Krasus | Korialstrasz

Race: Red Dragon
Gender: Male
Over 1000
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
Height 6'06" (Humanoid Form)
Known Languages
Status Alive
Alexstrasza | Mate

Krasus is the most enigmatic, and oldest, member of the Kirin Tor's Council of Six. He is away from his seat on the Council more often than not, and his history before he came to claim a seat on the Council is completely unknown.


Krasus is a tall, handsome elf with the musculature one would expect for a Spellbreaker, not an archmage. His right eye has a vicious scar across it that somehow managed to avoid claiming his eye, and his left hand is missing its pinky and ring finger, both remnants from a magical trap unleashed against him during the Second Troll Wars.



Chapter Two: Casting Dice

The Dragonsworn

A few weeks after the sacking of Silvermoon Krasus responded to a missive he had received from Velameestra Windrunner upon her return to Dalaran that requested a meeting with him. What he wasn't expecting was that the young elf had actually uncovered the true identity of Borel Skyfire, that of the ancient dragon Tyranastrasz, and that her brother, Gilveradin, had been made a dragonsworn of the red dragonflight.

Velameestra expressed that her brother was looking for help understanding his new role, and she confirmed that it was likely that Borel had perished attempting to protect the city.

Krasus stated there wasn't much he could do to help Gil at the moment, as it would need to be someone of Tyranastrasz's rank or higher that would train him, but he assured her that he would at least make his existence known to the people that needed to know.

Soon after, he left Dalaran to "check on his family" in the wake of the elven flight from Silvermoon.

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

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Chapter Three: The Scales Tip