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[AT] Girls Talk (Nyxxa and Spinyl)

Traveling inside a metal vehicle was likely never not going to make her ansty.  And whatever anxiety she was feeling was doubled by the weight of what they were traveling toward.  Nyxxa did her best to ease herself, but this was admittedly a challenge.

But, seeing as they were in this particular company, there was someone she actually wanted to talk to given what had transpired during the last meeting on this ship.

Spinyl was in her room, but the door had been left open in the case that someone needed something.  Inside the succubus sat perched on a pile of cushions, filing her nails.  Her ears twitched as she heard approaching footfalls and turned to see who was coming.  And as she noticed it was Nyxxa, her glowing lavender eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“Hey, Spinyl right?”  Nyxxa asked, raising her hand in a greeting.

“Correct,” Spinyl answered, a tone that seemed to question what the other woman wanted.

“I was wondering if you had a moment to talk?”  The satyress’s tail swished back and forth, betraying a hint of nervousness at broaching this conversation.

The succubus sighed.

“I suppose.  I’ve got nothing else to do at the moment…”  Spinyl said with a shrug, forcing a smile.  “What did you want to talk about dearie?”

Nyxxa cocked her head to the side.  Spinyl was one of those demons that were harder to read.  It was hard to tell if she actually wanted to speak, but she would take her words at face value.

“I just wanted to ask you about a few things about your time with the 'Warband'- but only if that is something you’re willing to talk about.”

“Oh~”  Spinyl said, a bit of surprise. “So you want gossip?”

Nyxxa’s expression flattened as Spinyl gave the satyress a smirk before unfurling a fan in front of her face.

“Not exactly… more like I heard about what happened back when we were last here.  I wanted to hear your side of things, if that was something you wanted to offer.” Nyxxa said as she scratched the back of her neck sheepishly.

The succubus hummed as she processed Nyxxa’s request, studying her from behind her fan.

“Still sounds like you want gossip- no matter how you choose to word it.  You are a satyress, after all”, she replied as her eyes visibly narrowed.  “But more or less what you’re asking is why I hate Arthak, Azgadaan and the rest, yes?  I mean I don’t, but whatever.”

“Really?”  The satyress cocked her head to the side.

“Really!” The succubus retorted.  “I’m not mad, just disappointed.  That and I simply don’t… or didn’t... trust them with my life and I just wanted to make that abundantly clear the last time I spoke to them.”

Spinyl stretched her arms, revealing her face for a moment before returning it into place.

“Look.  I don’t know your opinions on our good ol’ pal the chieftain.  No doubt he’s put you through the ringer by now with how much time you’ve been with him.  Unless he’s changed significantly since I’ve been gone, he likely still has the trouble of taking great risks when it suits him but dragging his boots to do the same for anyone else.”

In a swift motion, she closed the fan and used it to point at Nyxxa.

“I simply reached my limit when it came to what he was going to put us through to stay with him, so I left.”

Nyxxa crossed her arms and nodded along as the succubus spoke, thinking over her words.

“Arthak did tell me about Kaylann, if that’s what you mean by that...” the satyress replied.

“Did he now?”

Again Spinyl’s eyes narrowed, and she returned to using the fan to conceal all but her eyes.

“Then I suppose you know all you need to know as to why I wouldn’t trust Arthak with my life then, don’t you?”

“Perhaps I do…”  Nyxxa replied.  “But what I’m more curious about is why you stayed for as long as you did.  That and…”

The satyress mulled over the best wording for what she would say next.

“...I don’t think you would seem as hurt by this had you not trusted them in the first place.”

Spinyl stared blankly at Nyxxa, before letting out a hollow laugh.

“Oh please! Maybe at the beginning I was swayed by the narrative of a group of misfit souls strung together by fate against the great dark beyond… or something like that.  But in the end I’m just trying to survive, dearie.”

“So why help with this then?” the satyress asked.

Spinyl rolled her eyes.

“Because when a distraught Eredar sorceress calls a succubus and tells her to do something, I have to do it.  Obviously.” the succubus replied curtly, locking eyes with Nyxxa.

It wasn’t the only reason, of course.  But even if it hadn’t been that was reason enough, Spinyl thought.

