Race: Succubus
Gender: Female
363 (Campaign Start)
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
Height 5'00"
Bard (???) 4
Known Languages
Status Alive



Bubbly, vivacious and flirty, Spinyl loves being the center of attention.


Spinyl is odd for a succubus, having no sexual interest in anything at all. It works well for her, she prefers to get her energy through cuddles, attention, and ‘meaningful relationships’. Though, being a demon, the latter is hard to come by. So, mostly cuddles and attention. When she’s not entertaining, you can often find her clinging to whomever interests her the most.

A long while ago, she was summoned by a warlock. Unfortunately, Spinyl’s unique quirk didn’t fit with what the warlock needed her for. Subjected to the ire of the warlock, and the ridicule of the other succubi in his service, she quickly began to loathe her existence as a ‘defective succubus’.

Her life remained her own personal hell until the warlock had the misfortune of running foul of the Queen of Whispers, Nerezza. This powerful queen among succubi, she took great offense at the subjugation of her fellow succubi. She brutally killed him, freed Spinyl and offered her the opportunity to join her coven.

In her state, Spinyl told Nerezza of her self-proclaimed defect. The queen rebuked this, saying that this was not a defect. Instead, it made her unique. She could never be distracted in the way that succubi often found themselves, and she could never fall for a warlock captor. Nerezza’s words inspired her, and she swore fealty to her on the spot.

Spinyl has worked for the Queen of Whispers ever since then, using her dancing and skills in magic to do whatever odd job is required of her. After many years in this service, she has gotten rather haughty and self confident. She enjoys the freedom that this line of work gives her, and she revels in the attention she gets from her Rezza. This behavior has gotten her in a bit of trouble with the other succubi in the coven. However, Spinyl simply chooses to see it as jealousy.

Campaign Stats

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Racial Features


Level 3 Bard (???)

Level Up

Level 4 Bard (???), ???


Angel on the Shoulder
Stop a party member from making a very bad decision.

A Blessing, Mayhap in Disguise
Get a Supernatural Gift.

Balancing Act
Raise 3 characteristics to 16 or higher.

[Retired] Cold Turkey
Return your Corruption score to 0 naturally from at least a week without further corruption.

Kill a single enemy with exact damage.

Heroic Heights
Roll a check with a total higher than 30.

I'll Be Back
Leave the party as an active character for at least half a chapter.

Break someone (or yourself) out of a prison or dungeon.

Not Today
Critically fail a death saving throw and survive.

Shrug It Off

Take damage from a source you are resistant to.

The Better Part of Valor
Flee from a Combat Encounter.

Hit 0 HP twice in one encounter.

[Retired] The Good Stuff
Gain Level 1 Corruption.

[Retired] I Can Quit When I Want
Gain Level 2 Corruption.

[Retired] Do the Twist(ing Nether)
Gain Level 3 Corruption.