[Alliance] Chapter Four: Session One

Appearing Characters: Alleria Windrunner, Altaa, Aramar Thorne, Armord, Astalor Bloodsworn, Dr. Dealwell, Deremos, Elissa Cross, Ginormus, Gotri, Jarod Shadowsong, Kael'thas Sunstrider, Kel'Thuzad, Lana'thel Duskseeker, Livii, Makasa Flintwill, Malande, Remnii, Riff, Rommath Pyrewing, Samaara, Sangrias Stillblade, Seria, Ssarbik, Ssavra, Thrud, Tae'shara Sunwatcher, Tol'vas Moonshadow, Uther Menethil, Velameestra Windrunner, Zathra

Prologue: May 12th - May 22nd

As the party disperses to handle what business they are covering for the two week period, Seria, Uther, and Riff had all been drawn to the fighting pit in the center of Gadgetzan.

Uther Menethil says: Ah! Seria! Dome drew your attention as well, I see!

Seria looks at Riff and puts a hand on his head.

Seria says: Caught dis one’s attention first.
Riff says: Did you come to watch the sports too, Uther!?
Uther Menethil says: Something like that. I know drills and training are all well and good, but if you spend too long off the battlefield, you lose your edge.
Riff says: Wait. You want to fight in it?!
Uther Menethil says: I thought I’d assess the danger first.
Riff says: Mada! Can we go too! I didn’t know we could join! That sounds like fun!

Riff gives Seria the puppy-dog look and Seria stares at him, then nods reluctantly. One of the goblin promoters overhears.

Goblin Promoter says: Hey kids, ya interested in throwing your hats in the Thunderdrome?
Uther Menethil says: Is that what it’s called?
Goblin Promoter says: Sure is! It’s been called a few things. Tried the Bloodbowl for a bit. But it’s all capitals and a few exclamation points. See?

He gestures to a sign that’s written in goblin.

Uther Menethil says: Well friend, you have the right of it. We’re interested.
Goblin Promotor says: So are you all entering solo or a three person job?

Uther looks at Seria and Riff with a raised eyebrow.

Seria says: I’m not gonna let him fight by himself.

She points at Riff, who is chanting excitedly.

Goblin gestures for Seria to come over.

Goblin Promoter says: Is that your kid? You okay with him fighting in this?
Seria says: Yeah. He’s old enough.

The goblin looks Riff up and down.

Goblin Promoter says: Aight. If your in for it. You’re his mom, so you do whatever. But yeah. All yous come on over!

He produces some parchment and what looks like a quill-less feather.

Goblin Promoter says: No entry fee! But you gotta sign these waivers. Important things to cover the fact we aren’t responsible for your things. These aren’t death matches, we got medical staff on sight--hello, my name is Doctor Dealwell, happy to meet ya, I’m the doctor and the promoter--just sign on this line here, we don’t discriminate. Could walk out of here richer!

Uther signs his name, as does Seria and Riff.

Doctor Dealwell says: Excellent! Ya got a team name? Any sort of punchy nicknames or what? Any ideas?

Uther looks at Riff.

Uther Menethil says: You want to name the team, lad?
Riff says: Hmmm. That’s a tough one. I’ve never named a team before. Um. What about. Um. What about, uh, what about the Death Adders? Is that cool?
Uther Menethil says: I think it’s a fine name.
Riff says: Or maybe the Bloody Barons maybe! I dunno.
Uther Menethil says: Death Adders sounds fine to me. How about you, Seria?

Seria just nods.

Doctor Dealwell says: Alright! Death Adders it is! We’ll get some matches set up. We’ll have matches for ya before tomorrow’s end!

The trio starts out strong in the first week. The crowd is very intrigued about the shapeshifting troll woman who is fighting, as well as the martial skills of Uther, and the unique skills of the young troll with them. However, after the initial shock value of the fighting styles, there are a few losses in the second half of the week. But they finish strong. They wind up fighting against a strong and silent local hero. He was big and a “right bastard”, known as Lord Ginormus.