“You should know this, as a lesser demon yourself.  So I don’t know why you would ask me that.  But you did mention you had some memory trouble so maybe it’s a good thing that I remind you of our place,” the succubus cackled morosely.   

“So that’s what you meant by that concerning Azgadaan, back in the marsh?”  Nyxxa asked, unflinching at the woman's barbs.

“Correct,”  Spinyl responded quickly.  “As far as I’m concerned, the rumors I heard out of Silvermoon concerning how he treated sayaad confirmed to me that he still viewed someone of my status subservient to him.  Which is why I told you and your monochromatic companion back there to be careful.  I truly meant that.”

She pulled away the fan for a moment, revealing a sympathetic expression, before concealing herself once more.  Nyxxa's brow furrowed slightly, but her expression as a whole did not change.

“Though it may not matter anymore, the princeling had a habit of being all nice and sweet- but pulling his privilege when it suited him.  When he wanted something… reaaaaally wanted something… he wouldn’t hesitate to use it.  He would blaze past the boundaries of everyone around him without a care in the world.  I honestly can’t be sure he really even realized he was doing it.”

Though the fan still covered her face, her growing wry smile could not be hidden as she spoke.

“But any Draenai who traveled with him did.  As did I.”

Nyxxa was quiet, but clearly still listening to the other woman’s words. 

“You’re not saying I’m wrong~” Spinyl added after a silence a bit too long for her taste.

“If that’s your judgement, that’s your judgement,” Nyxxa quickly retorted.  “I’m not going to tell you you’re wrong if that’s what you experienced from the both of them.  And if they’ve wronged you, it’s not my role to defend them.  I just wanted to understand things from your point of view.”

The only movement the satyress made was the swishing of her tail, but as she spoke the visage of her crossed arms changed from that of compilation to that of scrutiny.

”What I will say is that Arthak does think you hate him.  And that Azgadaan didn’t understand what he had done to upset you.  So if you were trying to get a message across to either of them, I’m sorry but I don’t think they got it.  What I also know is that both of them do… or did… care about you.  But, that is all I will say on the matter.  I will not speak for them.”

The succubus’s eyes narrowed at Nyxxa again, though this time she was clearly confused.

“...and?” Spinyl retorted.

“And nothing,” Nyxxa replied, clearly beginning to lose her patience.  “Though I suppose I do want to ask, is this something you want me to tell both of them?  If we are fortunate enough to get Azgadaan back, that is.”

The succubus chuffed.

“I wouldn’t be telling you anything I didn’t think would get back to them.  If I didn’t think the two were so prideful, I’d suspect that they sent you to get me to talk in the first place.  But I really don’t care either way, Miss. Satyr.  Do whatever you think is best for them, I guess.  That’s clearly what you seem to care about here.”

Nyxxa let out a long sigh, and shrugged.  In many ways this was dealing with satyrs all over again.  But perhaps there was a reason for that, she thought.

“If that’s how you see things.  But at this rate, it feels like you’re just looking for reasons to be mad, Spinyl.”

Spinyl’s mouth flapped open from behind her fan, as she stared at Nyxxa incredulously as she processed what the woman had just said.

“But that may just be me projecting.  It’s hard out there for a ‘lesser demon’, as you said.  Sometimes the most you can do is focus all your rage on the people you’re allowed to, right?”  Nyxxa added unceremoniously.

As Nyxxa spoke the succubus’s eyes darted back and forth as she looked for the words to retort that wouldn’t reveal the fact the satyr had touched a nerve, the tips of her hair transforming from blue to a vibrant orange- not that Nyxxa could notice that specific change.

“At the very least, thank you for your time.  I’ll get out of your hair,” Nyxxa said before bowing courteously and turning to leave.  She had no intention to heckle the woman more than it seemed she already had.  And she had gained a bit more understanding about the situation then she already had.

“Yes!”  Spinyl finally retorted with a huff.  “Please do!”

No sooner had Nyxxa crossed through the precipice did the room’s door slam behind her, nearly missing her tail, followed by the unmistakable sound of a pillow hitting it.  Perhaps Nyxxa would have chuckled at the patheticness of the gesture, but really all she could feel was pity for the other woman.

It was rough to exist under the eyes of the Burning Legion, wasn’t it?  In many, many different ways.

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