Dar'khan Drathir

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Race: Skeletal Elf
Gender: Male
257 257
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
Height 5'10"
Known Languages
Status Undead
Magistrate of Silvermoon (Formerly)

Dar'khan Drathir was a Magister of Silvermoon. He was a close friend of King Kael'thas, and though the then-prince left to study under the Kirin Tor, Dar'khan kept in contact with the prince. He served as one of Kael'thas's closest advisers up until his death.

It later came to light that Dar'khan faked his death, using a cloned duplicate of himself to appear deceased. He was responsible for the warlock uprising, the opening of the Dark Portal?, and the Sacking of Silvermoon. Though he killed himself during the opening of the Dark Portal, his clone was never recovered, and is presumed alive.



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Death (May 19th, 632)

Dar'khan was murdered under mysterious circumstances in Silvermoon during the warlock activity that had broken out in the city. He was only alone for a few moments, but most of his body had been burned with a mixture of pyromancy and fel energy. Further investigation by Velameestra Windrunner and Magister Rommath Pyrewing revealed that it was likely his injuries were caused by imps, as the spells that littered his body were surprisingly weak for a murder attempt.


  • Dar'khan was the man to put forth Aethas Sunreaver as Kael'thas's replacement for the Council of Six after the assassination of King Anasterian.
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