A faction is a group of allies that can be racial, familial, or ideological, though many are specific organizations with their own sets of goals. Many characters may belong to more that one faction, depending on their occupation and other obligations.

Family Houses

Name Leader Summary Location
House of Menethil Arthas Menethil The ruling family of Lordaeron. Lordaeron City
House of Windrunner Alleria Windrunner Quel'Thalas, Azeroth

Orc Clans

Name Leader Summary Location
Blackrock Clan Blackhand Silvermoon City
Black Tooth Grin Clan Rend and Maim Blackhand Silvermoon City
Bleeding Hollow Clan Jorin Deadeye
Broken Blade Clan Arthak Saurfang A newer clan that has been rapidly gaining power under the leadership of its young chieftain. Quel'danas
Burning Blade Clan Jubei'thos A ferocious clan that is made up of primarily fel orcs Silvermoon City
Frostwolf Clan Go'el A clan affiliated with shamanism and the old ways. They are known for their kinship with the large frostwolves. Quel'danas
Ironmarch Vanguard Eitrigg Silvermoon City
Laughing Skull Clan Kaz the Shrieker Silvermoon City
Shadowmoon Clan Teron'gor Sunstrider Isle
Shattered Hand Clan Kargath Bladefist Silvermoon City
Stormreaver Clan Gul'dan Silvermoon City
Warsong Clan Grommash Hellscream Quel'danas

Troll Tribes

Name Leader Summary Location
Darkspear Tribe Zulfi'jin The Hinterlands

Quel'dorei Factions

Name Leader Summary Location
Convocation of Silvermoon Silvermoon, Quel'Thalas
Farstriders Sylvanas Windrunner A group of elite rangers charged with the protection of the borders of the elven kingdom of Quel'Thalas. Quel'Thalas
Guardians of the Eternal Spring ??? Quel'Thalas
The Magistrate of Silvermoon Rommath Pyrewing Quel'Thalas
Spellbreaker Legion Lor'themar Theron Silvermoon, Quel'Thalas

Legion Factions

Name Leader Summary Location
Burning Legion Sargeras? Twisting Nether
Sargerei Velhari
Shadow Council Gul'dan Silvermoon City
The Shadowsword Orican Runesight Silvermoon City

Light Factions

Name Leader Summary Location
Church of the Holy Light Benedictus Azeroth
Knights of the Silver Hand The Argent Gauntlet Azeroth

Dalaran Factions

Name Leader Summary Location
Kirin Tor Khadgar Dalaran
The Sunreavers Aethas Sunreaver Dalaran


Name Leader Summary Location
Red Dragonflight Alextrasza? Azeroth

Succubus Covens

Name Leader Summary Location
Coven of Bones Zalia, Queen of Bones? Twisting Nether
Coven of Whispers Nerezza, Queen of Whispers Twisting Nether


Name Leader Summary Location
Ashtongue Brotherhood Akama Draenor
Ati-Kaso Samaara Draenor
Aurum Blades Finnall Goldensword Azeroth
Explorer's League Brann Bronzebeard Azeroth
The Syndicate Alterac, Azeroth
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