Ashwynn Menethil


November 16, 612

Family Jaina Menethil (Mother)
Arthas Menethil (Father)
Uther Menethil (Brother)
Lianne Menethil (Sister)

Daelin Proudmoore (Grandfather)
Lianne Menethil (Grandmother)
Terenas Menethil II (Grandfather)

Derek Proudmoore (Uncle)
Tandred Proudmoore (Uncle)
Mishan Waycrest-Proudmoore (Aunt)
Elanora Proudmoore (Cousin)
Felicity Proudmoore (Cousin)
Caitlyn Proudmoore (Cousin)

Calia Prestor (Aunt)
Daval Prestor (Uncle)
Victor Prestor (Cousin)

Ashwynn is the eldest child of Arthas and Jaina Menethil. From a young age, she had decided she wished to ensure the safety of her family, and so she enlisted in the Royal Guard.



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Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Ashwynn joined the entourage from Lordaeron to the war summit at Last Crossing, and ultimately accompanied her brother when the envoy split so that they could visit more towns in their kingdom on the way.

When her father's horse, Indomitable, arrived riderless and exhausted in Last Crossing a few days after their arrival, she, along with her brother and several of their companions, quickly rode back out into the Eastweald hoping to locate Arthas's trail.

However, upon locating where Indomitable had come from--the Light's Hope Chapel--it soon became clear that most of her father and aunt's entourage had been slain, along with the leader of the royal guard, Falric. After the dead was interred and discussion had on what to do next, Benjamin Warde approached Ashwynn while they were accompanying Uther and Vittoria to retrieve bodies of the assassins, and mentioned that someone was going to have to take up Falric's role, and he felt the best person for the job was her.

Later on, while helping Uther get the bodies to a safe place, her brother informed her of the same.

Appeared In

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip


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