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About Me

Hi there! My name is Katelynn "Kat" Horvath. I enjoy drawing, coding, teaching, and obsessively categorizing information. I have been a life-long learner of a variety of different skillsets, and I don't see that stopping anytime soon. Pretty much everything I know about coding and computers has been self-taught through research and practice, which I am incredibly proud of.

In my spare time I enjoy learning, creating new things, and trying to optimize my existing projects as much as possible in addition to spending time with friends and my feathered companion, Cyril the cockatiel.

What is Lost Eventide Studios?

When I decided to start setting up my own web space I decided I wanted a url that would mean something to me and represent the aesthetic I enjoy. Given that "eventide" is another word for "dusk" or "twilight," the idea of a lost evening appealed to me as it invoked an almost dream-like feeling. Given I lean towards the creative and most of my projects are creative in nature, it made sense to refer to it as a studio.



Edinboro University
Graduated December 2014
Bachelor - Arts

I got my bachelor's degree from Edinboro University, where I focused on a variety of subjects dealing with both art and teaching. I graduated magna cum laude.

Hickory High
Graduated June 2011

I graduated highschool, during which I also attended some college-level classes during my senior year through the dual-enrollment program. During my time in highschool I was introduced to basic front-end web-based programming, and started to teach myself how to code so that I could create webpages and the like.


Sharon School District
November 2015 - June 2017
Substitute Teacher

I maintained a professional appearance while serving as the head of multiple different classrooms covering a variety of subjects. I also followed and adapted lesson plans while maintaining order in the assigned room(s) on a daily basis.

Stitch and Dazzle
May 2012 - November 2015
Production Assistant & Web Manager

I helped to generate an online presence by building a functional retail website using the OpenCart software and occasionally interacting with individuals on the company Facebook page. I also completed apparel design orders by a specified completion date in a timely manner, and managed time to ensure that all ongoing projects were completed without constant guidance.



Typing Speed 70 wpm Microsoft Office
Notepad++ Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint


Javascript JQuery


MyBB PmWiki
Wordpress Adobe Photoshop


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