[Alliance] Chapter Four: Session Fifteen

Appearing Characters: Aramar Thorne, Arthas Menethil/Wulf, Broll Bearmantle, Elissa Cross, Hagg Taurenbane, Jarod Shadowsong, Makasa Flintwill, Mera Mistrunner, Remnii, Riff, Samaara, Seria, Tae'shara Sunwatcher, Tol'vas Moonshadow, Uther Menethil, Velameestra Windrunner, Velen

June 11th

The twin moons set overhead to be replaced with the rising sun the next morning. Those that slept awaken to the scent of still-burning campfire, as Jarod was preparing a light breakfast before they made the trek downward.

Jarod Shadowsong says: Good morning! I hope you slept well. I can guide you down the mountain. We can take the trail down to my cottage, and I can show you the paths down to the ground.
Remnii says: I… thought you might have mentioned that yesterday, but we took no path up.
Jarod Shadowsong says: How did you get up then?
Remnii says: Very carefully. Vertically, even.
Jarod Shadowsong says: You… climbed up the cliff face?
Remnii says: Yes. Every one of us did, one way or the other.

Jarod chuckles.

Jarod Shadowsong says: Well… you certainly took the more difficult route, but color me impressed. I assumed you found the path from my home, but I suppose that’s another way to do it. Well then, I suppose I’ll show you that path, and once I pick up a few things from my home, we can begin the descent down. Unless you have another trick or two up your sleeves. I… don’t mean to presume, Remnii, but you don’t look dressed ready for mountain climbing.

Samaara chuffs through her nostrils, and Remnii also chuckles.

Remnii says: I only dress one way, but… well, levitation took me a long way. And Vel. Thank you Vel.

She gestures to Vel, who waves in acknowledgement.

Jarod Shadowsong says: Well, we have plenty of daylight. The path is shielded from the brunt of the wind, and it is sturdy. Enough so that Shalasyr could manage. You should be able to take it alright.
Remnii says: I will try my best to manage.

As the group gathers up their things to leave, Jarod approaches Vel discreetly.

Jarod Shadowsong says: I… noticed you didn’t sleep much last night. Will you be alright?
Velameestra Windrunner says: Yes, I’ll be fine, But thank you for your concern. It’s appreciated.

Jarod nods.

Jarod Shadowsong says: Very well.

He hesitates for a moment, watching the group as they gather their things together.

Jarod Shadowsong says: I had… heard about the exile of the highborne. Um. Forgive me, I mean no offense, I’ve been out of the loop for some time. But… you are a bit shorter than those who I was more acquainted with back in the day.
Velameestra Windrunner says: Yes. Context clues I’ve gathered since our arrival suggest that my people have shrunk dramatically.
Jarod Shadowsong says: I see. I heard they left a long time ago. I suppose generations will do that.
Velameestra Windrunner says: We are not quite as long-lived as you seem to be.
Jarod Shadowsong says: The blessings of Nordrassil have kept me humble for a very long time, yes. But before the Sundering we only lived about 2000 or 3000 years if we were lucky.
Velameestra Windrunner says: That’s about what we can expect.
Jarod Shadowsong says: I see. Well, it’s um… I never understood magic, but clearly if yours was strong enough to get all of you here safely and so quickly… then all of you must be quite talented. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance more formally, Miss Velameestra.
Velameestra Windrunner says: And it’s a pleasure to meet the man behind all the stories.

Jarod chuffs.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Remnii was quite eager to meet you in person.
Jarod Shadowsong says: Oh, was she?

Jarod looks over in Remnii’s direction. Samaara is helping her get her things together.

Jarod Shadowsong says: She did seem quite eager. I only hope I can live up to the expectations. After all, with the stories they tell about me, I can only imagine what they say about the actual heroes of that age.
Velameestra Windrunner says: You agreed to help. I think you already lived up to those expectations.
Jarod Shadowsong says: You’re very kind.
Velameestra Windrunner says: And for what it’s worth, Jarod, I’m a hard woman to offend, so no need to be concerned. Height commentary or otherwise.
Jarod Shadowsong says: I’ll… do my best not to.

He offers a genuine smile, though one that seemed to indicate he was going to worry over it regardless. He then takes note of the coffee she’s drinking.

Jarod Shadowsong says: Um… what is that, exactly?
Velameestra Windrunner says: The reason I can stay up all night and still function.

He takes a quick whiff of the scent coming from the mug.

Jarod Shadowsong says: An… interesting aroma.

He smiles again, but then heads over to gather up his own things.

Jarod Shadowsong says: I’m packing up some of the stew. If anyone wants more, I can heat it up when we get down there. We should arrive around lunch time or so. But I’m ready to go whenever you all are.

Jarod shows them to the far edge of the mesa and an area marked with bright yellow. There is a simple rope ladder that goes down about ten feet and heads down a winding path. Jarod picks up very quickly that Remnii is not particularly adept at mountain climbing, and he pays a great deal of attention to her to make sure she is climbing down safely. There are a lot of hand holds and ropes, as well as wooden posts placed for stability. It takes about four hours for them to get down to Jarod’s cottage.

The cottage itself looks night elven in architecture, though it has elements that have been clearly purchased from the tauren. Basking in the high noon sun is a large, grey nightsaber. His ears twitch upward, and his head lolls up to acknowledge the approaching group. Bard gets up, stretches, and yawns before he lazily waltzes over to Jarod to get head scritches.

Jarod Shadowsong says: Well, old friend, we’re going on a bit of journey, so we’re going to need to get your saddle back on. I know how much you love that.

The large cat blinks lazily at Jarod before glancing at the rest of the group. He looks at Remnii pointedly for a moment, and then moves closer. He sniffs at her, and then his ears droop again, and he heads over to the pool to get a drink of water. Remnii smiles sympathetically, assuming what might have happened.

Jarod Shadowsong says: If you don’t mind waiting for a moment, I’m just going to grab some gear and my weapons, and get him all saddled up, then we can head down. You’re welcome to make yourselves comfortable.

Jarod also makes a quick lunch for the group, and when he comes back, he has more pieces of armor on as well--armor Tol’vas recognizes as the armor the kaldorei resistance wore during the War of the Ancients. Outside, there is some outdoor seating, as well as targets and a few training dummies.

