If nature is beaten, then it deserves to be beaten. Even nature's most beloved children don't receive special treatment."

Tanner Zurall

Porenia Sarno, Queen

Race: Human (Vassalorian)
Age: 23
Height: 5'07
Eye Color:
Hair Color: Brown
Home: Vassalor / Kuthven (Larassa)
Relationship Status: Widowed
Class: Bard (College of Lore) 8
Status: Alive

The daughter of a Vassalorian Merchant Prince, the Queen has been schooled in the games of politics since she was a babe. She puts on a show of meek submission in court and in her husband’s presence, but outside of that the Queen is a powerful political player in her own right. Her goals are surprisingly simple; she wants to increase how own power while also buffering that of the king, since her position is dependent on him. Beyond those two goals, the Queen is willing to work with all sides in pursuit of her interests, and happily trades favors with everyone. She is the individual most capable of steering the king, who despite his womanizing is pathetically in love with his queen. Rumors surround the Queen, accusing her of all sorts of evil or debauched act. Partly this is due to her nationality, but it is also the result of her enemies attempting to weaken her. This tactic has proven largely harmless, as the King refuses to hear any ill words against his queen, and in fact spreading such rumors is one of the fastest and most unpleasant ways to lose the king’s favor.

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