Grommash Hellscream

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Race: Greenskin Orc
Gender: Male
66 66 -
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
Height 7'01"
Known Languages
Status Alive
Golka (Mate)
Garrosh Hellscream

Golmash Hellscream? (Father)




Early Life

Grom had been considered young when he became chieftain of the Warsong Clan, and there were rumors about the mysterious circumstances under which the former chieftain had died but none chose to challenge Grom's leadership. Once he attained the title, he had his lower jaw tattooed black.

Early into his role as chieftain he chose to lead aggressive attacks on the settlements of the ogres. However, the ogres ultimately retaliated with full fury and nearly wiped the Warsong Clan from existence. During the resulting battle, Grom's mate, Golka, had been critically injured and was left dying. She pleaded with Grom to finish her so that she would have a warrior's death, but he was disgusted with her choice to beg for death instead of trying to live and ultimately referred to her as a "wolf with no teeth" before he left her to suffer.

Soon after, Grom organized a pursuit of the ogre raiders that had nearly decimated his clan, but he ultimately fell into a trap and was captured by one o the ogre warlords. The chieftain was tied to a tree and left to starve while the ogre berated and taunted him with the intention of breaking the chieftain's will before his suffering was put to an end. However, Grom's will never wavered, and when the ogre chose to come too close he bit into their neck and ripped out their throat as "this wolf still had teeth."

When he returned to his clan, he was hailed as the "Warlord with the Iron Will," and eventually he had the tree that had been his prison moved to Grommashar? to serve as his throne.


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Appeared In

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip


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