The man was massive, easily over seven feet tall, and covered from head to toe in cloth and bandages. He had sandy brown eyes and deep, tan skin. He fought alongside two hyenas.

Lord Ginormus says: I am sorry, it is time for me to let slip the dogs of war. There is time for you to retreat before Lord Ginormus. There has been too much violence. To much pain. But I have an honorable compromise. Just walk away, and you’ll retain your honor.

Seria scoffs.

Uther Menethil says: Friend. We’re fighting for the entertainment of people.

Lord Ginormus looks at Uther and shakes his head.

Lord Ginormus says: I am gravely disappointed.

The bell rings, and the man and his two hyenas charge forward with his bare hands. He came at Uther full bore, but Seria transforms into a bear and tackles him off while Riff focused on kiting the hyenas. However, the hyenas tackle him, and Seria’s instincts flare. She shoves Ginormus aside, transforms into a dragonhawk, and breathes a swath of flame over the hyenas.

Ginormus shoves off Uther to block the flames from his hyenas, and he starts screaming, now alight.

One of the medics calls for Ginormus to tap out, but Ginormus refuses, trying to put out the fire.

Uther is standing over Ginormus with his hammer, unsure of what to do, and Doctor Dealwell calls for him to just knock him out to end the fight, which Uther does. A normal sized human stretcher gets wheeled out to drag Ginormus off the arena--all four of the man's limbs hanging off of the stretcher.

The next week, something clicked with the group, and they were undefeated in all their matches. However, during that time, they also got to watch some of the other fighters, specifically the current champion of the arena: a woman named Thrud.

She was massive, a foot or more taller than Ginormous, and fought alongside two massive wolves that teem with electricity. One was dark black, while the other is icy white. They were referred to as Hati and Skoll. Thrud was blonde and covered with tattoos, and was missing an eye, and fought with a huge maul in a single hand that also crackled with electricity. It’s hard to tell how the maul stays together, as the center part of the hammer is transparent and filled with crackling electricity.

As she passed by the group after a fight, she takes note and offers a nod, but says nothing. However, she was watching every match the Death Adders participated in, normally flanked by her wolves--who have no collars or chains, but cause no problems whatsoever.

About midway through the second week, as the trio returns from their successful match, a different person meets them: it’s Lord Ginormus, though he’s now just wearing a loin cloth and bandages.

There is malice in his sole uncovered eye.

Lord Ginormus says: I am gravely disappointed. You have made an enemy this day of Lord Ginormus, and next we meet, I shall unleash the dogs of war, and no matter how far you run, you will not escape my wrath.

He points at Seria.

Lord Ginormus says: Mark these words, small one. Lord Ginormus has your name.

And then he turns and starts to walk away.

Uther Menethil says: Friend! You seem awfully upset. Do you want to talk about it?
Lord Ginormus says: Mark my words!

The man just walks out the entrance of Gadgetzan, and into the desert, followed by his hyenas. One of them has a bandaged tail where Seria's flames had set its fur alight during the fight.

Uther looks at Seria.

Uther Menethil says: Strange one, that.
Seria says: He’s all talk.

Seria shrugs it off. When they go to collect their winnings, Doctor Dealwell explains not to take him seriously.

Doctor Dealwell says: Kaja-cola cut his funding because he lost, but he had it coming. He was getting sloppy.
Uther Menethil says: What’s a Kaja-cola?
Doctor Dealwell says: What’s a… you don’t know Kaja-cola? Here, here, this one’s on me! It’s imported.

Uther tries it, and it’s really sweet and sugary, and he finds his mind is more keen than he was before. Uther considers.

Uther Menethil says: Why has no one made shoes for heads?
Doctor Dealwell says: ...what?
Uther Menethil says: They make shoes for feet, why not for heads? Wait, that’s just a helmet. Hm. What about edible beds? A new take on breakfast in bed: beds for breakfast!
Doctor Dealwell says: Hm… you might be onto something. You should write that down!
Uther Menethil says: How about we recycle things that haven’t been used yet?
Doctor Dealwell says: I think that’s just using it.

At that moment, Thrud passes by, and Dealwell greets her.

