Race: Human
Gender: Female
21 21 -
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
DoB: -
Height 5'7"
Arcane Archer/Wizard
Known Languages
Status Alive
Lieran (Twin Sister)
Voldana (Adopted Mother)

Loania is a self-taught mage who grew up at Quel'danil lodge among elves. As a teen, she discovered she had a twin sister named Lieren, who lived in Aerie Peak.




Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Loania had been waiting for her twin sister, Lieran, to arrive at Quel'Danil Lodge, when the other girl surprised her with the addition of the elven ranger Gilveradin, who she had offered a ride to Quel'Danil Lodge atop her gryphon. After introducing Gil to her mother, Voldana, so that she could offer him direction on where to take the missive Gil had been sent with to deliver to the lodge, she and her sister hastily took off to spend some time together.

The next morning, when Gil came to touch base with them and inform them of his next plans, Loania felt bad for the fact that so many of the Quel'Danil elves had been so unfairly harsh on Gil, and upon hearing the he was going to potentially attempt to get to Grim Batol to speak with Falstad without clear access to a gryphon or dragonhawk, she hastily pulled Lieran aside and was able to convince her twin that they could potentially ferry him to the dwarven stronghold. After all, Lieran had her gryphon, and Loania could potentially borrow her mother's dragonhawk.

Loania came up victorious in the short, animated discussion, and upon retrieving permission from Voldana to borrow her dragonhawk, Summerflight, the trio set off for Grim Batol.

On the way to Grim Batol, they encountered a black fox just before being beset upon by a pair of fen lurkers. During the fight that ensued, Loania witnessed the fox take on the form of a raptor as it aided them in fending off their enemies, and once the area was safe, it then transformed again into what appeared to be a trollish woman, who introduced herself as Seria. Loania eagerly asked the woman to come with them, as she had aided them and was seemingly able to provide her own wings, and they continued on to Grim Batol, where Loania's sister, Lieran, was able to indicate that they were allies by raising her stormhammer for the other dwarves to see.

However, upon landing, one of the high ranking dwarves informed them that the area was dangerous, and they should turn right around. However, thanks to Lieran and Gilveradin's pushing, the dwarf agreed to take a curious message from Gil to Falstad. Falstad promptly appeared himself, and hurried the group inside, leaving Loania, Lieran, and Seria (who was disguised as a raven) to wait at a tavern while he spoke with the elf. Falstad and Gil returned soon after, and it was agreed that they would stay to help at Grim Batol for a few days before setting off again.

While their trip back to the Hinterlands were largely uneventful, upon passing over Hiri'watha it soon became clear that the trollish village there had been burned to ruins. At Gil's insistence, they landed so he could investigate, and he quickly uncovered evidence that the Highvale elves had been the ones to burn it down. While her sister insisted it was none of their business, and encouraged Gil to not get involved, Loania supported Gil in investigating as she desperately wanted to know why those she considered her family would do such a thing.

When they returned to Quel'Danil Lodge, Loania was unable to locate her mother to ask what had happened and Gil suggested they sneak Saldor Shallowbrook's office to try and get the report that Jalinde Summerdrake, the ranger who had been in charge of the group that went to Hiri'watha, had placed. Loania was unsure about something that would clearly break the rules, and quickly stammered that she was going to speak to Jalinde about where her mother was while Lieran posed as a distraction for Gil. Once it became evident that Jalinde had been responsible, and Loania insisted on asking the ranger why she did it.

Jalinde was cold in her response, which shook Loania a great deal upon seeing the darkness she spoke with, and she and her sister decided to accompany Gil to Last Crossing as Jalinde had said that was where Voldana had gone. To cheer her up, Gil also mentioned she might meet his own twin sister, who was a mage trained in Dalaran: something that Loania was eager for.

Upon reaching Last Crossing, the town was in clear chaos, and it soon became evident that King Arthas had gone missing. After Gil spoke to the king's horse, Indomitable, Gil tasked Loania with giving the report they had found to his aunt, the Ranger-General Sylvanas, while Lieren offered to give the elf a ride on Graysoar so that he could more easily catch up to his companions, who had set off for Light's Hope Chapel in pursuit of whatever had happened to Arthas.

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Chapter Three: The Scales Tip