Fatigue and Strife

Fatigue and Strife serve as a replacement for the Exhaustion mechanic that is present in RAW 5E. Thus, any effect in the game that inflicts exhaustion now inflicts fatigue, strife, or both. Fatigue represents physical stress, while strife represents mental stress, and each one can stack up to seven levels--with increasing debilitating effects as they stack.

Table: Fatigue
1Disadvantage on Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution checks.
2Movement speed halved.
3Can only take action or bonus action on your turn, no reactions. Cannot use Extra Attack.
4Disadvantage on attack rolls and on Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution saving throws.
5HP total halved.
6Attacks against you have advantage, attacks made within 5 feet of you are automatic critical hits.
7Fall asleep immediately or die.
Table: Strife
1Disadvantage on Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma checks.
2Disadvantage on saving throws to maintain concentration, cannot maintain stances.
3Can only take action or bonus action on your turn, no reactions. Can only cast one spell a turn (including cantrips).
4Disadvantage on attack rolls and Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws.
5Suffer the effects of a short-term mental stress effect.
6Cannot cast or concentrate on spells. Cannot use combat maneuvers.
7Suffer the effects of a long-term mental stress effect.

Acquiring and Reducing Fatigue and Strife

When you finish a long rest, you reduce your Fatigue and Strife levels by 1.

Effects that add Fatigue or Strife say how many levels it gives specifically. If an effect says that it gives Exhaustion, it inflicts one level of Fatigue OR Strife (whichever is lower). If your levels of Fatigue and Strife are tied, the DM decides which one increases. If you fail a DC by 5 or more, you gain an additional level of Exhaustion for each increment of 5 you fail the save by.

Not Sleeping

If you do not sleep in a 24 hour period, you must make a Constitution saving throw of DC 10 + 2 for every additional night in a row after the first. This DC resets to 10 after you get adequate sleep. If you fail this saving throw, you gain one level of Exhaustion.

Dropping to 0 HP

Whenever you drop to 0 HP, you must make a Constitution saving throw of DC 15 + 5 for every time you drop after the first. If you fail this saving throw, you gain one level of Fatigue. This DC resets to 15 after you complete a long rest.

Environmental Effects

Most environmental effects, such as hot or cold environments, inflict levels of Fatigue, though the DC of the saving throw affiliated with these environments vary.

Not Eating/Drinking

The needs of a character are the same as in the Player's Handbook in that they must consume one pound of food and one gallon of water per day (two gallons of water if the weather is hot).

PCs are able to make food last longer by eating half as much, which counts as half a day without eating. PCs can go 3 + Constitution modifier days without food, after which going a day without eating causes an automatic level of Fatigue. A normal day of eating resets the count of days without food to zero.

PCs that drink only half the required amount of water must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or suffer a level of Fatigue each day. PCs that drink less than half the required amount automatically suffer a level of Fatigue.

If a character already has one or more levels of Fatigue, the character takes two levels of Fatigue instead.