Samaara says: So… what is the plan? Do we want to use your magic to get back quickly? I know our next goal is to get the Shrine of Dormant Flame, which your magic can expedite, though I know it brings dangers of its own.

Tol’vas, however, was greeting the nightsaber. Bard is clearly a senior animal, but nightsabers live longer than a typical cat. He uses rejuvenation to soothe any sort of aches the older cat has, and the nightsaber stretches and shakes his body and flexes his paws. Bard nudges Tol’vas’s leg in thanks and appreciation.

Tol'vas Moonshadow says: I’m not sure how expedient we want to be.

Tol’vas is now scratching the nightsaber while the group discusses.

Remnii says: Well… do we have any pressing business beyond meeting up with Elissa and the others? While I would like to see the tauren capital, we are going in the opposite direction. I have been… attempting to make contact with the Earthen Ring at some points, as my people have also connected with the elements in the last century or so. But, if we are going in the opposite direction, and Jarod is already doing something he doesn’t have to do for us… there will be time for diplomacy, and people that are genuinely willing to sit and converse, so I will not push the issue.
Velameestra Windrunner says: There is… also the possibility we may find some representatives at this shrine if it is a sacred place for them.

Remnii nods.

Remnii says: Good point. There will be time. It also depends on if the Explorer’s League folk… I’m not sure if we were going to meet up with them again, but they were going to Thunder Bluff.
Velameestra Windrunner says: They left with the knowledge we may head in that direction at some point, but there is no assumption it will be soon if at all.
Remnii says: Understood.
Samaara says: So the shrine is the next stop then?
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: It would appear so.
Velameestra Windrunner says: We could expedite our way to Dalsh-Beran, handle anything that needs to be handled after we rejoin with the others, and start traveling early tomorrow.
Remnii says: I have some things that I want to speak with Jarod on, but that sounds good to me.

At that point, Jarod had returned and asked about their plans.

Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Flight is safe from here, right?
Jarod Shadowsong says: Yes, if you’re able to fly down and out of the wind currents, it should be fine. I can’t say I know how you will be flying, but if you’re careful, you shouldn’t be tossed around. If you have those capacities, this may be where our paths diverge. Bard and I can meet you in Ashenvale. Is there anything else I can help with? Any gear repaired, or rations?
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: You’re quite handy.

Jarod smiles.

Jarod Shadowsong says: You tend to pick up a few skills over the years, especially living away like this.
Remnii says: Well… I was wondering if I could go over a few things with you before we part?
Jarod Shadowsong says: Is this is something you want to speak about in private?
Remnii says: I believe that would be best for now, yes.
Jarod Shadowsong says: Well, come in.

He guides Remnii inside. It’s a comfortable home, and Remnii doesn’t need to duck at all. She smiles at the doorway, pleased that the doorway is actually bigger than her.

Jarod Shadowsong says: What did you have to talk about?
Remnii says: First off, I wanted to thank you again. I don’t believe you will stop hearing that from me, mind you, but to go out of your way, to embroil yourself in everything to come… thank you for your selflessness.

Jarod smiles and closes his eyes.

Jarod Shadowsong says: I’m just doing what I can. I know what it’s like to see your people in danger. I know what it’s like to feel like you can’t do something to change that, so if leaving my home is what I can do to help, that’s not a high ask. Besides, if she was still around, I’m sure Shalasyr would thank you. She didn’t want me to stay up here. It will be good to travel a bit further for once. It’s been… maybe ten years. I’ve lost track of the days, but perhaps on the dot, since she passed, and I left further than Dalsh-Beran or the surrounding camps. So seeing Ashenvale will be good. I didn’t stay very long the last time I was there, so thank you for climbing a mesa and… dragging my sorry butt out of this routine that I found myself in.

Remnii is quiet for a moment.

Remnii says: She sounds wonderful.
Jarod Shadowsong says: She was.

Remnii offers a sympathetic smile.

Remnii says: Well, no drinks in hand, but here’s to helping each other, I suppose. There is weariness that comes with a heavy heart. Long days of travel, or long days of stagnant. Both do not do well for that self-same heart.

Jarod nods.

Jarod Shadowsong says: Well said.

Remnii looks around the cozy hovel.

Remnii says: But I am not here to be fully sentimental, though that is very much in my wheelhouse, but… going forward. I was going to save this for the high priestess, but I bring some loose news of the Traveler and Broxigar here in the present.
Jarod Shadowsong says: There’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. The Traveler.
Remnii says: I don’t know how it happened, or why, but the woman who is the Traveler… she is alive now as well.
Jarod Shadowsong says: ...Wow.
Remnii says: The Legion, when they opened the Dark Portal, I was there, on the steps where it happened… one of the first things they wanted to do was subdue her. I don’t know how she is now, it’s been a bit more than six months since we left, but we travel with her son. She has a family. There is… much to do. He doesn’t know.

Jarod looks out the window.

Remnii says: But, I was going to save this to tell him and Tyrande at the same time, but if this will help you… I am also well acquainted with Broxigar’s son as well, though Broxigar has passed. Here in the present, anyway.
Jarod Shadowsong says: I can’t say I understand much about how that’s possible, but I believe it. The sorcery of the War of the Ancients was a lot… it wouldn’t surprise me if the Traveler could travel through time as well as space as well. I suppose that’s as possible as any.
Remnii says: It’s hard to wrap my mind around, but a friend provided some visions for me and it was telling… I would hope in the future, if you are able to meet with Tyrande, that some of this info will help. I will do whatever it takes for this cycle to stop. So… even if you are simply doing what anyone else can do, it is those efforts everyone puts forward that will make for a brighter and better tomorrow. That is the information I have for now, and as long as you don’t have that amulet, I can check in with you when we are going to be ready.

Jarod nods.

Jarod Shadowsong says: I never would have guessed it, but now that you said it…

He’s still looking out the window.

Remnii says: They look alike, don’t they?
Jarod Shadowsong says: They share similarities. I didn’t know her as well as Tyrande, Malfurion, or Illidan, but I worked alongside her… she, well… if this group of youngsters you’ve gathered with you along with the other kaldorei, if they could be half as potent at saving this world as the Traveler was, I’d say you surrounded yourself with a pretty good group.

Remnii offers a sad, but proud smile.

