Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
Height 7'05"
Kensai (Unseen Hand) 5
Known Languages
Status Alive




Kaylaan was once a draenei member of the Army of Light aboard Tempest Keep, and fought alongside the draenei to help them escape. However, his brother was slain by the betrayer, Socrethar, and he vowed a path of revenge that has long been brewing beneath an illusion of servitude. He has forsaken the draenei proper and become an eredar, though he is not a true eredar - he is still mortal, but has fallen from the path of the Light that he once held close.

Chapter One

When the warband of Arthak Saurfang approached Socrethar about attacking and capturing the naaru, Mu'ru, Kaylaan accompanied them as a set of eyes on Socrethar's behalf. However, he eventually revealed that it had been his intent to kill Socrethar in the end, and he turned on his master during the attack on Mu'ru and, courtesy of Arthak, was given the killing blow.

Lost and now without purpose, he accompanied Arthak to the top of the mountain and ultimate found a new path in life under the guidance of Lantresor and Samuro, and at Arthak's side as a friend and comrade. He joined Arthak's clan, the Broken Blade, and was ultimately named as Arthak's second.

Soon after their return to Hellfire Citadel to deliver the naaru, Mu'ru, Kaylaan interfered with a Mak'gora between Arthak and Azuka Bladefury. He was able to save Arthak's life by intercepting what would have been a killing blow, but lost his left arm in the process.

Chapter Two: Casting Dice

However, for disrupting the sacred tradition of mak'gorah, Kaylaan was imprisoned, to be executed by none other than Arthak himself. Spinyl took it upon herself to undergo a clandestine mission to rescue the eredar, freeing him from Hellfire Citadel. Kaylaan disappeared from the citadel and has not been seen since, though Remnii attempted to reach him with a sending spell, warning him to stay far away from Arthak, who was still duty bound to execute him should he cross paths again.

Chapter Four: Homecoming

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Chapter Four: Homecoming