Ahonan (formerly Larohir)


Killed in a duel by Azgadaan.

Family Ishanah (adopted daughter)

Ahonan is the leader of the clan of broken draenei known as the Ati-Kaso. Before becoming krokul, he was known as Larohir, and was a short-term member of the Exarch Council, acting as Sha'tari Proconsul after the former Exarch Othaar betrayed the draenei. He survived the slaughter at Shattrath, but changed his name to Ahonan in remembrance for the lives that were lost.

He was eventually killed by Azgadaan as a part of the cover so that the young, unbroken draenei Dornaa could escape from Shaspira's clutches.


A rugged and battle hardened Krokul, Ahonan seems to carry the world on his shoulders. He has long, dark hair, a dusty blue complexion, and is most often seen with a contemplative look on his face.

He wears fitted battle armor that is clearly his from before he broke. Though the armor is tattered, it still somehow suits him well. Ahonan wields a sword and shield with exceptional skill.


A Draenei of few words, Ahonan oftentimes comes off as stoic and gruff. If he does speak it is often important. He knows how to lead and he knows how to make words have meaning. Thus, when his passions do show, Ahonan is able to keep all eyes on him.

He cares deeply that the Krokul are treated well among the Draenei, taking direct inspiration from the relationship of Velen and Nobundo. He cast off his past life nearly entirely. Larohir truly did become Ahonan after the Battle of Tempest Keep.

Up until his reunion with Remnii in Season Two, Ahonan wanted no part of fighting against the Burning Legion any longer. He was exhausted, quite literally Broken, and he only wished to survive. He built the Ati-Kaso of like-minded individuals and they survived together, doing little more than slinking into the shadows.

His feelings, before his death, began to sway towards one of action as they joined the Broken Blade. His end goals always have been offering a future to the Draenei people and helping as many to survive as possible. Thus it fell right in line as he sacrificed himself for the pregnant Thelamis and the young unbroken Dornaa.


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Chapter One: Matters of Life and Death

Chapter Two: Casting Dice


Ahonan was killed in a one-on-one duel by the eredar prince, Azgadaan, who had been sent on orders by Shaspira to locate the unbroken draenei child, Dornaa. Ahonan took full responsibility for the child's escape, claiming the idea had been his own, and he stated that Azgadaan would either have to enact justice himself, or leave to get reinforcements--at which point Ahonan would have fled.

Azgadaan chose to duel him himself, and ultimately managed to best the old broken. However, instead of taking him to Shaspira to endure torture at her hands, Azgadaan instead inflicted a killing blow so that he could finally rest in piece. In Ahonan's final moments, he gave Azgadaan a small pendant, which contained a picture of his adopted daughter, Ishanah.