Remnii says: I would not be alive without them.
Jarod Shadowsong says: I’ll remember what you said. If I need to, it’s good to have an ace in the pocket.
Remnii says: That’s why I thought I would pass it to you. I have little in the way of advantage, and I wish I didn’t need one, but… if I have it, it should be used.

Jarod nods.

Jarod Shadowsong says: I can’t think of many ways that wouldn’t get Tyrande’s attention, as busy as I’m sure she is. I’ll get you that meeting. Regardless of all this. It’s the least I can do.

There is a wash of relief on Remnii’s face, and she nods, then smiles again.

Jarod Shadowsong says: But be ready, getting you to her is only half the battle. You’ll need to be the talking yourself.
Remnii says: When it comes to aces… that’s the other one I have. Because mountain climbing is not my forte.
Jarod Shadowsong says: You don’t say.
Remnii says: But thank you. We shouldn’t dally. Daylight is burning.
Jarod Shadowsong says: Don’t remind me. But before you go…

He goes to a cabinet, and pulls out two low basins and another bottle. He pours the liquid into the basins, and he hands one to Remnii with a smile.

Jarod Shadowsong says: Now we have drinks.

Remnii laughs and clinks the bowl with Jarod, and they both drain the basins. He then gives Remnii’s shoulder a gentle squeeze, and opens the door.

Jarod Shadowsong says: I don’t want to hold you longer.

Remnii then squeezes his hand.

Remnii says: Thank you.

There is a genuine smile, but a sad twinkle in Jarod’s eye.

Jarod Shadowsong says: Of course.

Remnii bows her head and then goes to rejoin the group. Jarod goes over to Bard.

Jarod Shadowsong says: Alright, old boy, ready to go down the mountain again?

The cat seems to chuff in agreeing indignation.

Jarod Shadowsong says: Though if you don’t mind, I’d like to see whatever you all are doing. It’s been some time since I saw a display of magic like this. Don’t mind me!

Tol’vas starts to cast wind walk.

Jarod Shadowsong says: Be safe! I’ll see you before you know it. Be ready for anything. It was nice to meet all you.

Broll nods.

Broll Bearmantle says: The pleasure was all mine, co-- Jarod. I look forward to traveling with you in Ashenvale. It will be good to have you back home.
Jarod Shadowsong says: It will be good to be home.

The magic coalesces, and the group starts to transform into mist and clouds, and they start to rise and soar into the sky. Jarod waves them off, and after about an hour, the group arrives just outside Dalsh-Beran, and they transfigure themselves outside the wall. The tauren are watching cautiously, and some of the sentries blow some horns of reassurance as the group was not a threat.

The heavy gates are opened for the group, and they head in once more. They head to their prior camp site, and they see Aramar and Elissa comparing notes over something. Aramar looks up and waves at the group as they approach. Elissa hops up to her feet to greet the group.

Elissa Cross says: Hey! You guys are back!
Uther Menethil says: And successful, nonetheless.
Elissa Cross says: did you find Jarod then?
Uther Menethil says: Indeed we did. We also risked climbing up a cliff face when there was a perfectly good path on the other side, but!
Remnii says: While the Light chose the way, it was not the easiest path.
Uther Menethil says: But it did not show us anything we couldn’t handle.

Aramar puts a hand on Elissa’s shoulder.

Aramar Thorne says: Well, at least it will be a story to tell. Tae’shara and Makasa are out doing, well, something. Knowing Makasa, it’s probably getting more liquor for the road. I’ll fill you in, and once they get back, you can fill us in. What’s the plan? Do we have our next location?
Velameestra Windrunner says: From what was discussed, seems we’re leaving tomorrow for the Shrine of the Dormant Flame.
Aramar Thorne says: Sounds good to me! Makasa and I put out some feelers after you all left. We were looking for any passage of the individuals from the Hidden, and, well, there may have been something. It was a few months ago now, but there were some other humans. From the sounds of it, it was one of the crews, and not long after, there were people looking for them. I sketched out a rough outline, and it seemed he went by the name Malus. This obviously has some artistic liberties…

He flips through his sketchbook.

Aramar Thorne says: But from the descriptions, he looked something like this, I think. They mentioned enough features I kind of pieced it together. He doesn’t look familiar, but he was looking for, well, I think my father passed through here, and I think this man was looking for him. I don’t know why, but he was apparently not alone. The others kept their features hidden, but from their size and description, they may have been those bird monsters. So this Malus may be part of that same group, and it seems our suspicions that they were hunting my father were right. Um. It gets worse though.
Velameestra Windrunner says: Doesn’t it always?
Aramar Thorne says: The one who told me about this guy. I went to follow up with him this morning, and he was dead. Apparently he died in his sleep.
Remnii says: A likely story.
Aramar Thorne says: The peacekeepers are looking into it, but it seems they couldn’t find anything. I’m not really sure what’s going on. He seemed dodgy. I don’t know. The more I hear about this, the less I like it. Whatever the hell my old man got himself into, it’s getting other people in danger, and he’ll have a lot to answer for. But, hey, at least I got this cool sword, right?

Aramar gestures the hilt of the diamond blade in frustration.

Aramar Thorne says: But besides that, we got some information about the surrounding areas. We bought some supplies as well, which I know we don’t need a lot because of these incredibly powerful druids, but, you know. I bought this tent, by the way, and I spent most of yesterday helping out, so we have some tents now, just in case those magic domes don’t work.
Velameestra Windrunner says: Excellent foresight.
Remnii says: I think that’s a good idea.
Aramar Thorne says: Just trying to help out. The others should be back later, so if you guys want to take a load off, we can talk this evening, and leave tomorrow.
Remnii says: I think that sounds good.

Tol’vas goes to drop off the swiftthistle with Mera.

Mera Mistrunner says: Welcome, what can-- oh, I remember you! You visited a few days ago? Did everything go alright at the Bravewind mesa? You’re back quick.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Oh yeah, we took a quick way down.
Mera Mistrunner says: I hope it was safe!
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Yeah! But, I also have this for you.

He hands over some swiftthistle.

Mera Mistrunner says: My! You didn’t have to give that all to me.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Well, you helped me.
Mera Mistrunner says: I don’t have anything to trade for this… but, oh, here.

She disappears for a moment, and then returns with some of the swiftthistle prepared.

