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Worlds Apart (No'Rash Snapshot)

How quickly things change.

Not so long ago, I was a captive of Mannaroth, certain to meet a pitiful, and agonizing, end. Now, I travel with a warband led by an orc that was once a ward to my clan. Life is strange. 

The members of this warband seem to trust me, if keeping me at an arm's length. It's understandable, given my gruffness with the demons upon our first meeting. And then the loss of one of the that cut deeply. Grief affects all, it seems, even demons. Certainly, I was none the wiser before meeting the demons that I am now in company with. It is...something I am still coming to terms with. The demons of the Legion are all diverse and unique. And to my surprise, not all of them are mindless slaves. Those in this warband, especially so. 

Though I am committed to our shared goal, I am still unsure of my place here. Especially now that I travel with my former chieftan. It has been a long time since I have seen Go'el, but even so, he seems to have aged past Garad and Durotan. His losses have been great, much more than anyone should have to bear. And yet, I abandoned him all the same. Though happy to see me, I see the way Go'el looks at me now. He still feels the sting of my departure. He knows my shame, and...he knows the fel is taking me. He, and the rest of the clan, knew it was just a matter of time after I attacked Sadras. It will not take much longer, I can feel it...

But I can't help that. I'm beyond help now. All I can do is assist this warband the rest of the way. To that end, I have been trying to pick up the slack in the wake of Azgadaan's short-lived demise. Azuka, for one, seems like she is on her way to become one of the Horde's strongest warriors. If I have it figured, Arthak means to challenge Blackhand for the title of Warchief. If he wins, he becomes the face of the Horde. If not, Blackhand will kill him in the mak'gora. Either way, he will not remain chieftan of his new clan, the Broken Blade. Someone will need to step into that role. Young Fury seems a likely candidate, only...I am unsure of whether she wants that. Honestly, I don't even think she fully understands who she is. It is one thing to know the destination, but one must also be in touch with what is inside. 

Then again, perhaps it is not my place. My clan survived without me, as did Go'el, Sadras, Palkar, Lokra, many that I could have hurt. How long until the warband suffers the same? How long until they see the real me? How long until I see that look once again? 

There is still more to pay back. Still more to do help with, more to pay with blood. The pain is great...and my mind continues to steer towards monstrosity. The fel blood is burning out what remains of my soul. I must hold on...Mannaroth needs to be destroyed. Our people must be free. And my former clan must find peace. If I can aid in this vision...perhaps then I will have given enough. Perhaps then, the Frostwolves will not remember the monster that left them. 


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