Natalie Seline

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
Known Languages
Status Alive

Natalie Seline is a priestess of the Church of the Holy Light, and was assigned by her superiors to research the strange crystal that had fallen from the sky during the fight with Zalazane, which was eventually found to be the heart of the naaru known as A'dal.



Presently unknown.

Chapter Two: Casting Dice

Natalie was already actively researching the heart of A'dal when Uther brought Remnii to the Grand Cathedral to get her insight on the crystal. She was able to observe Remnii directly communing with A'dal, and was summarily fascinated by the knowledge the draenei was able to share in regards to the crystal and its true identity. Before Remnii left, she offered to serve as a teacher for her, as Remnii would need several if she wished to become part of the Church, and stated there was much they could learn from each other.

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Natalie was, in fact, offered the opportunity to serve as a teacher for Remnii after the draenei formerly began the process of joining the Church of the Holy Light. She was assigned to teach the tenet of respect, and accompanied Remnii and the Lordaeron entourage to the war summit that was to take place at Fort Crossing.

When king Arthas Menethil was found to have been kidnapped, and Uther Menethil's party returned from seeking out his entourage bearing the dead body of Calia Prestor, Natalie was the one that Victor Prestor approached and begged to attempt to resurrect his mother. At first, Natalie was resistant to the idea, stating that the resources required to do so would be needed in the war to come, but Victor was insistent and continued to present that Alterac would pay the required amount and more to save its queen, he just needed to reach out to his father.

After many hours of debate, Natalie finally relented, and she, aided by Sally Mograine, presided over the resurrection ritual, as well as the immediate care of the revived Calia when it was found to be a success. Later the same day, she also served as a representative of the Church of the Holy Light at the war summit.

Appeared In

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip