Levia Blackflight

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Race: Felblood Elf
Gender: Female
32 33 -
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
DoB: -
Height 6'02"
Cleric (Grave)
Known Languages
Status Alive
Magistrate of Silvermoon (Formerly)
Sheria Sunveil | Mother
Unnamed Brother

Levia Blackflight, formerly Levia Wildflight, is an unwilling member of the Shadowsword who was forced to become a felblood elf or die.




Levia was born to Sheria Sunveil who, according to her, was involved in slave trafficking and sold her brother when he was very young. Eventually, Levia fled her home, aiming to get stronger and eventually stop what her mother was doing.

Chapter Two: Casting Dice

Attack on Duskwither Spire

Levia was one of the students located at Duskwither Spire when Velameestra Windrunner (under the guise of a young woman named Thalia) and her comrades infiltrated the school in an attempt to find evidence of warlock activity. Thalia was assigned to be Levia's roommate and, much to Levia's surprise, Thalia expressed a degree of kindness that she was not expecting, and she came to think of her as a friend.

When the warlocks attacked Duskwither Spire in an attempt to steal the crystals that kept the academy floating, Levia attempted to convince Thalia to flee with her to safety. However, "Thalia" revealed her true identity to be Velameestra Windrunner, and ultimately headed to attempt to stop the attacking warlocks along with her comrades while Levia fled in frustration.

Only to reappear when Vel and her group were cornered by Orican Runesight. Levia admitted her involvement with the warlocks, and said that Velameestra was not involved at all to her knowledge. In retribution, the demon she had been dealing with emerged and attempted to take her captive. The demon, and the others that were summoned, were slain by the group, and Levia was taken into protective custody.

After the situation at Duskwither was resolved, Levia agreed to provide what information she could to aid the investigation.

She was eventually moved to a holding cell at the Guardians of the Eternal Spring barracks in Silvermoon.

The Sacking of Silvermoon

Levia was still located in the barracks when the Sacking of Silvermoon started. Many of the prisoners in the barracks were freed, and she was taken by one of the warlocks and thrown before the others for her "betrayal." They had captured the high priest Vandellor Everpost, and ultimately gave Levia the choice of living by killing him and partaking of demonic blood, or dying.

Afraid to die, and comforted by Vandellor's supportive words and his encouragement to live, as he would just be killed by someone else if she didn't do it, she slit the priest's throat and started the process of becoming a felblood elf.

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

In the days that followed her forced induction into the Shadowsword, Levia was largely kept close to other--more clearly loyal--Shadowsword members and suffered a degree of degradation and abuse. She was among the members present at the first meeting of Arthak Saurfang's Clipped Wing coalition at Stormreaver Spire, and served in a support role to the orc and Legion forces when the Thalassian Resistance ambushed the meeting. It was here that Nyxxa first made note of her, and observed the dejected aura that seemed to weigh heavily around the felblood elf.

Levia encountered Nyxxa again several days later when Levia was in the company of the felblood elf Zaestra, who was being verbally abusive. Nyxxa approached looking for a guide to the city, and Zaestra started to urge Levia back to finish their assignment while she took the opportunity to show the demon around. However, Nyxxa quickly insisted that she could accompany them while they finished their job and they could show her around after.

Levia remained silent for the majority of the time Zaestra and Nyxxa spoke, but it quickly became evident that the satyr was... quite strange in comparison to other demons she had encountered, and Levia finally entered the conversation to provide the answer to Nyxxa's inquiry as to how many generations of high elves there had been. However, upon their arrival at the Stormreaver Spire, Zaestra was given another assignment, and Nyxxa asked if Levia could be her guide instead--which Levia agreed to.

While she started their tour, Levia stated that it seemed Nyxxa had been looking for her, and Nyxxa confirmed. Immediately, Levia went on guard, assuming that the satyr had been sent to kill her, but Nyxxa quickly assuaged her she was not before correctly guessing that Levia had been forced to become a felblood elf. They spent some time talking before happening upon what appeared to be the remains of an ambush. As they investigated, Nyxxa was beset upon by carrion flies, and Levia set about healing her injuries--much to the satyr's surprise as demons are not normally capable of healing magic. Levia admitted she didn't understand either, as she had never been able to before.

As they started to head back to Stormreaver Spire, Levia asked Nyxxa not to tell the Shadowsword that she couldn't heal before the change, and Nyxxa agreed to keep the secret safe.

They continued to meet up periodically, which resulted in Levia being present when Nyxxa was summoned to help Azgadaan and Velhari deal with the rogue members of the Dragonmaw Clan that were loyal to Sinestra as they were in need of a healer. During the fight she took a predominantly support role, healing her allies and managing to put several of the opposing skarvyn to sleep.

Seeing how useful Levia was, Arthak Saurfang asked Selin Fireheart to give her leave to continue aiding them, and Selin agreed, though expressed that Runesight wouldn't be pleased about it--but ultimately this wasn't currently Runesight's operation. Halno also expressed some interest in Levia, particularly in her magical talents.

Later on, after Nyxxa had split off to try and track some skarvyn to their hiding places, Levia accompanied the rest of the group back to Arthak's ship the Summerfall. However, on their way they were beset upon by creatures that seemed to be made completely of shadow. They quickly carve through them, though it was unknown who precisely had sent them. They settled down on the ship and Levia was quickly baffled by how... strange all of her new companions were. Azgadaan in particular seemed to want to try and make friends with her, and even dabbled in cooking for the lot of them.

Nyxxa returned later that night and apologized if she had stepped out of line in aiding in getting Levia out of the thumb of the Shadowsword, but Levia quickly assured her that she hated all of members of the organization and she didn't want anything to do with them. A notion that Nyxxa agreed with.

Chapter Four: Homecoming

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Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Chapter Four: Homecoming