Immersive Echoes

An original sci-fi fantasy RPG. No word count. No activity checks. Just aliens in Flux.

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About Immersive Echoes

Immersive Echoes is a science fiction fantasy play-by-post RPG that features an expanding universe of obscure creatures who are connected by the abnormality known as the Æther Flux. While the Flux is a staple in interstellar travel, its origins remain a mystery, and an explanation of its inner-workings have not breached mere theories and speculation. Develop your characters with other members and build stories and alliances that can span the entire galaxy.

No word count. Account-per-character. 18+ community. Prepare to fall into immersion.



Earn achievements while participating in the game and developing your characters. Focus on those whose requirements are written in plain sight, or try to uncover the unknown requirements of hidden achievements!

Custom profiles

Character profiles are pre-formatted on user profile pages and easily editable. Keep information hidden in a special "classified" section. No complicated coding required - just write!


Acquire credits by posting with other members and unlock character upgrades such as skill points, weapons, armor, and much more!


Put each character on their own unique development path by assigning skill points and customizing their abilities, which in turn affects what items and equipment can be used. No complex stats, just simple modifiers.

Fall into Immersion