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[Added to Timeline] Trust Fall [Nyxxa and Gilveradin]

(The night of July 1st)

As Nyxxa waited by the fountain she usually created in her vivid green dreamscapes, she had found herself playing her flute to keep her nerves calm.  Yet, wasn't just the thought of delivering the news of Noristraza's fate that worried her.

There was a strong pang of guilt as she felt that she was going behind Eralaz's back, despite his own reassurances.  In a sense she was betraying what her new friend had asked of her.  But.  The young elf and his red dragon companions knew the location of the Burnt Grove, and might deem to check on it themselves rather then going off the words of a satyr.  If the situation was left to it's own devices, a lot could go wrong- and in all likelihood she wouldn't be able to be there to mitigate the damages.

Thus, she would take the risk to trust him with this.  She only hoped he would listen to her advice on the matter, much as she hoped he could trust her in Nori's rescue.  

Suppose this will be the proving grounds for both of us.

Gilveradin let his thoughts from the last few days drift. The deeper details of arcane magic were further beyond him then he had realized. They had only gotten a few days in and he felt lost. As he considered the merits of asking one of the Blue drakes around for help he started to fade from consciousness.

He opened his eyes to see a somewhat familiar landscape in front of him. A quick glance around and there she was standing by a fountain. He smiled and waved at her.

"Hello Nyxxa. It's been a little while."

She smiled back at him as he entered the dreamscape and waved back to him.

"It has.  I hope you have been doing well." 

Though she might have otherwise enjoyed the small talk, given the direness of the conversation, she saw it best to cut to the quick.

"I... managed to find some information on the dragon you had asked about."

Her smile faded as she spoke, and she chewed at her cheek as she thought of the most tactful way to break the hardest news first.

"...I'm ...sorry to say it isn't good."

His face dropped immediately and his heart started to race a bit faster. "Nori?"

He centered himself and took a deep breath. Gil walked up closer to Nyxxa standing in font of her.

"What can you tell me? Was it Sinestra?" His voice ground to an edge at the second question.

"Yes."  Nyxxa confirmed grimly.  "She was captured."

In this case, she thought to herself, the red dragon's death might have been better news.

"I received confirmation that she and another dragon, a male with green scales, were under the custody during the occupation of Silvermoon...  They were..."

She did everything she could to steel herself from the mental images of the situation Eralaz had described, but she could not hold back the hint of of a grimace.

"...alive when last seen.  They were taken through the portal before it collapsed."

"I wish I had better news on her.  The very least I can offer is that she and the green dragon seem to be looking out for each other as best they can.  That and within the next few days I will be traveling to Outland... the place where Sinestra has retreated to.  I will do everything in my power to liberate them.  But, I will not be able to contact you in this way once I'm there."

She hesitantly put a hand on Gilveradin's shoulder, offering him comfort from what was undoubtedly very difficult to hear.

"Okay. I will just have to trust you will save her and the Green as well if you can of course."

He relaxed under her grip. He can't do anything for Nori or the other right now, so he needed to work with what he could change.

"My Uncle is on the other side of the Portal. If you could somehow bring back news about him I would incredibly appreciate that once you return. Were you able to find out anything else however? I don't hear much where I am right now. About pretty much anything actually, I'm fairly isolated from the world as it stands."

Nyxxa was relieved that he seemed to take the news as well as he could.

She pondered for a moment as he mentioned his uncle, and thought back to the two Windrunners in Khadgar's book.  Perhaps this had been clarified months before, but she could not remember.

"Turalyon, right?" she asked.

"Regardless, I was planning on trying to make contact with the Azerothians trapped on the other side if I can do so subtly.  At the very least if you have any messages for him, I can make sure he gets them.  If it is Turalyon, he probably wouldn't attempt kill me on sight- if our last meeting was any indication."

Guess the courier thing is less of a cover then I meant it to be. 

"That aside.  I was also able to look into the manor you asked me about, as well as the tree, and there are things I would wish to share with you.  Mixed news, but at the very least better then earlier.  Though, before I go into it, I'd ask that you'd be extremely cautious with this information.  I'd even go as far to beg you to keep it a secret for the time being.  The situation is... precarious at the moment, and I don't know how it'll change while I'm gone."

Gilveradin hesitated a moment. “I can assure you that I can’t do anything directly for the time being. I will of course be telling the Green Flight about their missing member. As well as updating my own about Nori.”

He took a step back and met her bandaged eyes. “I can only promise to keep it a secret for as long as possible. I’m currently meeting with the various Flights and so anything that would affect them I would be honor bound to tell them. Outside of that scope however I can hold onto whatever information until a time you approve of or a situation you outline would make it acceptable.”

Another moment he thought about his Aunt Alleria and how his uncle wouldn’t know. “If you can tell him that Alleria is safe and their son Arator is safe as well. Vereesa and Sylvanas both are alive and safe as can be.

Tell him that..” His face dropped and his voice cracked for a second. “Velameestra died helping to rescue King Arthas.” He blinked a few times to hold his own tears back.

“After that if he presses for details tell him about now High King Daval Prestor, that Stormwind is fighting its own war in the south against the Darkiron. That I’m currently being hunted by the Alliance for the murder of my sister, Prince Uther and the others.”

He sighed. “Tell him I’m happy he’s okay. Back to the business at hand however. If you are still willing to trust me what is this additional information about Tyranistraz’ manor?”

Nyxxa took in all of of Gilveradin's message to his uncle, and nodded as he spoke.  Her head stopped at the mention of Velameestra.

"I will ensure all of that reaches him."

Again, she gently squeezed his shoulder before withdrawing her hand.

"I have no worry in you sharing the information about the two missing dragons.  As for the rest, I understand loyalties and what you must do.  I just.... I fear the dragon's response to this.  I also fear in saying this I could be betraying someone who has put their faith in me.  But, regardless, if I say nothing on the matter, I fear some might investigate on their own.  And at the very least, them going in blind would likely to make the situation worse.  Thus, I will trust you with this information, and pray that both you and any you would tell would trust my judgement."

She took a deep breath.

"I was able to find and investigate the manor.  Sinestra was thorough in making sure the place was utterly destroyed.  And, unfortunately, she got to the tree too.  However, it seems as though as thorough as she was, the tree has found itself tenders that have helped it sprout anew."

She paused, remembering she had spoken briefly of the skarvyn to him.

"Do you recall what I told you of the skarvyn when last we spoke?"

He nodded. “Sinestra’s creations, I found out between then and now that dragons can imbue mortal races with power. The Drakonoids they call them. They are more or less dragons rather then whatever race they originally came from. What she did however was twisted well past that. It was warped and forced on them I assume and you said their will was stripped away as well correct?”

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