Elanora Proudmoore

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Race: Human
Gender: Female
13 14 -
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
DoB: April 29
Height 5'04"
Paladin (Oath of the Drowned)
Known Languages
Status Alive
Tandred Proudmoore (Father)
Mishan Waycrest-Proudmoore (Mother)
Felicity Proudmoore (Sister)
Caitlyn Proudmoore (Sister)

Daelin Proudmoore (Grandfather)
Derek Proudmoore (Uncle)

Jaina Menethil (Aunt)
Arthas Menethil (Uncle)
Ashwynn Menethil (Cousin)
Uther Menethil (Cousin)
Lianne Menethil II (Cousin)

Elanora is the eldest daughter and heir of Lord Admiral Tandred Proudmoore and Captain Mishan Waycrest-Proudmoore. She aspires to be the perfect heir of Kul Tiras. She is an exceptionally proficient sailor, even at her young age. "Nora's already twice the sailor and thrice the man I am," Tandred has been heard saying as she scurried up the rigging to repair a sail. "She's more like my father than I ever was."

She has also begun to manifest a small amount of control over the Holy Light, but has no interest in priesthood or the Silver Hand.



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Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

While Uther Menethil and his entourage were visiting Stratholme on the way to the war summit at Last Crossing, they met up with Uther's aunt and uncle, Tandred Proudmoore and Mishan Waycrest-Proudmoore, who were at the head of the naval fleet that Kul Tiras? had sent to support the war effort. While there, it was revealed that Elanora had stowed away on the Kul Tiran flagship, thus she had been recruited to aid Mishan in whatever ways she was able.

Elanora gleefully greeted both her cousins, Uther and Victor Prestor, and she also eagerly revealed that she had started to show an innate talent in channeling the Holy Light, though her particular brand of it had a distinctly watery effect, as if the Light was being screened through ocean waves. Uther was ecstatic to see this, and she eagerly asked him if he would be able to perhaps teach her a few things in the future.

When Mishan joined Uther's entourage to travel the rest of the way to Last Crossing so that she could represent both houses Waycrest and Proudmoore, Elanora was told to accompany her mother as her assistant.

Appeared In

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip


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