Race: Greenskin Orc
Gender: Male
70 70 70
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
DoB: September 4th, 563
Height 8'00''
Known Languages
Status Deceased

No'Rash was a self-exiled former member of the Frostwolf Clan. He joined the warband led by Arthak Saurfang on their quest to assassinate the pit lord Mannoroth. During the battle against Mannoroth, No'Rash delivered the killing blow to Mannoroth, causing him to take the full force of Mannoroth's dying explosion. No'Rash died shortly thereafter, finding some peace in killing the greatest foe that the Orcs had known up to that point.


No'Rash was 8 ft tall and was gigantic, even by orc standards. He had been aged by both years lived and the fel curse, and though his fortitude and strength were on full display, his features are weathered and weary. No'Rash wore Drek'Thar's headband over his red eye, wishing to hide at least some of his fel corruption. Elsewhere, No'Rash's skin was a putrid mix of green, red, and black. His nails grew into claws and his tusks similarly grew larger as the fel progressed further through his body. He wielded a giant club that resembled a tree trunk, one now branded with an ancient symbol of a wolf spirit. He also wore a buckler-type shield on his left arm, adorned with the Frostwolf emblem. His hair had receded into a pronounced widows peak, but most of it remained on his head, which is braided ornately in the fashion that many orcs do. No'Rash also had a long, disheveled beard, a product of his time in exile. No'Rash had two tattoos: a crescent moon on his left shoulder, and a fire element tattoo on his right shoulder. He wore no armor his upper body, instead adorning a small red cloak that extends down to his shoulders, along with a hood that he often wears. The armor on his lower body was a specially-made blackrock plate armor piece, held together by a rylak skull around the pelvic area. He wore a leather kama as well, also common for orcs. No'Rash remained barefoot.



Chapter One: Matters of Life and Death

Chapter Two: Casting Dice

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Chapter Four: Homecoming

No'Rash came before the warband via Rakeesh, the latter of whom took No'Rash out of Mannoroth's custody. Rakeesh had been leading the warband toward a confrontation with Mannoroth, and to that end, recruited No'Rash for this task. No'Rash waited to rendezvous with the warband at Socrethar's Seat. Though he was informed of who he would be traveling with, the old warrior was stunned to once again see his former chieftan, Go'el, and the now-grown warrior Arthak Saurfang in the company of demons and an undead. Go'el was even more shocked, having believed that No'Rash was long-dead. Unnerved and still exhausted from his imprisonment, No'Rash was impatient and irritable when Rakeesh addressed the group. Even more so was No'Rash vexxed by Azgadaan's overbearing presentation at his magically erected mansion. No'Rash quickly retreated to a room with a pool, stopping to squash one of Azgadaan's ethereal servants along the way. While collecting himself and staring at his monsterous reflection, Go'el came to speak with No'Rash. Go'El noted how No'Rash's fel curse had become worse and lamented that No'Rash exiled himself from the Frostwolf Clan. No'Rash noted that he was sorry but that he did not regret the decision, as he did not wish to endanger others given the loss of control that he felt over the curse. Though sad that his old friend had clearly was hurt during his isolation, Go'el was satisfied that he could provide No'Rash with a gift that he never had the chance to give him: Drek'Thar's head band. During his lifetime, Drek'Thar was a mentor and surrogate father to No'Rash. Their bond was so strong that No'Rash, who was not a shaman, could feel when his old master has passed on. Though he did not feel worthy, No'Rash pushed through his tears and accepted the head band, tying it around his left eye, which had turned red from the fel curse. No'Rash and Go'el then spent the rest of the evening conversing and catching up, informing one another of all that had transpired in the years since No'Rash left.


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