Mera Mistrunner says: Here, this should be prepared for a bit for long-distance travel, as I can’t take all of this. And do let me also feed you and your companions! That was very kind of you, Tol’vas. The Earth Mother is always watching, and will, I’m sure, pay you back in ways I was unable to. Have a wonderful day! Drop by anytime you wish! Consider the meals on me!
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: If I find myself in the area, I may take you up on that.
Mera Mistrunner says: Safe travels, until next time!

She sends Tol’vas back with a good deal of food, as well as the prepared swiftthistle. Makasa returns back soon after.

Makasa Flintwill says: Ah! I see you have all returned. I’m glad you did not fall off the cliff face and die.
Uther Menethil says: As are we!
Makasa Flintwill says: I wager you are, yes. I trust the trials you had to face were manageable, you all seem to be in one piece.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: More manageable for some than others.

Makasa unapologetically looks at Remnii, who sighs.

Makasa Flintwill says: That’s good.

Makasa sits down and grabs some of the food that Tol’vas brought.

Makasa Flintwill says: Smells good.

Tae’shara shows up soon after.

Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Aye! Vel! Remnii, Uther, you’re back!
Velameestra Windrunner says: And with your notes.

Vel produces several sheets of paper, which she gestures in Tae’shara’s direction.

Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Well hell!

Tae’shara takes the papers and starts to quickly leaf through them. She looks up at Vel.

Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Where’d you find time to do all this?
Velameestra Windrunner says: I make time.
Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: You must not sleep very much.

There are some looks exchanged in the background.

Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: I’m excited to look at this. This is amazing!

Tae’shara starts thumbing through the papers after she grabs something to eat, suspending them in the air with her mage hand.

Elissa Cross says: So, how was Jarod? I kind of got the picture he was like nine feet tall from how everyone talked about him.
Remnii says: Try two feet down.
Broll Bearmantle says: He was shorter than I am, but I’m… a bit tall, for my people. But it was like meeting a giant, Elissa, I can tell you that. An incredibly humble one, but a giant.
Remnii says: He’s a good man, and plans are in motion, and he should be able to get us an in where it matters. So good!
Elissa Cross says: That’s great! I’m glad he’ll be able to help. I feel we need as much as we can get, huh?

Remnii gives a solemn nod.

Samaara says: We are planning on leaving tomorrow. There were some… other things that occurred on the mountain as well.

The four individuals that did not climb the mountain incline their heads curiously, and Samaara pans her eyes over to Vel. Being put on the spot, Vel takes a moment to gather her thoughts.

Velameestra Windrunner says: There were… circumstances that revealed a few things that the rest of you should also be appraised of.
Elissa Cross says: Is everything alright?

Vel glances at Elissa with a knowing look, given Elissa knew of her vampyrism from the beginning.

Elissa Cross says: O-oh!
Velameestra Windrunner says: You may have noticed that I’ve been acting… strange over the past few weeks.

Makasa stops drinking from her flask and promptly leans forward, now very interested in the conversation at hand.

Velameestra Windrunner says: When I left briefly while we were with Clan Sadak, I returned to Northrend to die and be raised into undeath.

Before anyone else could react, Makasa slaps her knee, her mouth partially filled with food, and points.

Makasa Flintwill says: I bloody knew it! I knew there was something! That’s why you didn’t have a pulse, eh? I suppose that makes sense why I couldn’t find it easily.
Velameestra Windrunner says: I… do have one, it’s just not always present. For those familiar with the old tales of vampyrs, that’s the more precise circumstance.

Tae’shara furrows her brow and crosses her arms, the papers held in her mage hand having nearly fallen from their grip.

Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: I knew there was… I mean, I knew about some of that happening up there, but, um, I didn’t know you were doing this…
Velameestra Windrunner says: Given the… expected biases, I thought it was wise to approach the situation somewhat delicately where possible. Unfortunately, holy water does not allow it to be subtle. Especially not when drinking it.
Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Well. Shit.

Tae’shara leans back a bit.

Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Did you tell Kilnar at least?
Velameestra Windrunner says: A few nights ago, yes. Not before I did it.
Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Fuck.

Tae’shara glances around and sees Elissa, who doesn’t look nearly as surprised.

Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Did you know about this?
Elissa Cross says: ...Yeah…
Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Well fuck.

She looks over at Makasa and gestures with her hand, and Makasa tosses her the flask, which Tae’shara takes a swig from.

Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Not exactly the information I was expecting, but I suppose there it is… you good? Like, I’ve heard lots of stories about vampyrs growin’ up.
Velameestra Windrunner says: The accuracy of them varies. But… that is the reason I haven’t been sleeping much.
Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Bloody hell, Vel, you could have told me. I could have maybe helped or somethin’. Is there anything I can do to make this easier? Or whatever. I don’t even know what you’re doing.
Velameestra Windrunner says: Not… particularly. It’s largely a… somewhat self-centralized status in regards to the physical changes that have taken place. It’s a lot of just learning to adapt. But I can sleep once a week, at least, while we travel.

Tae’shara blinks, somewhat sarcastic.

Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Great! At least that’s something? Fuck! Is this why you were giving me all those spells? Were you trying to butter me up? So I would take this better?
Velameestra Windrunner says: ...No, I was giving you those spells so I wasn’t an active detriment when I chose to do this and could no longer provide the services I was offering.
Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Oh, of course. Right right.

Tae’shara takes another swig from the flask.

Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Well I guess that’s that then. I wish you would have told me earlier… but I guess now is better than never? I think I need to think on this a bit? Uh, but, alright. That’s that.

Makasa shrugs and gestures for her flask back, and Tae’shara goes to hand it back, but then looks at it and finishes off the rest of the alcohol before tossing the empty flask back to her. Makasa raises an eyebrow at Tae’shara but looks back at Vel.

Makasa Flintwill says: It does not bother me, for what it is worth. I grew up on stories of worse things than vampyrs. It will take more than a couple of ghost stories to scare me.

Makasa shrugs.

Makasa Flintwill says: As far as I’m concerned, you’re a member of this crew. I had not cared about any wrong-doings or misgivings of any of those in my crews before, and I have worked alongside murders. So this is not much of a problem.

She shrugs nonchalantly again and snags another bottle of alcohol. Aramar laughs it off.

Aramar Thorne says: I mean, look at us. We’ve got a prince in exile, an amnesiatic king, some bleeding werewolves… why not have a vampyr? Though before we go any further!

He looks around to the group, still joking.

