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Race: Worgen
Gender: Male
44 45
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
DoB: January 18, 588
Height 6'03"
Paladin (Crown) 14
Known Languages
Status Alive
Jaina Menethil (Wife)
Ashwynn Menethil (Daughter)
Uther Menethil (Son)
Lianne Menethil (Daughter)

Daelin Proudmoore (Father-in-Law)
Derek Proudmoore (Brother-in-Law)

Tandred Proudmoore (Brother-in-Law)
Mishan Waycrest-Proudmoore (Sister-in-Law)
Elanora Proudmoore (Niece)
Felicity Proudmoore (Niece)
Caitlyn Proudmoore (Niece)

Calia Prestor (Sister)
Daval Prestor (Brother-in-Law)
Victor Prestor (Nephew)
Lianne Menethil (Mother)
Terenas Menethil II (Father)

Uther Lightbringer (Mentor)

Arthas Menethil is the king of Lordaeron.



Arthas is a man of action and is well-known for his bravery and his ability to inspire his men by leading by example. He is incredibly loyal to his people, but is also witty and easy-going, which allows him to relate to them on a base level that his title would ordinarily not allow.


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Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Arthas, along with his son, Uther, and daughter, Ashwynn, served as the representatives of the royal family that were to be present at the war summit at Last Crossing. Before they left, he gift his son a set of war barding for his horse, as the plan of taking a split route across the kingdom to reach as many of their cities as possible meant that they would be apart for Uther's birthday.

Before their two groups split upon leaving Andorhal, Arthas and Uther visited Sorrow Hill and the tomb of Uther's namesake, Uther the Lightbringer, together, where they whispered words of remembrance and a request for guidance at the tomb of the paladin, who, in his death, had been accepted into sainthood by the Church of the Holy Light.

The Capture of Arthas

However, Arthas never made it to Last Crossing. Upon leaving Light's Hope Chapel he and his entourage, which included his sister Calia Prestor and good friend Falric, were beset upon by a group of black furred gnolls and assassins. While he put up a valiant fight, the entirety of his and Calia's entourage were killed, and he was captured and teleported to an unknown location.

Chapter Four: Homecoming

Appeared In

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Chapter Four: Homecoming


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