Thrud says: Greetings, Dealwell.

She looks at Uther and the others.

Thrud says: Those were impressive bouts.
Uther Menethil says: Thank you, miss… lady… title or just Thrud?
Thrud says: Thrud, thank you.
Uther Menethil says: It’s a pleasure to share words with you.
Thrud says: I would share more than words. At the end of this week, I would like to challenge the Death Adders. I would see their strength with my own two hands.
Uther Menethil says: You’ll find no argument from me.
Doctor Dealwell says: Oh! Hohoho! Alright, that’s how we turn a profit! Alright, no one lose any other matches or it’ll ruin the odds!
Thrud says: I look forward to our match then. Hold nothing back.

And with that Thrud turns and walks away.

The remainder of the week, no matches are lost, and the day dawns for the match against Thrud and her twin wolves.

Meanwhile, Remnii was spending some time with the Ati-Kaso, and after consulting Velen in a dream spell and some others, she opted to try and help both Livii and Gotri, as Samaara would be leaving on the expedition and the Ati-Kaso would be losing the presence of their leader.

Gotri sits down on a crate.

Samaara says: Whenever you are ready, Remnii.
Remnii says: My vakas said this should be a clean fix. Livii’s situation is obviously more complex. But first, this.

Very gentle, Remnii puts her hands around Gotri’s brow, and she casts greater restoration. As the Light magic flows through the pair of them, the dust of the crystal she fractures hovers around them. Gotri’s eyes roll into the back of his head and his eyelids close as the glow around them brightens and then fades.

When the glow subsides, Gotri’s eyes open again and he blinks a few times, looking up at Remnii.

Gotri says: ...Remnii? Is that you? Where… it’s like a fog has been lifted from my head.

Remnii sighs in relief and smiles gently.

Remnii says: Gotri. How are you feeling?
Gotri says: Good. Confused. Where… I know where we are. We’re in a desert somewhere. I… is everyone alright? Ahonan… that’s right.

Remnii presses her forehead to Gotri’s.

Remnii says: He is gone.
Gotri says: I remember. I remember seeing it. Though it was… it is like a childhood memory. There but… almost as if it was ages ago.
Remnii says: I’m not sure what you remember of that day.

She takes a step away from him.

Remnii says: There was an orcish attack years ago now. It affected your mentality for some time. It is only now that anyone has had access to any spells that could lift that fog.

Gotri looks down in contemplation.

Gotri says: I… I feel like I know this. But it is… there is a lot.
Remnii says: It may take some time for you to step back into your hooves.
Gotri says: Yes I suppose it might.
Remnii says: But this was long overdue.
Gotri says: Thank you, Remnii. There is so much that I needed to do and say that I felt as if I could not figure it out… thank you.

Remnii offers a tender smile.

Remnii says: Welcome home, Gotri.

Gotri smiles, stands, and gives Remnii a big, strong hug.

Gotri says: I feel I should rest for some days.
Remnii says: That is what I was going to prescribe to you anyways. Try not to go down too deep rabbit holes in your mind. Marsuul holes, perhaps. I will be leaving soon, but there are plenty of people here to help.
Gotri says: It is appreciated, Remnii. I think I just need to lay down for a while and get my head in order.
Remnii says: One week of bed rest.

Remnii pats his arm.

Gotri says: Naaru’s blessings on you, Remnii.

With another smile, Gotri leaves to say hello to everyone, and then go rest.

Samaara puts a hand on Remnii’s shoulder, and Remnii leans into the touch and sighs in relief, but recognizes that Gotri was the easy one.

However, before tending to Livii, Remnii opts to use commune to beseech the wisdom of the naaru. She feels the connection with the Light as she sinks into a trance-like state.

Remnii says: Light, one of your children is ailing and her mind is slipping away. I beseech you three questions. Can Livii’s mind be fixed by the spell greater restoration?

The unmistakable chorus of the naaru reaches Remnii’s ears. It’s song seems to indicate a somber “yes.”

Remnii says: With help, will Livii be able to recover if she is not alone in her endeavors?