Aramar Thorne says: Anyone else want to bring some hidden lineages to the table? Any long-lost evil sorcerer parents or anything like that? I dunno!

He waves off the statement. Silently, Remnii sucks on her teeth a bit.

Aramar Thorne says: But as far as I’m concerned, you’re still Vel, obviously, yeah?
Velameestra Windrunner says: There are… differences, but yes.
Aramar Thorne says: Yeah, well, differences I didn’t notice! So…

He snaps his fingers and then wags his finger at Vel.

Aramar Thorne says: That’s why there was that thing with the sword!
Velameestra Windrunner says: ...Yes, that’s why there was that thing with the sword.
Aramar Thorne says: That makes sense, okay. Yeah, you know, hindsight.
Velameestra Windrunner says: That would have been a dead giveaway had I cut myself on it right after I told you what it did.
Aramar Thorne says: Yeah, I can see how it would have been a bit of a giveaway...

Makasa looks at Vel, and then back at Aramar like “yeah, that was clearly a bit of a giveaway”. She tanks another swig from the bottle. Aramar smiles.

Aramar Thorne says: But Makasa’s right. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve done plenty to help us, and I mean, you’re obviously not some sort of terrifying creature of the night tearing people’s throats out. You haven’t hurt us. So, sure. How does this work exactly? Do you drink blood, is that a thing? Oh, shit, I think I smelled garlic on this food, are you okay?
Velameestra Windrunner says: The myth about garlic is one of the things that’s not actually true, and I’ve been taking blood in my coffee.
Aramar Thorne says: ...huh. Does that work?
Velameestra Windrunner says: That’s the only way coffee works anymore.
Aramar Thorne says: Huh.

Aramar and Makasa share a look, and Makasa once again shrugs.

Aramar Thorne says: Well thanks for telling us anyways.
Velameestra Windrunner says: Given the majority now knew, I did not think it was fair to leave three people out of the loop.
Aramar Thorne says: Well I appreciate it either way. And honestly Elissa, I’m surprised you were able to keep that secret.

Elissa smiles.

Elissa Cross says: I’m surprisingly a better liar than you might expect! Sometimes I liked to eat a couple cookies before supper back at the trading post.

Makasa smirks.

Makasa Flintwill says: Terribly devious, that one.
Velameestra Windrunner says: But I also appreciate the… mild response, nonetheless.
Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Yeah, alright, but you still owe me! I don’t know what yet, but you owe me.
Velameestra Windrunner says: I’m sure you’ll think of something.
Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Oh I will. Just give me a minute.
Velameestra Windrunner says: You’re welcome for the ten pages of notes, by the way.

Tae’shara squints at her.

Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Don’t you think that makes us even, Velameestra!
Velameestra Windrunner says: I did not insinuate anything of the sort.

Tae’shara crosses her arms and attempts to look cross, but it’s not particularly effective--she just needed some time to digest everything.

Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: I suppose this is probably what’s been going on up there in Northrend then, eh? Like actually?
Velameestra Windrunner says: ...Yes. They’ve been doing a great deal of research that I’m contributing to when I can get up there.
Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Hands on, I guess.... That’s one way to do it.
Velameestra Windrunner says: Some things can’t be… ethically explored unless you do it yourself, really.
Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Well I guess it’s good they have that now… Hell. Pass me that bottle.

She holds her hand out for another bottle of alcohol, and the group returns to talking about what else had occurred on the mountain surrounding Jarod. Vel glances at Samaara, not mad, but clearly shooting her a look for the fact the draenei put her on the spot. Samaara returns with a knowing nod.

As Tae’shara gets more and more drunk, Makasa leans over on one arm.

Makasa Flintwill says: Ya know, Tae’shara. I’m not going to forgive you if drink through our entire stock of liquor before we even leave. If you’re this stressed out about it, I’m sure Aramar would be willing to help you blow off steam again.

Aramar immediately blushes, and Tae’shara flings a mostly-empty bottle at Makasa--who catches it, uncorks it, and drains the rest of the booze. She offers a shitty grin.

Vel raises an eyebrow.

Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: I can’t see how that has anything to do with what’s going on right now! And I will reimburse you with Reliquary funds. This is a business expenditure.
Makasa Flintwill says: Sure it is.

Aramar just punches Makasa in the arm.

Aramar Thorne says: I don’t air your dirty laundry in front of everyone!
Makasa Flintwill says: Maybe ya should!

They bicker back and forth for a moment.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Stress relief is important. Congratulations, I suppose?

Tae’shara tries to shove Vel over in response, but the evening starts to wind down.

That night, Vel attempts to dream Victor again, using a spell enhancement to try and get the dream to take the long way around. She begins to feel the pull go along the most direct route. It is hard to redirect the spell, and she throws her mind out to distant shores, and she feels the struggle with every single step. She pushes as hard as she can.

It seems to be working. With every inch and mile of material space that her mind is wrestling with it. She pulls and pulls for as long as she possibly can, and she can feel it working. She can make her way around the infinite, forbidding sea. She can only assume she could reach the Eastern Kingdoms, she fights inch by bloody inch, mile by bloody mile.

Then she senses it get easier. Somehow she made it to a point where she has gone far enough that the path of least resistance connects her, and she feels her presence being drawn. She can feel the presence of a mind unburdened by the waking world.

Then she feels her eyes open, and it’s daytime.

It took too long. This time.

But it wasn’t impossible.

June 12th

As the spell ends, Vel shoots up and scrambles out of the tent to find Uther.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Uther!

Uther calls groggily from his tent, the flap shifting.

Uther Menethil says: Yes… yes Vel, what is it?
Velameestra Windrunner says: I almost reached Victor.

Immediately, Uther’s grogginess evaporates.

Uther Menethil says: What?
Velameestra Windrunner says: There’s a way around the disturbance. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.
Uther Menethil says: Can I help?
Velameestra Windrunner says: I… don’t know. I tried to reroute the spell. Took the long way around. It took too long this time, but it’s possible.

Uther looks at her, noting the bags under her eyes.

Uther Menethil says: But it basically cost you getting any rest, didn’t it?
Velameestra Windrunner says: It wasn’t like I could rest anyway. But I felt him. He was there.
Uther Menethil says: Instead of resting you were exerting yourself… but alright. It is a worthwhile endeavor. Please, if you can think of anything that I can do to assist you. I’ll sacrifice as many nights of sleep as it takes if it means reaching my cousin.
Velameestra Windrunner says: I’ll think of something.
Uther Menethil says: You always do.

