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Schools of Magic

All spells fall under one of eight schools, or disciplines, of magic which represent the manner in which the spells take effect.

  • Abjuration - Abjuration is the study of protective magic and encompasses all spells that create shields or barriers, negate damage or abilities, ward against trespassers, or banish targets. Those that specialize in abjuration are typically referred to as abjurers.
  • Conjuration - Conjuration involves bringing forth the manifestations of objects, creatures, or energy. While some spells may involve the transportation of physical entities, others conjure something out of nothing. Those that specialize in conjuration are typically referred to as conjurers.
  • Divination - Divination spells reveal knowledge or information, whether it be long-forgotten secrets, glimpses of the future, the true nature of objects, or the machinations of faraway places. Those that specialize in divination are typically referred to as diviners.
  • Enchantment - Enchantment spells directly influence the minds or bodies of others and may cause them to view the caster as a friend or force them to take action on behalf of those controlling them. Those that specialize in enchantment are typically referred to as enchanters.
  • Evocation - Evocation spells directly harness magical energies in order to create a desirable effect. That effect may be to call upon the destructive elemental forces such as fire or lightning, or to heal wounds through the channeling of positive energy. Those that specialize in evocation are typically referred to as evokers.
  • Illusion - Illusion spells deceive the senses of others and cause them to see or hear things that are not truly there. Most spells conjure illusions anyone can see, but some directly implant the sounds or images in the minds of an individual. Those that specialize in illusions are typically referred to as illusionists.
  • Necromancy - Necromancy involves the direct manipulation of life and death in order to grant extra reserves of life force, drain the energies of a living creature, or create undead. It is typically considered a forbidden school, and the practice of such arts are almost universally considered highly taboo. Those that specialize in necromancy are typically referred to as necromancers.
  • Transmutation - Transmutation spells change the properties of an object, creature, or the environment itself. They may change one creature into another entirely, cause an item to move to the caster's whim, or bolster natural abilities. Those that specialize in transmutation are typically referred to as transmuters'.

Spell Mana Cost

Due to the use of the mana point system, a certain amount of mana points needs to be used in order to create a spell slot of the appropriate level in order to cast a spell. The conversion rate is listed here.

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