The chorus indicates another somber “yes.” Remnii considers her final question, but veers to something else weighing on her mind.

Remnii says: If I contact Jarod Shadowsong, will he accept my presence in his dreams?

This time, a somber twinge in song disappears, leaving just a positive “yes.” And then the song comes to a conclusion.

Remnii then fishes into her bags and retrieves a scattering of gems to use with augury.

Remnii says: If I use greater restoration to mend Livii’s mind, how will it go?

The glimmering gems indicate both weal and woe. Remnii sighs, and then brings this information back to Ati-Kaso to see if they want to try and do this for Livii, or just leave her in her blissful ignorance.

The response of the Ati-Kaso is fairly mixed. Some believe they can give her a happy lift, while others feel she may just suffer further. Emotions get a bit high at points, especially with Deremos who got into a raised voice argument with Armord, who had suggested just putting her out of her misery, and some others agreed with Armord.

However, Gotri then enters.

Gotri says: Please, everyone, calm yourselves. This is one of our sisters. We are not speaking of slaughtering her like livestock. Whatever we choose to do, we will do together. Remnii.

He looks to Remnii.

Gotri says: What do you want to do? This power is in your hands.
Remnii says: I cannot say I am not worried. But. I cannot go back on the principle that there is hope. I don’t think I would have gotten this far without it, and if it comes to that choice, I will not be here for most of her journey. I am leaving in less than two weeks. Thus… I appreciate your thoughts and your feelings, and I see no fault with the true considerations that must go into a fraught decision. I would, if there are people who would serve as her more direct aids--
Deremos says: I’ll do anything I have to do to help her!
Remnii says: I know you will. I don’t think Luna would wish to see her sister perish like this, nor would Naphliir. I do believe if anyone can find good in nothing, it would be us. However, I do appreciate your rationality, Armord.
Armord says: Just trying to keep us all grounded.
Remnii says: That voice and perspective are valuable. But. Is this motion okay with everyone?
Gotri says: All in favor of trying this, hands?

Just over half the hands raise. Gotri nods.

Gotri says: If this does not work, those who do not wish to be involved do not need to use your own resources to help.

Armord sighs.

Armord says: If the Ati-Kaso moves, the Ati-Kaso moves together. Everyone will support you and everything that happens. We made our choices. After all, the fate of one is the fate of all. I would not leave half of you to deal with this if I am right. I will not gawk, I will not leave you to clean up the mess. While I may be an “asshole”, I am not a monster.

The others that were on Armord’s side nod.

Gotri says: Then we have our answer.
Deremos says: I would like to be there when you try to help her.
Remnii says: I would appreciate your presence there.
Altaa says: I’ll be sure to have some food ready.

Remnii nods at Altaa in thanks and then looks back to Deremos.

Remnii says: This will not be fun. But thank you for being there for her, and for me.
Deremos says: Most things worth fighting for aren’t easy.

There is an understanding somberness as she meets Deremos’s eyes, and she puts her hand on his hand. Deremos then withdraws a stone and puts it in Remnii’s hand.

Deremos says: For good luck. Lets go.

They head to Livii’s tent, and she is sitting there holding a small doll. There is a twinkle of recognition in Livii’s eyes, but she looks more broken than Akama does at this point.

Remnii says: Hello Livii.
Livii says: Hello~

Remnii blinks back the beginning of some tears, and Deremos gives Remnii’s hand a squeeze before stepping back to give her and Livii some space. Remnii kneels before Livii and fractures another crystal as she starts to cast greater restoration, while also beseeching the naaru for further aid.

Livii scoots forward while Remnii is praying and gives her a small peck on the forehead, and Remnii’s lip quivers as she continues to pray, pulling Livii into a hug.

As the glow begins to subside, Remnii starts to feel Livii’s breathing start to pick up. Instead of the low, calm, slow breathing, it starts to quicken until almost a pant. Her grip on Remnii becomes tighter, and she starts to panic. It seems whatever mental trauma had imposed amnesia had started to flood back to her, and she was likely going to have a panic attack if Remnii continues.

