Race: Krokul
Gender: Male
112 Eredun 112 Eredun -
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
Height 6'04"
Wizard (Technomancer)
Known Languages
Status Alive

Raluhi was formerly a professor at one of the draenei academies that specialized in the teachings of arcane magic. He was heralded as a good teacher, but ultimately became broken after Shattrath fell. He posed as the "Prophet Velen" to a tribe of Lost Ones for the better part of the past 40 years.


Raluhi has long, dark purple hair that is normally kept pulled back in a ponytail, and a medium-length mustache to match.


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Raluhi was originally a professor at an an arcane academy in Shattrath City, but fled into the woods when the city fell where he was eventually captured by a roving tribe of Lost Ones. Due to his quick thinking, he caused them to believe he was actually the Prophet Velen, and they continued to herald him as such while they continued to enact a mockery of their lives they once had.

Chapter Two: Casting Dice

Raluhi was encountered by Remnii in the Lost One village, where she suggested he continue posing as Velen by stating he had to pursue a vision to save the tribe from the orc incursions, which gave him, and Phaedra, who was posing as Remnii, the opportunity to safely leave the village. He continued to accompany Remnii with the rest of Arthak's warband up until the invasion of Azeroth through the Dark Portal and the resulting Sacking of Silvermoon.

During the chaos caused by Yrel attacking Shaspira, Raluhi managed to pushed Remnii through an open portal and countered a disintegrate spell fired by Shaspira, saving both their lives. In the process, he was largely responsible for their successful escape.

After he spent some time in Lordaeron Keep learning the common tongue alongside Remnii, Velameestra offered him a place in her home in Dalaran while Remnii traveled with Uther so that he could pursue the arcane knowledge the mage city offered. While moving about in the city, he took on a human persona known as "Ralph Louhi."

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Chapter Four: Homecoming

Appeared In

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Chapter Four: Homecoming


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