Vel seems to deflate a bit now the adrenaline of the moment had died down.

Velameestra Windrunner says: I’m going to try to wake up.
Uther Menethil says: No sense trying to sleep again after that. Coffee?
Velameestra Windrunner says: I have enough for two cups if you’re interested.
Uther Menethil says: Absolutely. Seems an opportune time to get some reading done.

Vel makes the coffee and pours the silithid blood into her cup to see if she can get any nourishment off of it. It is… not good. She manages to choke down the coffee, and she gets the sense that because the blood was taken from a lot of very very small creatures it was not as satisfying and that also contributed to the poor taste. Effectively is was a bunch of conflicting flavors mixing together. However, that founding was separate from the fact they were aberrations--she would need to sample blood from a larger aberration to get a conclusion on their effectiveness.

After chugging the coffee, choosing to down it all at once, she sputters rather ungracefully.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Alright, that was disgusting.

Tol’vas and Seria cast wind walk in tandem to cover the entire group after they gather up their things. Remnii also casts find the path, beseeching the naaru to guide her. She can feel some of the heat of the area enter into her mind, but she pushes through it, and she feels herself connect to an anchor.

Remnii says: We need to go that way.

The group changes into mist, and lifts into the air. They find that the wind is still, but cooler, and as they fly back into the Barrens, the temperature warms, but not an unbearable amount. They can see tiny dots of figures traversing the Gold Road down below. Buried amidst the dirt and sand, Tol’vas and Uther sees the tell-tale signs of highborne ruins--likely the ruins that mark the potential location of the barrow dens.

Tol’vas stops and starts to head downward, and the rest of the group floats down.

There are pillars jutting out of the ground, as well as cobbled streets that may have once connected with the highway. There does not seem to be any danger, but there is a distant hauntingness feeling.

Samaara says: Is something wrong?
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Nothing’s wrong, but I wanted to see if there was any evidence of the barrow dens here. I didn’t want to come back around if we could just find something now.

The group fans out a bit to take a look. Tae’shara immediately looks in the dirt for things of interest.

As Vel and Uther go by a pillar half-buried in the sand, there is a flash of brown moss that is growing over the edge of one of the pillars. They take a closer look, and they see something written in a language they don’t understand.

Vel starts to cast comprehend languages, and Seria and Tol’vas see similar markings--but they recognize the language as druidic.

They start to piece the messages together.

“To any of the circle that come this way, know there are no egresses in the immediate area for the establishment of a circle.”

Another message mentions a deep sea river and a reservoir of energies beneath the barrens that could be used to rejuvenate the lush land that was destroyed by the calamity.

Other messages reference the druidic circle, which refers to itself as the Druids of the Fang.

There seems to be a theory that the underground water may be the source of the oases further north, and perhaps they can find an entrance into this underground river so that it could be used to nourish the land.

It seems the messages were written by a druid named Naralex.

Tol’vas does not recognize the name, however, but it seems the oases may be a wise place to seek if they want to find the druids that left the messages.

Samaara whistles in a particular way that Tae’shara picks up.

Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Someone’s coming.

As they look, the group can see a figure approaching. They are a lone quillboar, his body relatively unarmored aside from two large harnesses that are carrying an abundance of bone trophies. There is a massive scar over one eye, and he looks to be impressive in stature.

He’s heading straight to them, with purpose.

On his back seems to be a totem that had been fused together with bone partially melted with blood caked onto it. He is sniffing the air.

Samaara nocks an arrow cautiously, and the quillboar stops about 75 feet away and snorts louder, shouting in broken common.

Chosen Quillboar says: Me… smell it! On you! Yes! I smell Mangletooth on you! His last moments! Yes! Who was it? Who!? Who ended Mangletooth?

The group looks at each other, and the quillboar pulls out the totem and slams it into the ground in front of him.

Chosen Quillboar says: Who ended Mangletooth!? Do you understand?
Remnii says: We do… but… We… killed who was responsible if they were the same.

The quillboar sniffs again.

Chosen Quillboar says: I smell… truth. Who killed them?
Remnii says: A black drake named Ember.
Chosen Quillboar says: And who killed her?

Remnii looks at Uther.

Remnii says: I believe it was you, Uther? Yes?
Uther Menethil says: Well, it was my hammer, but I gave it to--oh, that was after she was dead. Yes, that was me.

The quillboard plucks a quill from his back and then impales it through his right forearm. He rips it out, and tosses it aside.

Chosen Quillboar says: I challenge you! I am Hagg Taurenbane! You killed Mangletooth! I challenge you in his stead!
Uther Menethil says: You’re going to challenge me… because you are championing the cause of your comrade who was killed but you can’t get satisfaction, so the next best thing is killing the one who killed the one who killed him?
Hagg Taurenbane says: Agamaggan demands it! By blood you must accept! Or be cursed!
Uther Menethil says: I’m not a fan of curses.
Hagg Taurenbane says: As you shouldn’t be!
Uther Menethil says: Well. Alright. I suppose we’ll… fight then.
Hagg Taurenbane says: May our blood nourish the soil! I am Hagg Taurenbane! Chosen of Agamaggan! Champion of the Razormane!
Uther Menethil says: I am Uther Menethil, knight of the Silver Hand, and prince of Lordaeron. I accept your challenge.

Hagg grabs a massive axe made of a long wooden shaft, and two permanently stained steel blades. His body starts to shift, and his arms extend into claws, and his quills grow larger, and his tusks twice as brutal.

Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Hey Uther…
Uther Menethil says: Yes?
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Remember how I explained my pack form and Broll’s claw form? The name he keeps mentioning is the wild god they worship.
Uther Menethil says: If he bites me, will he turn me into a quillboar?
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: No. That’s… exclusive to me.
Uther Menethil says: This challenge, is this to first blood, or to death?
Hagg Taurenbane says: Our blood will nourish the soil!
Velameestra Windrunner says: ...That’s to the death.
Uther Menethil says: Really? He said our blood will nourish the soil, and I felt there was room for interpretation.

Uther uses his channel divinity, and the quillboar starts to rush for him. Uther had his hammer resting on his shoulder, and he holds his hand out. The golden flecks form into a ball of golden fire, and then he puts two hands on his hammer and whacks the fireball at his target, which erupts into a huge flash of fire.

