Campaign Timeline

Year 632 - Start of the Campaign

Chapter One - Matters of Life and Death

  • [Alliance] Session One - Crossing Over - April 11th - April 20th
    Uther Menethil is inducted as a member of the Order of the Knights of the Silver Hand and he and his entourage start a celebratory tour of the kingdoms. When they arrive in the village of Last Crossing, they soon realize that the town is under attack by small horde of undead.
  • [Horde] Session One - April 11th - April 18th
  • [Alliance] Session Two - April 20th - April 21st
    The party successfully manages to beat back the undead forces that had attacked Last Crossing and meet both Tess and Zap in the process, however, several members of of the town were taken by the undead horde - including the father of a young half-elven woman named Elissa Cross. They formally organize themselves and set off in pursuit of any leads.
  • [Alliance] Session Three April 21st - April 23rd
    The party leaves, heading north in search of the kidnapped denizens of Last Crossing. They find a graveyard, and are ambushed by a group of trolls and undead. During the fight, Arator is kidnapped. What's worse, the banshee that accompanied them appeared to be formed around Velameestra and Gilveradin's parent's engagement ring. After coming to terms with what this might mean, they continue north, where they stop at Quel'lithien Lodge - where the trail of evidence this "troll king" had left lead to a terrible mystery.
  • [Alliance] Session Four - April 23rd
    The party splits up to investigate the mystery surrounding the lapses in the Elfgate security in hopes to track down the missing villagers. Their investigations brought them to a conclusion they never even meant to seek - that Telina Mirthbrook, an elvish warlock, sought a dagger that could summon demons into the world. While they dispatched the demons, Mirthbrook escaped with the dagger.
  • [Alliance] Session Five - April 23rd - April 25th
    The party continued their investigations to no end - until that night, when Velameestra was posessed by the shrunken troll head within the lodge's treasure. After destroying it and preventing the assassination of Uther through the machinations of Zalazane - the undead troll responsible for hexing Gil and Vel's mother as well as the attack on the Last Crossing - the party continued north into Eversong Woods.
  • [Alliance] Session Six - April 25th - April 26th
    After receiving summons from King Kael'thas, the party decides to report to Silvermoon City, but not before rendezvousing with Alleria and Vereesa to convene about Arator. The two of them were located at a farstrider lodge on the opposite side of a mountain pass - which had increased gnoll activity found around ancient troll catacombs. They set off, only to be ambushed by gnolls. They probe deeper into the mountains, only to find a massive spider queen. They defeat her and rescue a number of villagers and farstriders from her clutches, only to learn that the others were given to the gnolls as a tribute by Zalazane to gain their favor.
  • [Horde] Session Two April 18th - April 26th
  • [Alliance] Session Seven - April 26th - April 27th
    The party attacks the gnoll encampment and destroys both the gnolls and trolls, undead and living. They rescue the survivors from the Last Crossing, including Elissa's father and Rai, an outcast of the jungle trolls. They bring all of them to the nearby farstrider lodge, where they reunite with Vereesa and plan their next move. Elissa is knighted and swears to serve Uther, and the curse of the Vel's ring reveals itself.
  • [Alliance] Session Eight - April 27th
    Vel learns more of the Hungering Hex that Zalazane cursed her mother's ring with.
  • [Horde] Session Three April 26th - April 27th
  • [Alliance] Session Nine - April 27th - April 28th
  • [Alliance] Session Ten - April 28th
  • [Alliance] Session Eleven - April 28th - May 3rd
  • [Horde] Session Four - April 27th - April 30th
  • [Horde] Session Five - April 30th - May 1st

