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A faction is a group of allies that can be racial, familial, or ideological, though many are specific organizations with their own sets of goals. Many characters may belong to more that one faction, depending on their occupation and other obligations.

Family Houses

Name Leader Summary Status
House of Menethil Arthas Menethil The ruling family of Lordaeron.
House of Windrunner Alleria Windrunner

Alliance Factions


Name Leader Summary Status
Church of the Holy Light Benedictus Active
Knights of the Silver Hand The Argent Gauntlet Active


Name Leader Summary Status
Kirin Tor Khadgar
The Sunreavers Aethas Sunreaver


Name Leader Summary Status
Convocation of Silvermoon Kael'thas Sunstrider Active
Farstriders Sylvanas Windrunner A group of elite rangers charged with the protection of the borders of the elven kingdom of Quel'Thalas.
Guardians of the Eternal Spring Lana'thel Duskseeker
The Magistrate of Silvermoon Rommath Pyrewing Active
The Reliquary Tae'thalan Sunwatcher? An organization dedicated to the uncovering of artifacts lost to time. Active
Spellbreaker Legion Lor'themar Theron Crippled
Thalasssian Resistance Vereesa Windrunner Defunct

Horde Factions

Name Leader Summary Status
Clipped Wing Coalition Arthak Saurfang Defunct
Kor'kron Garrosh Hellscream Active

Orc Clans

Name Leader Summary Status
Blackrock Clan Blackhand Active
Black Tooth Grin Clan Dal'rend Blackhand
Bleeding Hollow Clan Jorin Deadeye Active
Broken Blade Clan Arthak Saurfang A newer clan that has been rapidly gaining power under the leadership of its young chieftain. Active
Burning Blade Clan Jubei'thos A ferocious clan that is made up of primarily fel orcs
Frostwolf Clan Go'el A clan affiliated with shamanism and the old ways. They are known for their kinship with the large frostwolves. Active
Ironmarch Vanguard Eitrigg
Laughing Skull Clan Kaz the Shrieker
Shadowmoon Clan Teron'gor
Shattered Hand Clan Gordula? Active
Stormreaver Clan Gul'dan
Thunderlord Clan Grotan the Herald and Skal the Trapper
Warsong Clan Grommash Hellscream
Whiteclaw Clan ??? Defunct

Burning Legion Factions

Shadow Council

Name Leader Summary Status
Argus Wake Unnamed Master Crippled
Shadow Council Gul'dan

Succubus Covens

Kaldorei Factions

Name Leader Summary Status
Cenarion Circle Malfurion Stormrage An order that guides and keeps watch over the world's druids and their practices. Active
Druids of the Pack A sect of druids who advocated the use of the Pack Form. Crippled
Sentinels Tyrande Whisperwind The primary military arm of the kaldorei forces. Active

Troll Factions

Name Leader Summary Status
Darkspear Tribe Zulfi'jin?

Draenei Factions

Name Leader Summary Status
Aldor Ishanah The organized faith of the draenei people. Active
The Artificers Romuul? A group of builders and creators of the draenei in charge of construction, engineering, and crystal tech. Active
Ashtongue Brotherhood Akama
Ati-Kaso Samaara
Auchenai A group of draenic speakers of the dead and shadowpriests that specialize in burial rites. Crippled
Council of Exarchs The governing body of the draenei people. Active
Hand of Argus Boros? A faction of holy vindicators serving as both a military and police force. Active
Light's Chosen An elite order of guards to the Prophet Velen Active
Rangari Naielle? A draenic group of scouts, spies, and rangers. Active

Centaur Factions


The dragonflights are largely enraptured within their own politics and agendas regarding the status of Azeroth. While many of their numbers have dispersed into other factions as a means to influence the world, they are largely isolated when it comes to their core bases of power, and their loyalties.


Name Leader Summary Status
Aurum Blades Finnall Goldensword
Earthen Ring Unknown A group of shamans dedicated to preserving the balance between the elements of Azeroth. Active
Explorer's League Brann Bronzebeard
The Hidden ??? Active
Illidari Illysanna Ravencrest An elite faction of demon hunters dedicated to destroying the Legion. Active
The Syndicate
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