In the Garden I will die. In the roses they will kill me. I was going, Mother, to pick roses, to find death."

Rose, one of the Virtues"



The concept of “the Beyond,” and of “Beyonders,” is a relic of Larassan Imperial power in this region of the world. Throughout its imperial phase, Larassa held itself to be the political and cultural center of the world, the benchmark against which all other nations must be compared. This conceit was incredibly pervasive amongst the upper crust of Larassan society, and such had a large impact on various policies and eccentricities of the Empire. One such was the use of the word “Beyond” as a blanket term for any and all cultures or nations that did not live up Larassan standards. And given Larassan arrogance at the time, the only exceptions to the term beyond were the cultures native to Tulvus, who were too familiar to be cast in the Beyonder mold, and Vassalor, who were able to impress the Empire with their cutthroat, mercantile and ambitious culture.

Despite the decline of the Larassan Empire, the terminology has endured, mainly because most of the Beyonder nations are either too isolationist, too xenophobic, or too alien for the Tulveen peoples to grow comfortable with. That Heild, despite being the ascendant power on the continent has been more concerned with consolidating its hold over currently owned lands rather than exploring (read: conquering, and assimilating) far flung kingdoms.

On Tulvus, Beyonders are looked at in a manner similar to Vassalorians, except with the elements of exoticism and fear being exaggerated. Beyonders are generally held to be curiosities of the highest order, with obscene beliefs and practices to match. The common folk generally respond with cowed fascination and disgust, while the nobility alternatingly obsess over and shun them.

Notable Nations

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