Chapter Two - Casting Dice

  • [Alliance] Session One - June 11th - June 12th
    Uther's celebration rushes into full swing with the archery contest, won by Gil's squad mate Caleron, and Hearthstone won by Uther himself after (unknowingly) facing his mother disguised as an old woman. Elissa also managed to win the jousting contest, much to everyone's surprise, and Julia Celeste informs the party that the onyx dragon egg they entrusted to her was lost--taken by a massive, ruby drake.
  • [Alliance] Session Two - June 12th - June 13th
    Gil, Tess, and "Calyum" participate in the ring jousting competition with Gil ultimately coming out as the victor. The next day is the grand melee, which is entered by Uther, Tess, "Caylum," and Gil. Ultimately the winner is Finnall, though Gil lasted the longest having managed to make it to round three. That night before the ball, Vittoria apologizes to Vel for the affection she gave Uther before the fight with Zalazane, though later Uther announces his feelings to Vel during the dance, before comforting Vittoria after Vel leaves.
  • [Alliance] Session Three - June 13th - June 21st
    The group starts to part ways. Gil encounters Syeori again and they spend the night together in the bell tower of the Church of the Holy Light. Gil then leaves Lordaeron alongside his squad, Vereesa, Lirath, and Nathanos to start heading up to Silvermoon while Vel receives a missive from Alterac requesting her presence at Dunrholde. Vel shows Rhonin the letter, and he tells her that he's going with her to Durnholde. Meanwhile, Uther is seeing off several people, and Falstad gives Uther a seed after informing him that he has powerful friends in high places now. While traveling, Gil and his group have a small altercation with Othmar Garithos, and eventually encounter a small group of travelers looking for evidence of the "Makers" and they manage to find some buried ruins with a large ship inside. Meanwhile, Vel and Rhonin set off together to Dunrholde, but encounter evidence of a large, burrowing creature just outside Hillsbrad.
  • [Alliance] Session Four - June 14th - July 9th
  • [Alliance] Session Twenty-Four - September 3rd
  • [Horde] Session Twenty-Two - September 13th
    Azgadaan speaks with Aracyra, who gives him a gracious gift for his nameday--a set of Fel Lord armor custom-made to fit the build of an eredar to protect him in the upcoming invasion. However, upon putting it on, Azgadaan realizes he is unable to remove it. Aracyra apologizes upon realizing the enchantments that were probably woven into the armor, admitting that it's possible that, should he have any doubts about the Legion, it's securing itself to his body. She gives him another gift to help, an orb that empowers spellcasting while tempting the user to succumb to the power of the fel. Aracyra accompanies Azgadaan back to camp, where she speaks with Remnii about the separation of their people. They both agree that it would nice to be united once more, though it's clear that both believe their path is the right one. Meanwhile, Arthak and Go'el report to Blackhand, and Arthak presents Blackhand's bodyguard, Jubei'thos, as a potential leader for the Burning Blade. Jubei'thos accepts the possibility to take on such a challenge, much to Blackhand's fury, though Arthak presents that he will supply Blackhand with another bodyguard--either his own second, Lantresor, should he be willing, or himself. Arthak then goes to report to Shaspira, and they realize both of them feel that Ner'zhul is a threat. Arthak offers to deal with him, and Shaspira gives him a gift to ensure that he wouldn't return--the weapon crafted by Vilateth, which is called Frostmourne. However, upon making an agreement with the sapient blade to give anything for the power to save his people, Arthak soon realizes what he agreed to when the side-effects of the blade become apparent, and news reaches him that his cousin, Dranosh, had dropped dead.
  • [Alliance] Session Twenty-Five - September 4th - September 10th
  • [Horde] Session Twenty-Three - September 13th - September 18th
  • [Horde] Session Twenty-Four - September 18th/17th
  • [Horde] Session Twenty-Five - September 17th
  • [Alliance] Session Twenty-Nine - September 17th
  • [Horde] Session Twenty-Six - September 17th - September 18th
  • [Alliance] Session Thirty - September 17th
  • [Alliance] Session Thirty-One - September 17th - September 18th
  • [Alliance] Session Thirty-Two
  • September 19th
    • Nyxxa dies early in the morning in her cell in Lordaeron Castle.
    • Tess leaves to try and return to Gilneas.
    • Arthak is granted control of Sun's Reach.
  • Interaction: Faith, Hope, and Love
  • September 21st
    • Sylvanas arrives in Lordaeron City.
    • Meryl also appears in Lordaeron City after Vel makes contact with him, and he is able to shed some light on Valeera's condition.
  • Interaction: Undead, Invasions, and Dragons - September 21st
  • Interaction: Ghosts of Times Past - September 22nd
  • Interaction: Hearth & Stones - September 23rd
  • September 25th
    • Remnii and Uther meet A'dal and the priestess that has been researching his core since it fell from the sky, Natalie Seline.
    • Vel returns to Dalaran.
  • September 27th - Vincent leaves Lordaeron City to make his way to Alterac City.
  • September 29th - Rhonin, Giramar, and Galadin leave Rhonin's small flat in the Evenfall to instead move into Vel's manor.
  • Interaction: Family First - October 2nd
    Gilveradin arrives in Dalaran and he and his sister have an emotional conversation that eventually leads to shopping--and Giramar asking for advice from his cousins about the fact he eventually wants to become a Spellbreaker.
  • Interaction: By All That's Holy - October 3rd
  • October 4th - Vincent meets up with Victor Prestor and the Alterac envoy leaves.
  • October 9th - Gilveradin leaves Dalaran.
  • October 10th
    • Uther, Remnii, and the Lordaeron envoy leave.
    • Raluhi heads to Dalaran.
  • October 12th - The Broken Blade fleet is completed.
  • October 18th - The Sunreavers are officially organized as a faction in Dalaran under Aethas Sunreaver.
  • October 19th - Interaction: Strange Bedfellows
    Arthak speaks to Orican Runesight, leader of the Shadowsword, about joining his cause in removing the Blood Shrike's Resistance.
  • October 20th - Interaction: Lending a Hand
    Arthak speaks to Kargath Bladefist, chieftain of the Shattered Hand, about joining his cause in removing the Blood Shrike's Resistance.
  • October 21st
    • The Lordaeron envoy arrives in Andorhal.
    • Interaction: Kinslayers
      Arthak speaks to Jorin Deadeye, chieftain of the Bleeding Hollow, about joining his cause in removing the Blood Shrike's Resistance.
  • October 23rd - Sons of the Horde
    Arthak speaks to Garrosh Hellscream about joining his cause in removing the Blood Shrike's Resistance.
  • October 31st - The Lordaeron envoy arrives in Hearthglen.