Velameestra Windrunner says: ...It was only a matter of time, but I was still not ready for it.

Uther gets ready for impact, and the quillboar comes running at Uther. Hagg’s eyes flare with bloodlust, and he swings at Uther. However, an arcane shield blocks, and the quillboar swings his axe around, breaking through the shield.

Uther’s hammer hits Hagg straight in his muscular chest, and the holy radiance washes over the quillboar. Uther swings again, and the weapon almost goes sailing out of the quillboar’s hand. The hammer crashes solidly, and Uther then quickens a green flame blade. The quillboar is not looking good as blood goes flying through the air.

The quillboar shoves Uther back, and moves backwards, but Uther swings with his hammer. He hears bones crunch as the quillboar goes sailing. However, Hagg stands up again, squealing and snarling. More bones crunch, and the quillboar screams and then charges for Uther again.

The quillboar slams into Uther, and he knocks him prone as Hagg gores under Uther’s armor. He then raises his axe and slams Uther into the ground.

After getting the wind knocked out of him, Uther then rolls to his knees and swings with an uppercut. The hammer shatters the quillboar’s jaw, and Hagg tries to swing again, but then collapses over.

Vel leans over to Arthas.

Velameestra Windrunner says: That’s your son.

Arthas nods in approval.

Uther Menethil says: I… have a feeling this is going to happen again.
Hagg Taurenbane says: You… spill blood… my curse… is lifted…
Uther Menethil says: Well, not to add insult to injury, but there’s no reason for you to die here. I can heal you if you’d like.
Hagg Taurenbane says: No. My blood… is my god’s blood. To die… is to live again. And to die… by your hand… you are good… at… fighting… My blood… shall nurture the…

The quillboar breathes his last as he slumps over, smearing his blood on the desert ground.

Tol'vas Moonshadow says: I.. actually think you’re supposed to eat him now.
Uther Menethil says: You can’t be serious. I’m supposed to eat him?
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: If they are anything like his wild god, yeah.
Uther Menethil says: Am I going to get cursed if I don’t?
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: I don’t know.

Uther feels that if he was supposed to eat the quillboar, he probably would have been told as much, though the quillboar wouldn’t have been mad if he did. Uther looks instinctively at Arthas, unsure of what to do.

Arthas Menethil says: I don’t know about you, but… he doesn’t exactly look appetizing. I think you could probably get away without it.

Vel, meanwhile, had been biting back her own inclinations given the messy splatters of blood that had been strewn over the ground had exactly the opposite effect.

Riff says: He had a lot of blood on him, huh Vel? If you need anymore!
Velameestra Windrunner says: Yes, Riff, I… noticed.

Vel sighs and opts to at least gather some of the creature’s blood for later. As she finishes, she looks up at Uther.

Velameestra Windrunner says: If you needed to eat him, I’ll just take this sacrifice on your behalf.

The statement was clearly meant to be a dry joke.

Uther Menethil says: What an absurd day.

Arthas goes over to the axe the quillboar had dropped.

Arthas Menethil says: This looks kind of fancy...

He runs his thumb along the edge of it.

Velameestra Windrunner says: It probably doesn’t catch on fire though.

Arthas’s expression shifts, recognizing the statement to actually genuinely be a downside.

Arthas Menethil says: Well. He won’t need it anymore. If we want to take a look at it.
Uther Menethil says: I don’t see a reason not to.

Vel just wordlessly holds out her hand, and Wulf hands it over to her.

Vel identifies the axe, and she notes that it’s actually fairly impressive. It’s a blood axe that is likely imbued by the wild god. It’s a +2 great axe that also deals extra necrotic damage to living creatures. If a creature is dropped to 0 with it, the wielder gets temporary hit points.

She blinks, mildly surprised, and then relays what she found to Arthas and Uther.

Velameestra Windrunner says: I would… be cautious of any potential curses if you wish to use it, though. That tends to be the nature of these things.
Arthas Menethil says: We’ll hold onto it just in case.

She also notes that the blade of the axe, which she originally thought was some sort of sharpened stone that was stained, is actually crystallized blood that makes up the very sharp axe blade.

Velameestra Windrunner says: You would also be literally cutting people with crystalized blood.
Arthas Menethil says: That does seem on-brand for that guy.
Uther Menethil says: Vel… is that irony?
Velameestra Windrunner says: Yes.
Uther Menethil says: Hm.

She hands the axe back to Arthas. The group returns to their cloud forms, and then rise back into the air. They do not run into any further problems.

In the far distance, they can see the sea, but they also see green in the setting sun. It’s a sizeable oasis. They opt to land there for the night.

Samaara says: This seems like a safer place to stay than the middle of the desert, that’s for sure.

They start to set up camp for the evening, and Elissa approaches Vel.

Elissa Cross says: Hey, um. I just wanted to check in. I hope you’re doing okay? Now that everyone knows…
Velameestra Windrunner says: It means I need to be less discrete, at the very least. At least amongst our present company. But I’m doing as well as I can be.
Elissa Cross says: I’m glad. I know the sun’s pretty rough, huh?
Velameestra Windrunner says: It could be worse. It could be literally burning my skin off, but that’s fortunately not the case.
Elissa Cross says: Um, yeah, I guess that’s probably pretty good! Well, listen, so, now that we don’t need to be quite as… discrete about it, if you need anything, just let me know, okay?
Velameestra Windrunner says:: I’ll do so, thank you.
Elissa Cross says: And I know that you had to tell everybody partially because, you know, you kind of drank holy water… but I’m still really proud of you. That probably wasn’t easy.
Velameestra Windrunner says: It went far better than I dared to hope.
Elissa Cross says: Well I’m still proud of you! And if you ever need any help on that regard, I’m here for you on that too, okay?
Velameestra Windrunner says: Thank you, Elissa.
Elissa Cross says: Of course! After all, you’re one of my best friends. I was a little… nervous when you first did this, but I mean, you’re definitely still Vel. That’s for sure. I mean, I know that things are different now, but haven’t things been constantly changing since I first met you guys?
Velameestra Windrunner says: Barely over a year ago you were working in a…

She pauses, the exhaustion causing the term to fly out of her mind.

