Arthak Saurfang

Race: Greenskin Orc
Gender: Male
24 25 -
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
DoB: June 25, 607
Height 6'08"
Fighter 2 / Barbarian (Marauder) 5
Known Languages
Status Alive
Sadras | Mate
Azuka | Adopted Daughter

Broxigar the Red | Father
Tlanth | Mother

Varok Saurfang | Uncle
Dranosh Saurfang | Cousin

Thura Saurfang | Cousin

Samuro | Grandfather

Arthak Saurfang is the son of Broxigar the Red and the young leader of the newly formed Broken Blade Clan.


Arthak is large and broad, even by orc standards, and possesses a core strength honed both by a life of relentless training and his preferred craft of smithing. He has green skin and long, jet black hair which is normally keeps tied back in a long braid with the sides of his head shaved. He also has a pronounced beard.



Chapter One: Matters of Life and Death

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Chapter Two: Casting Dice

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Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

The weeks following the opening of the Dark Portal were generous to Arthak's clan, as not only Arthak find a mate in Sadras, the warlock Gul'dan made true on his promise of the beginnings of a naval fleet and gifted the young chieftain three ships: a warship that Arthak dubbed The Summerfall and two smaller longboat transports. His dealings with the other clans were largely successful, giving rise to a collation against the leader of the elven resistance, the Blood Shrike, that was codenamed the Clipped Wing.

The Fall of the Gronnmaster

When it came time for Arthak to make a move against Hatock the Gronnmaster, one of the feuding brothers of the Thunderlord Clan, Arthak approached with a contingent of his officers and several of his warriors, as well as Azgadaan, where he publicly challenged the gronnmaster chieftain to chieftain. While Hatock initially tried to refuse the challenge and have his followers kill Arthak and his men for him, Arthak made note of the fact that Hatock was refusing a direct challenge and, in the face of his gathered supporters, Hatock was forced to accept the challenge: a battle to the death between himself and his pet gronn, and Arthak and Azgadaan.

The combat was incredibly short-lived, as Arthak made quick work of the gronn in a fearsome display of swordsmanship, before it was finished by a lightning bolt from Azgadaan, and its master shoved beneath it as it fell, leaving Hatock alive, but very injured.

Hatock attempted to beg for mercy from Arthak, and Arthak asked the gathered crowd if anyone would step forward to try and save Hatock's life. Not a single member of the Thunderlords chose to do so, and Arthak executed the gronnmaster before proclaiming that those Thunderlords present would soon be attacked by both the Burning Blade and the Laughing Skull. If they chose, they could die as Thunderlords, or live as Broken Blade.

Many of the gathered clans members cast away their identity as Thunderlords to instead join Arthak, which increased his clan number exponentially.

While he was getting his new members back to Gramgun'kur, Arthak received word via messenger that the remaining Thunderlords had been unified under the joint leadership of the remaining brothers, Grotan and Skal, and much of the territory had been abandoned to the Laughing Skull and Burning Blade. However, Arthak had the respect of the remaining Thunderlords, and were welcome with their clan--a sentiment that Arthak returned.

Meeting Halno

As news of Arthak's victories spread, Gul'dan once more summoned the young chieftain and presented him with the orcish necrolyte, Halno, as, while the numbers of the Broken Blade had grown, the clan still lacked any defense against the arcane abilities innate to their elven enemies. Gul'dan explained that Halno was an expert of the arcane arts, and had long been a servant to the conquests of the Ironmarch, but now, he would serve as Arthak's ally in whatever pursuits he followed.

Arthak accepted Halno's assistance, though later on, stated to the necrolyte that if he was sent to spy on him, it would be best discussed immediately. To Arthak's surprise, Halno agreed, being completely upfront with the fact, but expressed that his services and expertise were still at Arthak's disposal.

It was evident that Halno specialized in the necromantic arts, as he was also joined by a contingent of elven skeletons, and Mankrik later informed Arthak that, after watching the heavily cloaked newcomer, it seemed that he had no need to sleep.

Joy and Dread

In the weeks that followed, Arthak was able to be formerly bonded to his new mate, Sadras, with the blessing of Go'el, and they celebrated the union with a large feast that simultaneous served as a last opportunity to get raucously drunk for many of the other clans before the heat of the war ahead truly set in. While Arthak remained sober for the entire celebration, his mate certainly did not, and later that same night they spent their first night together as mates.

