatred runs?” 

He almost growled to himself as he stood up abruptly, briefly startling both Greysoar and Summerflight, who was nestled in the coils of her own body nearby. 

“Sorry, I just need to stand and move.” 

As they both settled back down, he started walking the perimeter of their camp. He held his hand out in front of him and manifested a tiny flame in his palm. He looked over to the girls’ tent for any indication either of them were awake, but found none.

“I should’ve tried to save him. I saw him downed and ran instead. Maybe it saved my life but... I should’ve tried.” 

He willed the flame a little larger. 

“I should’ve tried to convince Summerdrake to let me deliver the message instead, or gone with her. Maybe I couldn’t have prevented the attack, but at least the Darkspear may have felt less alone.” 

As he finished the flame grew larger again. 

“I shouldn’t have left Aunt Vereesa on her own. I can’t lose her. We can’t lose her. She’s so important to so many people, and I’m so scared of what we will be without her.” 

His heart and stomach felt like they dropped from his body as he held that thought just a little longer. The flame grew to encompass most of his hand, crackling like a beacon beneath the moonlight.

“I know it’s selfish and unfair of me. A part of me still wishes I could chase them down, and they could tell me what I mean to them--what my promise truly means past just the words.”

 As the flame started to almost spill out over his hand he threw it into the sky and watched as it faded out. 

“What if’s and regrets won’t help anyone else now, I guess.” 

He looked back over to Greysoar and Summerflight, then smiled at them. 

“We can only move forward and try to learn from our mistakes right? Dwelling won’t fix anything and there’s going to be a lot of people who will need help soon.”

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