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[Added to Timeline] Unfortunate Imprecations (Nyxxa and Levia)

Nyxxa sat with her feline stowaway playing with the satyr's tail, wondering what to do next.

"You're living up to your name, do you know that?"  She asked Mischief, not really expecting an answer.

Even without what to do about the cat, there was still a lot on the satyr's mind.

She had initiated what was functionally first non-violent contact between orcs and humans.  At least, she prayed it would be.

I'm being naïve about this whole thing...  

In the end, she was still a satyr.  And despite her best attempts to counter that, that was a fact that would bleed into everything she did. Tarnish the reputations of everyone she touched.  Khadgar was kind to put such faith in her, but none the less any information she had given him would always be muddied in it's usefulness due to that fact alone.  

Such was true for things she wanted to do for the skarvyn, for Azgadaan and the Illidari as well.  Not to mention with Remnii out of the picture, there was one less person to do this kind of work.
She knew that to do what she wanted to do, she needed to be better then even the best satyr that existed.

In this path I've been blessed with, perhaps it may be best to look into more extreme solutions to this problem.

She thought this to herself, looking down knowingly at her tattoos; as if those weren't extreme enough.  But, that was something she had considered pursuing for awhile.

She looked off to the distance and saw Levia approaching.

Perhaps it may be good to start that conversation now.

And without a second thought, Nyxxa waved down Levia.

"Hey, mind if I steal you for a moment?  Now that things have settled down, there's something I'd like to pick your head about!"

Levia's attention snapped away from the supernatural sky that had kept her enraptured for most of her thusly short stay in this broken world.

"Hey," she said, walking over, the treaded-down red crust of the earth crunching beneath her boots.  Her eyes flickered down to the mischievious little feline, her green eyes bright and wide as she pounced after the baubles on Nyxxa's tail.  "Wait... what the hell's she doing here?" she said, cocking her weight off to one side as she crossed her arms. "I thought you left her with Gramgun. Please tell me you didn't have a change of heart and drag her along with you."

"Nope, she did this herself.  The little rascal!  Snuck in on one of the carts."

Nyxxa moved to give Mischief a little scritch on her head.

"I know I'm cat crazy, but not crazy enough to bring a cat to this dangerous of a place.  I'll send Gramgun a note telling him not to worry about her.  But, I don't think she intends on leaving...  Maybe I can have Sadras convince her..."

She shrugged, a bit at a loss.

"Nothing to be done about it at the moment though.  That said, first I wanted to get your thoughts on the meeting."

Her eyes and tattoos flashed, in a way Levia was no doubt familiar with, and she gave a glance around the surroundings.

Levia chuckled and leaned against the cart near the satyr. They had been on Draenor - on Outland - for less than a day and still Nyxxa checked for scrying and the like. She was paranoid... but she had a good reason to.  And ultimately, they were better off for it, with how many friends they had been making lately.

"Right, with this archmage. Wish I could tell you more about him, but honestly, you know him better than I do at this point. He's Dalarani, and I learned up in Silvermoon, so I only know the things most people know. What did you want to know?"

Levia blew a lock of stray lock of hair out of her face.

Nyxxa cocked her head to the side quizzically. 

"Oh!  I was more asking about your feelings on the matter.  That if you were comfortable in meeting him.  I've talked to him a lot, but to the rest of you it's meeting a stranger for the first time.  And one that it would likely still be wise to consider an adversary."

Now that Levia mentioned it, though her and Khadgar had shared many conversation, she didn't actually know where he came from.  She didn't know what Dalaran was, or... even what that term everyone kept saying meant.

"But aside from that, to tell you the truth, really I don't know what an archmage is.  I've heard it thrown around, but I've never gotten a chance to ask what that means!"  She chuckled, a bit embarrassed.  "But I mean if he has his own Hearthstone card, I think that was called, that means he's pretty well known, right?"

"'Archmage' is a title granted to powerful wizards of the Kirin Tor, the Dalaran counterpart to the Magistrate of Silvermoon that I used to be a part of... and still am, I guess?" Levia shrugged. "Don't know too much about how they do things down there, but it means he's very powerful - at least as much as Goldensword, for a frame of reference... but probably closer to the Grand Magister, even though he's human. He was trained by the Guardian, and some say he might still become the next one if Medivh didn't return."

Levia leaned back, pulling one foot flat against the cart as she glanced down to Mischief, who's eyes had slowly turned towards the laces of Levia's boot.  The cat's pupils widened as she claimed them as her next prey, her body lowering closer to the red earth.