Only for him to be greeted the next morning by Nyxxa, who informed him that she had spoken to one of the elven prisoners he had taken--a move that left him irritated that she had not approached him directly before she did so, and instead had gone behind his back. The saytr stated she was worried that he would have said no, and emphasized the need for Arthak to understand the elves as much as he understood his own people, especially in the days to come where he would be interacting with the people whose homes the orcs had taken much more. People, as Nyxxa said, who may have once been her own people. Arthak acknowledged the concern, but said little more on the matter.

On the voyage to the mainland to meet with the Clipped Wing coalition, Arthak introduced the young Sagaz to Halno, who he believed could teach the young orc how to harness his inborn magical talents. Halno happily agreed once he realized that Sagaz's intellect would serve him quite well as an assistant, as the orc was capable of reading and writing and seemed to learn quite quickly. In addition, Arthak had also asked Sagaz learn everything he could from the masked orc, as Nyxxa had managed to confirm Halno's status as an undead, so that Arthak could have someone keeping an eye on the stranger that Gul'dan had "gifted" him.

Upon arriving on the mainland, Arthak and Nyxxa went to speak with Jorin Deadeye, hoping he may have an alternate route to rekindle the connection that Arthak had had with Frostmourne instead of Nyxxa trying to corrupt him again, as such a route would be as dangerous for her as it was for Arthak. Jorin expressed he had no desire to dabble with corruption due to the danger it would pose to himself, but he did bring forth that he believed the sword had taken Dranosh's soul and, when Arthak wielded it, part of Arthak's as well. Jorin posed that they may be able to effectively scry on the piece of Arthak that had been claimed, and while it, too, was dangerous, it was a route Arthak was willing to try.

While Arthak suffered a great deal of pain through the process as he was actively trying to fight the ban'dinoriel, he did manage to locate the sword. Much to his chagrin, it was much closer than he thought it was: impaled in a great tree just beyond the second barrier.

Chapter Four: Homecoming

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Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Chapter Four: Homecoming


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A Bird in the Hand
Get a worse result on a reroll.

A Farewell to Arms
Willingly dismember yourself.

Angel on the Shoulder
Stop a party member from making a very bad decision.

Blue Falcon
Get your entire party dragged into trouble.

Reach 4 levels in two different classes.

Danger Magnet
Be crit twice in a row.

Kill a single enemy with exact damage.

I Just Had Sex
Get laid.

It's Not a Tumor
Get a permanent deformity.

Lightning Rod

Prevent damage from a source you are immune to.

Loose Ends
Kill a Nemesis.

Evade an attack while at critical hit points.

Kill an enemy with a single attack.

Oh Yeah!
Burst through a wall.

Only a Flesh Wound
Be dismembered.

Destroy an item necessary for a quest.

Opportunity Knocks

Kill an enemy with an attack of opportunity.

Roll two 20s on an Advantage roll.

End a Combat Encounter without dealing damage or running away.

Shrug It Off

Take damage from a source you are resistant to.

Sic Semper Tyrannis
Kill a beloved political figure.

Stop Hitting Yourself
Hit 0 HP from an effect caused by yourself.

That Still Only Counts As One
Defeat a Huge or larger creature.

The Better Part of Valor
Flee from a Combat Encounter.

Till Death Do Us Part
Get hitched.

Hit 0 HP twice in one encounter.

What a Twist!
Betray the party for your own personal gain.

With Friends Like These...
Cause an ally to hit 0 HP.

Trace, On
Craft a magic item of Uncommon or Rare rarity.

Y'za Noq Mah

Kill 10 aberrations.


Defeat 10 humanoids.

Storm Chaser

Defeat 10 elementals.

I Like This One
Force the GM to create a recurring NPC.

[Retired] Cold Turkey
Return your Corruption score to 0 naturally from at least a week without further corruption.

[Retired] Arcane Addicts Anonymous
Recover from a Level 1 Corruption.

[Retired] Intervention
Recover from a Level 2 Corruption.

[Retired] The Good Stuff
Gain Level 1 Corruption.

[Retired] I Can Quit When I Want
Gain Level 2 Corruption.