The 'Prince of Peacocks' holds my heart and soul."


Angelo Centri

Race: Human (Larassan)
Age: 23 (campaign start)
25 (current)
Height: 5'07''
Eye Color: Naturally brown. Currently resemble swirling galaxies
Hair Color: Black
Home: Kuthven (Larassa)
Relationship Status: Married to Seirye Centri
Family: Giovanni Centri II (Father)
Marielle Centri (Mother)
Giovanni Centri III (Brother)
Marie Centri (Sister)
Carmin Centri (Sister)
Class: Bard 1 / Sorcerer (Wild Magic) 12
Status: Alive

Angelo Raffaello Centri is an incredibly talented dancer from the House Centri. He has otherwise been known as the Master of the Danza di Distruzione (self-titled), Performance Artiste Extraordinaire (self-titled), Baron of Beauty (self-titled), Exarch of Evocation (self-titled), Marquis of Magic (self-titled), Prince of Peacocks (Vieri Murcatio), and That Damn Centri Boy (angry patrons that have been snubbed).


Angelo was known for being an incredibly attractive young man. His build is that of a dancer - slender but well-toned - and he has the appearance of a typical Larassan with black hair, dark eyes, and lightly tanned skin. Of course, due to his magical abilities and flamboyant nature, his hair and eye color are both known for changing on a whim depending on whatever mood happens to strike his fancy.

Unfortunately, due to a wild magic effect that he utilized to save the life of Noelle Corventus 3/4 of his face was left horrifically deformed, distinctively skull-like, and horribly scarred. He is now missing an eye - leaving nothing but an empty socket - and his lips have been eliminated entirely leaving his mouth permanently fixed in a fanged, toothy "smile".

Despite such a traumatic change (or perhaps even enhanced by it) his sense of fashion remains incredibly flamboyant and unpredictable other than the fact he constantly ties flint and steel to it in order to generate sparks. He is also well-known for wearing metallic "claws" and steel heels for the same purpose, which enables the majority of his performances to be appropriately flashy.

After the loss of his eye it had been noted that, in instances of extreme emotion such as rage, a magical glowing "eye" seemed to appear in the empty socket and radiate magical energy. The display was quite frightening.

However, his face was magically restored after proposing to Seirye due to unknown circumstances - it was simply described as an "engagement gift from chaos".


Angelo was incredibly flashy and somewhat excessive in his actions and manner of speech. He was also known for being a bit of a playboy, somewhat vain, and would frequently shower any attractive woman (and man) with a menagerie of compliments and flattery.

His personality was wheeled back quite a bit after his face was mutilated and he started down the path to Enlightenment. He started to have a much more cynical take on the world as his mind shifted, though he still has a pretty strong moral compass and remained adamant about doing the right thing.


Before the Campaign

Angelo was one of the premier dancers of the Centri family, but also a headache for his "manager" who also happened to be his father. The young man was known for snubbing paying clients for minor reasons while performing for absolutely nothing if he found the venue or the cause interesting - notions that would drive any manager to frustration.

His older brother, who he looked up to, was completely dropped from the family when he opted to join the Tempest Dancers - arch-rivals of the Centri family.

One of his favorite patrons happened to be Lord Normoth, who he also became good friends with, and he had also at least formally met Seirye Murcatio at any number of noble gatherings before their paths were split by Seirye entering the Priesthood of the Whisper and his only familial issues with the "betrayal" of his brother.

During the Campaign

Angelo was a participant in the Tournament of the Mage alongside Joel and his own brother, and ultimately came out on top as the victor of the event. As was expected as a result, he was chosen as a member of the Queen's personal "adventuring party", but was almost immediately beset by tragedy as he used the occurrence of a Wild Magic effect to save the life of Noelle Corventus. The damage done to Noelle's face was transferred to Angelo, which nearly killed him in the process.

Through the combined efforts of Seirye and Red he was ultimately stabilized enough to be taken to the Temple of the Hand for recovery, but was permanently disfigured by the event. He ultimately chose to seclude himself in a private room and refused to see anyone outside of Grandmother Kella - who was effectively his primary healer during this time. Seirye had opted to have a note written to him and slid it beneath the door to read in hopes of lightening his spirits without going against his wishes.