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Chapter Three - The Scales Tip


Year 633

Chapter Three - The Scales Tip


Chapter Four - Homecoming

  • Prologue: January 7th - July 1st
    • [Horde] Chapter Four: Session One
      Arthak negotiates with Zul'jin and the Amani trolls for aid in the war effort. Halno unlocks the consciousness of Sylvos Windrunner, allowing him to communicate with the world. Nyxxa and Azgadaan gain new companions, and Azgadaan's pursuit of the ooze that had evaded him in Kilnar's manor lead him, Nyxxa, and Levia to a colony of skarvyn that have gathered around the dragonleaf tree beneath Borel's former manor.
    • Interaction: Ghoulish Diplomacy
      Arthak meets with Gul'dan to discuss what might be the best way to win over the Amani and Zul'jin.
    • [Horde] Chapter Four: Session Two
      Kroll Gravenight reaches out to Arthak and Nyxxa to inform them of the dire straights on Outland, including the death of Go'el's previously unknown mate and the existence of his two children. Viridius is able to offer the warband a way to Outland, and Azgadaan's long-standing vendetta against the ooze that had become known as the Crimson is concluded with a fight in the sewers.
    • [Horde] Chapter Four: Session Three
    • Interaction: Hammer It Home
      Arthak catches up with Sadras and the two reflect on the information they had just learned concerning the Hammer and Go'el.
    • Interaction: Trust Fall
      Nyxxa contacts Gilveradin, informing him about the updates concerning the Dragonleaf tree and the missing red dragon, and requests that he keep the information about the skarvyn as quiet as he can.