As the magic comes to its conclusion, Livii pulls away, and her eyes--now clear--are laced with confusion and fear and anger. She starts to look around in a panic, scrabbling away from Remnii.

Livii says: No. Nononono. I don’t want this. I don’t want this. I don’t want any of it. Please, make it go away.

Deremos takes a step forward, but doesn’t encroach on her space.

Deremos says: Livii, please, we want to help you.
Livii says: No. Nonono. No one can help me. No one! No one could help her. No one could help Naphliir. No one can help any of us.

Remnii remains calm and thoughtful, intaking everything. She then casts calm emotions on Livii and the others in the room. The panic in Livii’s eyes starts to subside, the edge of it removed, and she looks up to Remnii with tears in her eyes.

Livii says: What did you do to me? Why did you make the pain come back, Remnii?
Remnii says: You were deteriorating, Livii. Quickly.

Livii looks at her hands and gasps, fully realizing she’s changing.

Remnii says: The choice was to let you go, or to try.
Livii says: But why would you waste your time? I couldn’t protect them. I couldn’t stop Naphliir and now he’s dead. I couldn’t protect my sister.

Remnii scoots forward, extending a hand, but Livii just looks at it.

Remnii says: You are not… Livii. We are in a place we are safer than we have been. We’re away from Draenor. I located everyone. But just because there is strife in this world, and great and terrible loss, does not mean that no one wanted you back. I’m sorry if I made the incorrect choice, but you are loved, and you are more than worth it.
Deremos says: Livii, we have all lost so much already, but we still have each other.
Remnii says: Deremos has always been by your side. Ever since.
Deremos says: You have people that care about you, Livii. People that love you.
Remnii says: But I know it’s not that easy. Words do not make feelings ebb.

Livii looks up at Remnii with a dead stare, and then over to Deremos. Her lip quivers, and Livii looks at her hands again. Then, slowly, she takes Remnii’s hand.

Livii says: A-alright. I will try. I will try.

Livii gets up onto her knees and she starts to cry, squeezing Remnii’s hand, and then melting into Remnii’s arms as she is offered a hug. She starts to sob, and remains wrapped in Remnii’s arms for as long as is needed, before Remnii helps her to her feet.

Samaara and Gotri, who were waiting, nod to Remnii with soft smiles. Altaa had set up a table and laid out some food, and she smiles as she sees Livii.

Altaa says: Livii? Hi. I made your favorite meal.

Livii looks up, gives a small nod, and then looks to the ground again, but she does pick at her food and eats about half of it.

Meanwhile, up in Northrend, Vel had taken a sabbatical to aid the Sin’dorei that had gone to the frozen north. In the process, she had gotten confirmation that no small number of elves had been raised as vampyrs, and had gotten to work.

During that time, she had the opportunity to perform an autopsy on a vampyr named Sangrias Stillblade, who had been killed in action--with the intention of trying to resurrect him once the autopsy was completed.

His corpse had been recovered from her study as she was packing up, and she cast a disguise on herself and an enhance ability before she headed to the chapel the resurrection would be taking place at.

The chapel is strange. As she steps inside, she notes there is a lot of iconography that is familiar to the elven depiction of the Holy Light, but the windows are completely tinted to prevent sunlight from entering. They are tinted red specifically, casting a crimson hue over the entire chapel.

She notes Sangrias’s body had been laid on a cloth in front of the altar, behind which Malande is preparing with a soft smile on her cracked face. Both Kael’thas and Rommath are conversing, and Alleria is also sitting in a corner. Astalor, likewise, is also around. However, there are two other people that seem to be blood knights that Vel doesn’t recognize.

Everyone acknowledges Vel’s arrival. Alleria gives her a nod, and Kael’thas approaches.

Kael'thas Sunstrider says: Good that you made it. I believe we’re about ready to get started if you are.
Velameestra Windrunner says: I am.
Kael'thas Sunstrider says: Excellent.

Kael’thas turns to the altar where Sangrias’s body is laid out.

