Vereesa Windrunner

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Race: High Elf
Gender: Female
121 122 -
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
DoB: June 19, ???
Height 5'09"
Fighter (Arcane Archer) 10
Known Languages
Status Alive
Thalassian Resistance | Formerly
Rhonin Windrunner | Husband
Galadin Windrunner | Son
Giramar Windrunner | Son

Lireesa Windrunner (Mother)
Alleria Windrunner (Sister)
Sylvanas Windrunner (Sister)
Lirath Windrunner (Brother)

Arator Windrunner (Nephew)
Gilveradin Windrunner (Nephew)
Velameestra Windrunner (Niece)

Zendarin Windrunner (Cousin)

Vereesa Windrunner is the youngest of the three Windrunner sisters and is widely regarded as a talented Farstrider being among the few to have attained the rank of Ranger.



Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

After being trapped within the ban'dinoriel following the Sacking of Silvermoon, Vereesa rapidly became viewed as a leader to the elves that were striking back against the Horde for as long as they were trapped within Silvermoon. Choosing to use orcish tactics against them and doing her best to emulate the ferocity of her sister Alleria, Vereesa started to leave orcish heads on pikes and other such macabre displays in hopes of utilizing a degree of psychological warfare. This strategy rapidly resulted in the moniker of the Blood Shrike, which she chose to lean into--dressing in red and donning a mask whenever she appeared on the surface.

This, of course, drew a great deal of attention to her, and Arthak Saurfang created the Clipped Wing coalition specifically for the purpose of destroying the Blood Shrike and her resistance, though she proved to be incredibly evasive.

Eventually, she crossed paths with Nyxxa directly when the satyr was brought before her by Kayn Sunfury, Allari Elburn, Sevis Brightflame, and Galell. The demon claimed she had information for the resistance, a notion that Vereesa regarded with a good deal of suspicion, though she permitted Nyxxa to speak as the satyr had seemingly chosen to help the elves and the draenei Remnii before disappearing through the portal Jaina had opened.

Nyxxa explained that the Legion had invaded before, and had been defeated by Nyxxa's people--the ancestors of the Quel'dorei. Nyxxa herself had fallen and been twisted into a satyr, but she claimed she had managed to retain her sanity, and she was using the Legion's belief that she was mad as a cover to try and strike back against the demonic forces as she was, in actuality, a demon hunter.

Vereesa noted that the woman that killed Belo'vir had wielded weapons similar to Nyxxa's, and Nyxxa claimed that she was a traitor to their order.

Vereesa then turned to the counsel of her co-leaders, Turalyon and Khadgar, who agreed that there didn't seem to be any deceit in Nyxxa's words. Vereesa stated that she could at least tell Nyxxa that Remnii was safe--information she had thanks to her own contacts, and she offered Nyxxa an opportunity to prove to the resistance that she truly wanted to help. They needed ships so their people could flee when the barrier fell, and if Nyxxa could provide them, she was willing to talk about a further partnership. They had their ways of contacting her if necessary.

Nyxxa also informed Vereesa to be wary of Sinestra, as she was not what she appeared and had in fact claimed to have been the one to kill the great red dragon that had helped the elves, and was the creator of the skarvyn that were skulking through the sewers. Vereesa admitted that was valuable information, and they would be in touch at later junctures if needed before Khadgar teleported the satyr away.

Appeared In

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip


  • Vereesa is talented at trick shots, and is known for being able to shoot a bow with her feet.
  • Vereesa was given the nickname "Little Moon" by her eldest sister, Alleria, due to her silver locks.
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