Rhonin Windrunner

Race: Human
Gender: Male
54 55 -
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
DoB: April 19, 577
Height 5'11"
Sorcerer (Wild Magic) 3 / Wizard (Evocation) 8
Known Languages
Status Alive
Vereesa Windrunner (wife)
Galadin Windrunner (son)
Giramar Windrunner (son)

Lireesa Windrunner (mother-in-law)
Sylvanas Windrunner (sister-in-law)
Sylvos Windrunner (brother-in-law)

Lirath Windrunner (brother-in-law)
Gilveradin Windrunner (nephew)
Velameestra Windrunner (niece)

Alleria Windrunner (sister-in-law)
Arator Windrunner (nephew)

Rhonin is a mage of the Kirin Tor.


Rhonin is a human man who has striking, long red hair that is frequently tied back into a messy braid at the base of his neck. He has an equally red goatee, though the rest of his face is typically left clean-shaven. Given his age, his hair has started to acquire some grey streaks in it, though he doesn't need to be reminded of the fact.


Rhonin tends to be a bit of a loner by nature and is not particularly well-liked by a great many of his peers in the Kirin Tor due to some of his reckless behavior and short temper. However, he is charismatic in his own right and has a very genuine, deep love of his and his wife's family given he was completely alone for a portion of his early life.

He has a slight tendency to "pick up strays" in a manner of speaking, which is what ultimately resulted in the incredibly close bond he has with his niece, Velameestra Windrunner.

Rhonin enjoys cracking jokes and has a somewhat barbed, sarcastic sense of humor, though he also tends to have a good awareness of when such jabs are and are not appropriate. He is incredibly good at picking up on his niece's mood and needs despite her frosty exterior, which has likely allowed their relationship to become as strong as it is.


Rhonin grew up in Andorhal but left at the age of 16.

Chapter Two: Casting Dice

Expedition to Durnholde

When his niece, Velemeestra, received a summons to Durnholde courtesy of prince Victor Prestor, Rhonin ultimately accompanied her as Velameestra had confessed to him about her involvement with the prison break at the keep. The summons had come upon the request of Camrus Bloodstar, a high ranking Syndicate member who had escaped and been recaptured, thus it was Rhonin's intention to help his niece keep the man quiet. During the journey, they found off a burrowing monster outside of Hillsbrad together, likely saving the town from any further attacks or structural damage.

However, Velameestra ultimately confessed her involvement to Victor in order to keep Camrus from using that information for blackmail-a gamble that seemingly turned out better than it should have.

They returned to Dalaran together, and Rhonin remained in the mage city with his two sons while Velameestra accompanied Jaina and the others to Silvermoon after the queen of Lordaeron had received summons from Kael'thas Sunstrider for aid in the warlock situation.

After the Sacking of Silvermoon

After Vel returned to Dalaran after the Sacking of Silvermoon, she was able to inform Rhonin of the status of everyone--including his wife, Vereesa, who was still trapped in the city itself. In addition, it soon became very clear that his niece had succumb to a very severe form of arcane corruption. While he agreed to her suggestion of him and his boys moving into her manor with her to both keep the family together and open up another place for use by refugees, it quickly became obvious that Rhonin was not coping well with the situation.

While he had drank frequently in the past, the frequency only increased as he tried to cope with the war on the horizon and his wife's entrapment in the heart of the invasion. Up until Vel broke down to him one particularly night about the fact that she couldn't help anyone in Silvermoon right now, and it seemed she couldn't help her "ann'da" either despite him "poisoning himself" right in front of her. The sudden display of vulnerability and emotion was like a slap to the face, and Rhonin quickly realized that he was turning into what his father was, and if Vel had been so affected, it was likely his own children had noticed his behavior as well.

He swore off drinking soon after.

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

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Chapter Three: The Scales Tip