Kael'thas Sunstrider says: You and I will be assisting with the ritual as well as these two blood knights. I suppose we can take our places and prepare to begin.

As Vel turns to follow him, Rommath nods at her and steps back. However, they hear footsteps behind them, and the hair on the back of Vel’s neck stands on end.

Familiar Voice says: Good. I made it in time.

Vel turns to look, and she sees Lana’thel Duskseeker striding through the doorway. She is wearing dark crimson and black armor as Vel had observed her wearing the few times she had glimpsed her around Vengeance Landing.

Lana’thel looks at Vel for a moment and cocks her head to the side. There’s a soft smile.

Lana'thel Duskseeker says: And you must be… the little secret that people have been skittering around hiding. Our secret weapon?
Velameestra Windrunner says: General Duskseeker.

Vel nods at her in greeting, and Lana’thel nods in return.

Lana'thel Duskseeker says: It’s a pleasure. I won’t ask you to remove whatever protections you have, I presume you have them for a good reason. Know that I too appreciate the work that you’ve done, presuming that the things I’ve heard of we have you to thank for.
Velameestra Windrunner says: It’s the least I could do.

There’s a moment where Vel sees Lana’thel’s eyes crinkle ever-so-slightly, and she ponders for a moment. It seemed like she recognized Vel’s voice, but she hasn’t been able to determine who Vel actually is beneath the disguise. She nods again.

Lana'thel Duskseeker says: I wouldn’t want to keep everyone waiting. Shall we retrieve my wayward knight from the other side? I trust it will not be an issue if I stand in for my knights for the purpose of this ritual?

Kael’thas nods.

Kael'thas Sunstrider says: Of course not, general. We would be honored.

Rommath makes eye contact with Vel and reaches out to her telepathically.

Rommath Pyrewing says [telepathically]: Apologies. I did not anticipate this particular arrival. I’ll do what I can to ensure she does not uncover your identity.

Lana’thel steps forward, no weapon in sight, though her cloak drags gently across the floor. She takes her position on the left side of the altar, with Kael’thas on the right, and Vel in the center.

Malande says: Let us begin.

Malande begins the lengthy ritual of resurrection, and it’s similar to those Vel has seen before.

Malande says: Those gathered, it is time for you to step forth and offer your own belief and strength to this ritual, so that we may bring our wayward brother back to us.

Kael’thas closes his eyes, and they alight with magic.

Kael'thas Sunstrider says: Sangrias Stillblade, your service to the sin’dorei has been recognized, but my friend, you are not finished yet. My people, our people, need you. As your king, I demand you return from the grave. You have defied death before, and I would see you do it again. We have need of your blade yet. Come, my friend.

Kael’thas’s hands alight with wisps of fiery magic as his magic is added to the ritual.

Vel also reaches out her hands wordlessly, much of her preparations having been made prior to this moment due to her part in reassembling the man’s corpse and her intimate knowledge of every inch of this man’s body. Ghostly blue magic swirls around her hands, her own eyes alighting with magic.

Lana’thel then holds out her own hand, and a wind picks up in the room. She closes her hand into a fist, and as she does, the wind coalesces into a long runeblade that Vel could only assume is the same Frostmourne that Remnii and the others had mentioned.

Lana’thel then rests the blade against the stone, the palm of her hand flat against the hilt of the sword in front of her. Lana’thel closes her eyes, and there is a metallic twinge coming from the blade as it seems to almost quiver slightly.

Kel’Thuzad’s attention, in the back of Vel’s mind, is immediately drawn to it, but he doesn’t say anything so as not to interrupt Vel’s focus. However, it’s clear that he’s incredibly intrigued, and even Vel herself can sense the waves of death magic emitting from it.

It was more than she was expecting, but she didn’t lose concentration.

Malande starts the closing points of the ritual, and a pale white light--the color of snowblind--starts to shine on her hands as she channels the power of the Holy Light. The cracks in her flesh start to glow, and she winces in pain, but she doesn’t balk. Wisps of icy snow flow down off the altar and wash over Sangrias’s still body.

