Serpent bone contains pain. The most agonizing, and the oldest. All of it is centered in the Reave. A pain so deep that it has infected the land and oceans around it. So, one of the truths of this world, is that all life is defined by pain and by death. To survive, every living thing must inflict suffering on another. When it became time for the Mother to slumber, a piece of her came to rest in the most natural place."

Sevlion Thibault?

Redhearth Academy

Readhearth Academy was a school located in the Lands of Confusion that was originally founded by the Normoth family around 200 years ago - namely Augustus Normoth's great-great-grand uncle. It became known as "Normoth's Shame" several years later when something horrible happened within the walls of the academy and it was left abandoned. It is the focus of a great deal of superstition as it is said that anyone that has visited it since has had something horrible happen to them.

Known Staff

Known Students

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