"Oh, watch your head. It's growing so big that I wouldn't want you to bump it on the door frame."

Rhonin, to Velameestra

"Our tribe is not here to fight. We are here to survive. Go seek Akama if you wish to kill yourselves."

Ahonan, to the young and rambunctious of the Ati-Kaso

"Yeah. Something good, anything good, huh? That’s us now. We’re something good anyway.”

Armord, member of the Ati-Kaso

"The very essence of magic is mortalkind's eternal struggle to bring order to a lawless world where death is the only true absolute. I am keenly aware of this, at my age, but even the ageless Elves, like yourselves, must some day context with the One True Law of this universe. Ever have men tried to exert their control over creation. What, then, is a more pure pursuit of knowledge than mastery over death itself?"

Kel'Thuzard, to Velameestra

"Oh, Maelstrom drown my firstborn child and call me a murloc, I completely forgot! I'll be right back, my dear Moroes. I forgot to check on something."

Medivh, before he disappeared for 10 years and counting

Honorable orcs become dead orcs if they do not first become wise orcs."

Elder Drek'thar

"If you ever wish to find a site of magic, follow the mana wyrms… mana is found in everything living, but to them, mana is life itself."

Nirenn Windrunner, to Velameestra

"Well, you know us dwarves, we've got a great affinity for Stones."

Zap Rusthammer

"Don't you have an axe to grind?"

Dranosh Saurfang, to Garrosh Hellscream

"Very good. Now turn around. And shove your face in the dirt for your insolence, for ten minutes.”



Arthak Saurfang

"Try not to get any more pretty girls hurt."

Gilveradin, to Arator

"Ugh. Results are unpredictable and I haven’t tested this yet, but times are desperate.”

Zap Rusthammer

"The master’s laundry comes in on Thursday-Friday. We must raise the rats to defile the pantry!”

Skeletal Mage, after discombobulated by Zap

"Oh. Looks like the young lass has the Blessing of Light."

Zap Rusthammer, about Elissa

"Just doin’ what any dwarf would do. Shootin’ things with my gun.”

Zap Rusthammer

"Can we stop being whimsical now and just kill it?"


"What, don't you like to smell like shit?"

Sorak, to Arthak

"What, don't like my beat-stick?"


"Swing wide."

Grom Hellscream, to Arthak

"There is only one way to measure trust, and that is in sacrifice."

Arthak Saurfang

"Put your face in the Light!"


"Remnii, you are a warrior in so many more ways than that… if I will have faith in you, if Yrel will have faith in you, then have faith in yourself. And if you cannot, put faith in us… and put your faith in the Light.”


"All things have a price. Knowledge more than anything."


"If I wanted something clingy that would blow up on you, I’d still be married.”

Zap, about gum.

"Minn’da, I found this book. Do you think… we can read it together?”

Velameestra Windrunner, age 6.

"No… no… Minn’da, I brought you the mana wyrm. See? I have one. It’ll help. Minn’da? Minn’da!?”

Velameestra Windrunner, age 6.

"The Burning Legion is a breeding ground, and the progeny is pride and stature. But the cesspool always has a bigger fish."


"Sometimes giving into something is the best way to learn to control it."

Gilveradin Windrunner

"Though the paths we walk may differ, our destinations remain the same."

Nobundo, to Remnii

"I hope the taste of 'King' Prestor's boot makes the ashes of this crumbling Alliance more palatable, 'boy."

Genn Greymane, to Arthas Menethil before seceding from the Alliance

"You men are always so grim. Always scowling. Surprised your brows haven't stuck that way. Or maybe they have."

Draka, to Arthak.

"Go'el, you better find someone who can make you laugh, or you'll end up just like Arthak."

Draka, to her son, Go'el.

"I'm feeling whimsical today."


"Your father represented everything your people should never become. He was a fool. One that railed against the power that was offered to him. One that fought a war that did not need to be waged. And that lead to the end of his life. It’s an honor, Arthak, because I can see within you the spark of a man who knows what a mistake looks like, knows how to avoid those mistakes. You already said you were a good listener. A great learner. I have faith you won’t make the mistakes your father did."

Shaspira, to Arthak

“Oh no! You can take that ship’s mast and shove it up your arse, demon prince.”

Gramgun Laughingeye, to Azgadaan regarding a ghost ship

“We may have been given pushes, talked to, lied to, manipulated, all of it, but we made our choices. It does me no favors, but I will not walk away from the responsibility of this. If it wasn’t a choice, what would it matter? For good or ill. What would any of this matter if this wasn’t a choice. Especially in the face of death.”

Arthak, to Nyxxa

“I suppose as long as we’re alive, we have the opportunity to make it right. Even if we can’t, we can try. Having blood on our hands doesn’t stop us from doing good.”

Nyxxa, to Arthak

"Pity is more easily manipulated than understanding. Better to understand, but bury any sympathy. Sympathy makes you underestimate, and to underestimate is to lower your guard."

Illysanna Ravencrest, to Nyxxa

“It's a mini-saber!”

Nyxxa, concerning a cat

“What can I say? We're wise sons of bitches.”


“Where's my rylak?”


“Aka'Mogash, warband.”


"It’s not weak to be afraid. Fear is not something that ails us. Fear is something that drives us to do something else. To protect ourselves and others. To make something right. I know this because I too have been afraid for a long time."

No'Rash to Azuka Stormbreaker

"...greetings, Nibbles."

Arthak Saurfang

“But have you *seen* Mankrik's wife.”


"I present to you, your hole. There is no better way in common to phrase that."

Remnii, to Velameestra