"As far as meeting him... well, I'm going there with a giant wolf, an orc, a half-orc, an orc mage possessing the body of a dead magister, a satyr nesting doll, and an actual demon prince. Somehow? I think I'm going to be the least-interesting one at the party." Levia chuckled, then shrugged, her hands out to either side. "If you say you trust him, then I'm willing to give it a shot. If this is a trap, and he's luring us here to get skewered by his paladin friend? Well..." The felblood elf got a mischievous grin as she closed her eyes. "We just have to outrun Halno."

Nyxxa listened to Levia as she explained things.  Some of that seemed familiar, but others were new to her.

So he's really powerful then.  Huh...

As she described the eclectic group they collected, Nyxxa couldn't help but laugh, but her tone became more nervous as she mentioned outrunning Halno.

"Well, lets just hope it doesn't come to that!  But, thank you for putting your faith in me.  I always appreciate that."

She was silent for a moment, picking at her thoughts and thinking of a way to distract Mischief from going after Levia's boots.  Taking a piece of dried fish from her pocket, Nyxxa twiddled it in her fingers a bit to get the cat's attention, before throwing it in a direction for her to chase.

"That said, there is something else I'd like your thoughts on.  Something relatively unrelated to all of this..."

Nyxxa wrung her hands nervously.

"I think... well given how things are going... I think I want to start looking to see if I can have this curse, the satyr's curse removed...  Or at least to see if such a thing is even possible.  Mind hearing me out?"

Mischief was easily distracted by the diversion, launching herself off in the distance after the errant treat, tumbling across the dusty ground as she intercepted the treat and pulling it into a deadly spiral of claws.  Levia chuckled as she turned her attention back to Nyxxa and her curious question of curses.

"Huh..." she mused aloud, tilting her head to the side. "Well, I doubt it would be as easy as whatever simple hexes I can break, so you've definitely got my attention. Hit me."

Nyxxa too laughed as she watched Mischief scramble after her treat.

"I figure.  But.  Azzy more or less was able to confirm that though it's suppressed, I still cause ambient corruption to everything around me.  It's small but..."

She looked to her hands.

"But it's not just that.  I like this path that I'm on currently.  Doing stuff like I did today.  I am grateful to those I've convinced to trust me, but I can't forget that everything I do is poisoned by the fact that I'm a satyr.  My words and deeds are weakened to those of Azeroth, as they should be."

She looked back to Levia.  Any smile she had while playing with the cat had vanished, and was replaced with a somber look.

I pray she doesn't take that the wrong way...

"I'm not saying I think being a demon is bad.  In fact after everything I've done to my body I don't think I could ever go back to being what I was...  And even if it was possible I have no intention of turning my back on you or any of the others to try and get my old life back."

Again she fiddled with her hands.

"But this curse is... it stole my mind from me.  It's not just Vaerux I worry about taking over my mind someday.  I am... before I got these I wasn't a good person.  I know I'm okay now, but I also know that person I was is still in here somewhere.  You've seen her, even briefly.  Even now, despite everything I did to myself I feel the curse pulling on me.  Dragging my mind back to the place it was before.  And though I've got a good handle on it now, I fear that battle will only get harder with time as the stakes get higher and pressure rises..."

She looked down at her hands, and back to Levia once more.

"So, I need to start looking into this.  And I wanted to know if you'd be willing to help me?"

"It's a little late for buyer's remorse, kid," Vaerux's voice waxed, unwarranted and unwanted, welling up from within Nyxxa's mind. "You think you're the first satyr to ever regret the decision they made? A gift taken freely cannot be returned, and you know that. Because that's what this is - a gift. Not some curse you were afflicted with. You made your choice, and our precious Pale Lady on high can't see us now." His voice was venomous as ever, but his words lacked the barbs they so typically carried. He sounded tired, raw, almost like he was... giving advice. "You think keeping all of this suppressed is going to help? You're cracking up, Nyxxa. All of this is just a dam, waiting to burst.  Just give in already, dammit. Be who you chose to be and stop pretending you're still a good little girlscout, or that this is some kind of malady you didn't accept with open fucking arms."  Nyxxa's inner demon sighed. "If you don't want to be a satyr anymore... you might as well just find the nearest edge of this blasted rock and hurl yourself from it. It'd be more likely to work than whatever alternative you're talking about."

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