Arator Windrunner

Race: Half Elf
Gender: Male
18 19
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
DoB: August 08, 613
Height 5'11"
Paladin (Stalwart Defender) 5
Known Languages
Status Alive
Alleria Windrunner (Mother)
Turalyon (Father)

Lireesa Windrunner (Grandmother)
Sylvos Windrunner (Uncle)
Sylvanas Windrunner (Aunt)

Vereesa Windrunner (Aunt)
Rhonin (Uncle)
Giramar Windrunner (Cousin)
Galadin Windrunner (Cousin)

Lirath Windrunner (Uncle)
Nirenn Windrunner (Aunt)
Gilveradin Windrunner (Cousin)
Velameestra Windrunner (Cousin)

Zendarin Windrunner (Cousin, Once Removed)

Arator Windrunner is the son of Alleria Windrunner and Turalyon. He has recently been knighted as an official member of the Silver Hand, and is very close to his fellow knight, Prince Uther, and his cousin, Gil. He wields the blade, Stalwart, which is the reforged blade that Arator's father, Turalyon, wielded before taking up the broken blade of Lothar.


As is the case with most that have elven blood, Arator is an attractive young man. He possesses long blonde hair that he typically keeps pulled back into a ponytail, bright green eyes, and moves with the dexterity and grace of his elven parentage. His right hand was entirely severed by the undead troll king, Zalazane, though it had been preserved by his cousin, Velameestra and was able to be reattached by the healers of the Church of the Holy Light in Lordaeron City.


Arator inherited very little of his mother's personality. He is soft-spoken and kind. He rarely prioritizes his only safety over the safety of others. He loves listening to people talk about the things they are passionate about, and loves becoming a part of the things his friends care about (which is how he began playing Hearthstone).

As the only child of the emotionally and physically distant Alleria and the exceptionally-busy Turalyon, Arator craves affection from his family and friends - something his aunt Vereesa was very willing to grant in his youth before joining the Silver Hand. He is rather insecure because of the massive shoes he has to fill as the son of the greatest Farstrider in history and one of the first paladins of the Silver Hand. That aside, he always faces forward, hoping that he will stand tall enough to make them proud.


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Chapter One: The Rise of Zalazane

After aiding in the attack on Last Crossing, Arator accompanied Prince Uther's party in the hopes of uncovering the source of the undead siege given that they seem to have been linked to trolls. While they investigated a small cemetery that had seemingly been exhumed by necromatic magics, he was attacked by a troll that had been waiting in ambush alongside several others. While he may have been able to fend off the troll on his own, he chose to intervene on the behalf of his cousin, Velameestra Windrunner, when she was also attacked.

He used divine magic to redirect the attack to himself, and fell unconscious from the injuries he sustained. As a result, the troll easily dragged him into an open grave and vanished in a brilliant flash of blue energy.

Zalazane used Arator as a tool to taunt the party, though any real updates on his well-being or whereabouts were nonexistent until Zalazane personally encountered the group in the village of the Darkspear Trolls. The troll-king had thrown Arator's ring finger at Velameestra's feet.

Zalazane had meant to use Arator's life force as one of the first steps in a ritual for summoning Hakkar, but his plan was impeded by the intrusion of his family and friends. Arator was fortunately rescued, and he ultimately had to spend some time in recovery due to the weeks of torture he sustained.

Chapter Two:

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Arator was part of the entourage that accompanied Uther to Last Crossing when it came time to discuss what was to be done when the Ban'dinoriel eventually dropped, letting the Horde free to attack the rest of the Eastern Kingdoms. He also set out with Uther to Light's Hope Chapel when Arthas's horse, Indomitable, arrived without a rider, in hopes of uncovering what happened to the missing king.

Appeared In

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip


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