This self-imposed solitude was broken by Lorina, who had requested Seirye show her Angelo's room as the monk had a gift for him. Seirye obliged thinking that knocking on the door would simply be met by silence or a request for the pair to go away, but Lorina had other ideas and opted to break down the door and force and interaction with Angelo. While Lorina had meant to force Angelo out of his self-pity and present an altered funeral mask as a gift, the young man (understandably) did not take her less-than-empathetic approach well and his mind cracked. He ultimately lashed out at Lorina (and by extension Seirye) with a Shatter spell, and broke the mask Lorina had presented him with in the process. Red - thinking there to be an attack - had rushed to the scene, and Grandmother Kella also appeared and quickly scolded Seirye and Lorina for their actions before arranging for Angelo's room to be readied up.

Later the same night, in the midst of his despair and his own conviction that he would never be anything but a monster, Angelo was visited by the Scream and given the a brass orb. The implications of such a gift remained ominously vague.

The party was summoned by the Queen soon after and was given their first assignment. Angelo's personality seemed to have shifted to a much darker tone, and he actively spoke out against the Queen's priorities - an action that the Queen was quick to warn against, though Angelo continued to express a certain amount of distrust for the Queen's motives.

After the meeting, Red took the opportunity to tell Angelo about his motivations for becoming an Executioner Knight in hopes that it would serve to bring out a better outlook. Joel also offered a Hat of Disguise that he had somehow managed to track down, which Angelo accepted, but did not put on.

Angelo continued to emphasize that they should not just blindly trust the Queen's command and the party agreed that some investigation into the exact nature of the group that met beneath the Ram's Head Tavern was warranted. Angelo chose to take Seirye aside to apologize for lashing out at her and to ask about the significance of the gift the Scream had given him. After explaining the Brass Hierophant was typically the only one that gave the sphere's out, the pair agreed that a visit to the Temple of the Scream may have been in order as it was possible the Scream's gift and the Queen's command may have been connected.

The meeting with the Brass Heirophant provided vague information, but it was enough to indicate the people that met beneath the tavern were nothing more than kids who were all talk with no bite. The high priest also offered snide remarks targeted at both Angelo and Seirye, and ultimately revealed he (and, as implied, the rest of his temple) knew that Bethany Notoriani had been the one to attack Seirye and it was not as carefully guarded a secret as the young woman would have hoped.

When the pair reunited with the rest of the party it was found the others had found similar information, and it was decided they would not attack the Ram's Head and try to unravel the situation instead.

The party uncovered that the group had been murdered, and within moments spiders began to swarm from the dead bodies. Angelo chose to stay behind to set the spiders (and the tavern) on fire, but in the process he was able to recognized the spiders movements were actually a dance, and his first stage of Enlightenment was triggered.

After the party met with the Queen again, she revealed that the assignment had been a test of morality to see how far the party was willing to go and what they were willing to do. Angelo still did not trust her, and seemed to show as much, though was more receptive to the Queen's next assignment as she was intending on having them eliminate a group of slavers known as the Black Barbers.

After Molle confirmed that they were genuinely a bad group, there was little argument from him to just eliminate them entirely.

However, the raid on the slaver's den ended up being more eventful than anticipated as the battle resulted in Seirye getting shot in the chest by an arrow fired by the leader of the band. Angelo responded with rage, and his Wild Magic manifested in a variety of ways (including the appearance of a hell-horse) as he quickly incapacitated the man in a barrage of fire. He then left the man to Red after deciding that a public execution may be in order.

He then moved to take Seirye back to the Temple of the Hand atop the horse (who he dubbed Bishop) after Red had stabilized her. However, the journey marked the beginning of a long six month disappearance as he was stopped by a ragged man on the road and returned to meet him again after he ensured Seirye was taken care of.

The man was revealed to know a dance that was identical to the one the spiders had performed. He expressed that Angelo had sought out Truth, and it had found him, and offered for Angelo to come away with him to learn more. Originally, out of concern for Seirye, he refused, but when the man threatened that the Truth would simply find another - potentially unwilling - student to take, he relented out of concern for his loved ones and disappeared from Kuthven entirely.

He appeared once again six months later after Kuthven had utterly and completely fallen to hell.


As a wild magic sorcerer Angelo is able to tap into innate magical abilities, but frequently they are accompanied by incredibly unanticipated effects that can be as harmful as they could be helpful. Like his personality, the majority of Angelo's magical abilities are incredibly flashy and seem to primarily focus around fire or lightning.

Angelo is also well-known for being a talented dancer and is fairly famous in Kuthven. He frequently uses his magic in conjunction with dance to make eye-catching displays.


Breaking Point I

Angelo's first breaking point was triggered when he was able to interpret the movements of the spiders that burst forth from the dead bodies beneath the Ram's Head tavern as a dance. A dance that was, in fact, The Dance.

Breaking Point II

Angelo's second breaking point was triggered during the six months he had vanished and manifested while under the tutelage of the toosha tav.


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