Elissa Cross says: Trading post?
Velameestra Windrunner says: Yeah. And sneaking cookies from your father, apparently.

Elissa chuckles.

Elissa Cross says: Only sometimes! But yeah, we’ve all changed a lot, and just because you’re a little different doesn’t mean you’re not still one of my best friends.

A small smile touches Vel’s lips. She puts a hand on Elissa’s shoulder and gives it a small squeeze of appreciation.

They part ways to return to setting up camp, however, Vel spots Broll over by the shore of the oasis, washing his face. After a moment’s hesitation, she starts to approach. The druid detects her presence and looks back to her.

Broll Bearmantle says: Oh, um, hello. Um… did you need something? I’m sorry. I… was in a meditation of sorts.
Velameestra Windrunner says: I just wanted to thank you.
Broll Bearmantle says: Um… I would say that you’re welcome, but I’m uncertain as to what I did for you.
Velameestra Windrunner says: I’m… the antithesis of everything you stand for, and yet you’ve shown you’re still willing to tolerate my presence. Better than… most who enshroud themselves in life magics. It’s appreciated.
Broll Bearmantle says: I see. Um. I’m… glad that it can be of some comfort. I will not lie to you, Miss Velameestra, but your presence here after the knowledge you’ve shared… it is not easy to travel with someone who, as you said, represents the antithesis of what I represent. I am a druid, one who utilizes magic gifted to us by the earth and the wilds. As tarnished as my reputation is, you are both a highborne and… well.

He allows the thought to finish itself.

Broll Bearmantle says: But I also recognize that I… one of the greatest lessons I have learned in my life is that never will a time come that I will not be proven wrong. I have never met a highborne before you. I have only heard tales and stories of them. And I have no doubt that many of those stories are true… that the prejudices held against them is well deserved. Yet, I’ve seen you. You act selflessly. The things that you have done have been without concern for your own goals. You sought to aid your companions, shield them from the elements… you even risked your own resources and reputation to aid in the rescue of a man you’ve never met before. I would be a fool if I was not able to recognize that character. In spite of our differences. I don’t know if I will ever be truly at peace with the decision that you made. But I also recognize that… it is not my place to make that judgement. You have a great deal of love that you carry in your heart. And even if you wield magics of death and walk amongst it… it is plain to me that you carry a love of life as well. And your own experiences have colored that. So… perhaps I should be thanking you for forcing me to broaden my horizons.

Vel tilts her head slightly, mulling over what Broll had said.

Velameestra Windrunner says: It… gives me a deal of hope, at the very least. Many, if not most, among my people did not choose this.
Broll Bearmantle says: I can only imagine the struggles that they have been going through. I cannot say that any of my people will see it the same way… but, they will not have slings and arrows cast by me. Though I am but one man, I have seen enough to realize you are a good person, Miss Velameestra. In spite of our misgivings, that is plain to me as the moon in the sky. As both life and death are part of the great cycle, perhaps your presence among those like myself is as integral to fixing the pain of our people and our strife as anything else. I cannot claim to have the answers, but if your keen mind is as truly as keen as I’ve seen... Perhaps you will find that answer someday.
Velameestra Windrunner says: Perhaps I will.

She offers a faint, humorless smile and nods at Broll before turning to return to setting up for the night.

Broll Bearmantle says: Um… one last request.

Vel stops and turns to look back at the night elf again.

Broll Bearmantle says: I… I know that you and Tol’vas had your disagreements as well. I would only ask that you show patience towards him. His experiences are different from our own. But perhaps, someday, Elune willing, the two of you will even be able to find common ground. But in the meantime, I can only ask for patience.
Velameestra Windrunner says: I did not revoke my offer to help him. I simply desire to protect my people, and my loved ones, where needed. A trait I’m sure he shares.

Broll nods.

Broll Bearmantle says: That is something I would hope everyone would be able to respect. Good evening, Miss Velameestra.
Velameestra Windrunner says: Good evening.

Vel folds her arms behind her back and heads off to return to her preparations.

That night, Remnii spends some time outside the tiny hut so that she can dream Velen and keep him appraised of the situation. Velen explains that there had been some close calls with the elves, but nothing that has resulted in casualties. He has continued to beseech the Light to guide them on a path away from bloodshed.

Remnii also excitedly tells him about the successful divine intervention, which Velen promptly inquires for as many details as she could offer.

Rem: Oh, there was one other thing…. With the tauren, in the veil. I saw Arlanaa… and what she might have been before. Does the name Nyriss mean anything to you?

Velen shakes his head.

Velen says: It does not.
Remnii says: Did you know what she named me?

Velen nods his head.

Velen says: I believe we may now. Nuuri… Nuuri likely knew, but I never did.

Remnii nods.

Remnii says: It does not change much, it just makes it feel more… real. That’s all.
Velen says: Remnii, at the end of every day, you are still who you choose to be.
Remnii says: That’s why I said it did not change much.

Remnii smiles.

Remnii says: I believe it just solidifies this will come to find me.

Velen nods.

Velen says: It is a destiny I have feared for you for a long time. I feared I would not be strong enough to protect you from it. I realize now it was never my job to protect you from it. Simply to make sure that you would be strong enough to face these challenges on your own. But not alone.
Remnii says: I have learned lately that I do not know how to be alone. I will take that as a net win, even with its faults.
Velen says: And I will thank you, as I sometimes forget what it is like to not be alone. So I thank you for being there to remind me of the eyes that look up to me, and the hands that reach out.
Remnii says: If I can help it, I will ensure that you never will be, vakas. And also, Divinius will be so happy to see me.

She smiles.

Velen says: She cares about you as well, even if she doesn’t seem like it.
Remnii says: I do not doubt her care. But at the same time, I have given her a run for her money, and I will when I get back.

Remnii steps in for a hug, and they continue on for a bit longer, before she awakes for the end of her watch.

That night, during watch with Uther, Vel drinks the quillboar blood and she realizes it’s far more delicious than it had any right to be, as if it was awash with life. Her eyes widen in realization for a moment.

Velameestra Windrunner says: That… should not have…

She looks at Uther.

Velameestra Windrunner says: He didn’t bite you, did he?
Uther Menethil says: ...Do tusk wounds count as bites?

Vel quickly checks on the wounds Uther had, but it seemed that none of them showed the tell-tale signs of any sort of curse transmission.