Illysanna Ravencrest | The Slayer

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Race: Illidari Night Elf
Gender: Female
Over 10,000
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
Height 6'09''
Eyes None
Hair Violet
Known Languages
Status Alive




The Slayer, Illysanna Ravencrest, is the founder and leader of the Illidari. She was the daughter of Kur'talos Ravencrest, a prominant figure in the Kal'dorei Rebellion. She started the organization at the conclusion of the War of the Ancients with the purpose of furthering the techniques developed by Illidan Stormrage. Given Illidan was imprisoned following the war, Illysanna needed to piece together the information that was left behind.

Following the Sacking of Silvermoon, Illysanna under the guise of "The Slayer" contacted Nyxxa as she was imprisoned in Lorderon via the Dream spell. After Nyxxa had reported what had happened, the Slayer gave Nyxxa the new assignment to find Broxigar and to keep an eye on his son, Arthak Saurfang. She also warned Nyxxa of the traitor Caria Felsoul. She offered Nyxxa a way to escape her imprisonment and suspicion from the Legion. Nyxxa accepted, thus the Slayer used the dream spell to kill her and had one of her contacts on Argus rewrite Nyxxa's memories so that she thought she had been killed during an assassination attempt on Jaina Menethil.

The next time Nyxxa spoke with the Slayer was once again by Dream on New Years Eve. Here she revealed her identity to Nyxxa as Illysanna Ravencrest, as well as the importance of Broxigar concerning the War of the Ancients. She also informed Nyxxa to meet the Illidari where it all began- in Black Rook Hold.

Appeared In

Chapter Two: Casting Dice

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip


  • Her inner demon is an eredar
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