There’s a long moment as the temperature in the room starts to plummet, and it stops, and then steadily it increases once more. Frost covers Sangrias’s body, then then fades once more, and his eyes flick open. He blinks, and Malande smiles.

Sangrias looks around, and Lana’thel smiles, leaning on the sword.

Lana'thel Duskseeker says: Sir Stillblade, it seems your service is not yet complete.

She pulls her hands from her sword, and the blade vanishes once more.

Sangrias looks around to the gathered elves, obviously not recognizing Vel at all.

Sangrias Stillblade says: Seems that it is not.

He gets shakily to his feet, and the two other blood knights rush forward to steady him.

Lana'thel Duskseeker says: Come, Sangrias. Allow your brothers to lead you back to the barracks so you can regain your strength.

Sangrias nods, and then looks to everyone else with a fatigued but thankful look.

Sangrias Stillblade says: My thanks. To all of you.

Sangrias puts his arm around one of the two other blood knights. Vel nods in return, but then steps forward.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Wait. Here.

She holds her wrist out. The blood knights and Sangrias look down at her wrist, and then back up to Vel, and the blood knights exchange looks before looking back to Lana'thel. Lana'thel gives them a slight nod.

Lana'thel Duskseeker says: We have someone. But if you insist, it will allow the volunteer to go about their business without convalescence.

Given Vel continued to offer, Sangrias bites into Vel's offered wrist--drinking deep--before he thanks her again and the pair of blood knights escort him out. It hurt, as expected, but less than the bites from Alleria and the others. Lana'thel offers a thanks for the donation, and then looks to the group as a whole.

Lana'thel Duskseeker says: Thank you for the service you provided and thank you, your Majesty, for allowing me to interfere with this somber ritual.
Kael'thas Sunstrider says: Of course, general. We would have invited you, but we simply expected you to be busy with other things you may have deemed more important.

Lana’thel nods.

Lana'thel Duskseeker says: Of course, your Majesty. But know that nothing is more important than our people.

As Vel listens to the exchange, she gets the sense that with the conviction with which she speaks, and how she carries herself, Lana’thel is not someone who lies. However, Vel also gets the sense that she’s not someone that always tells the full truth either, but in this instance, she is not lying with what she said. But it’s also clear, that with the direness and imperativeness in her voice, while she cares about the survival of her people, she’s now swung towards the evil alignment when she wasn’t that way before.

Lana’thel nods once more, and she turns to leave, leaving the group in the chapel. Vel senses a collective exhale from the group, metaphorically or otherwise as Astalor was the only other one present that still needed to breathe.

Kael’thas approaches Vel again once it was clear Lana’thel had gone.

Kael'thas Sunstrider says: Apologies for the unexpected guest.
Velameestra Windrunner says: Not a problem.
Kael'thas Sunstrider says: While it is inevitable that she will be appraised of your presence here in time, I was hoping she would not be so discerning about such things. Apparently they had taken notice of our selection as far as Sangrias. I know you wish you wish to keep your identity secret, but at least with your disguise, I do not believe she was able to identify you. Not yet, anyway.
Velameestra Windrunner says: Ultimately, my secrecy is on a time limit, and that is something I have recognized. The important thing is that Sangrias has recovered.
Kael'thas Sunstrider says: Indeed. And on behalf of all of the Sin’dorei, you have my eternal gratitude, Velameestra, for everything you have done for us and for Sangrias. When the time comes, I believe that he would much like to thank you personally once you can be more liberal with your identity.
Velameestra Windrunner says: I’m sure the opportunity will arise.
Kael'thas Sunstrider says: Of course. But I shan’t keep you. I know your companions back in Tanaris will demand your presence before ere long. If there’s anything else that we can do for you before you leave, please let us know.
Velameestra Windrunner says: I’ll be sure to do so. Thank you, your Majesty.
Kael'thas Sunstrider says: Until next time, Velameestra.

Kael’thas also turns to leave, his cape billowing behind him much like Lana’thel’s.

Rommath also nods and his voice echoes into Vel’s mind.

Rommath Pyrewing says [telepathically]: We will speak again. Soon.
Velameestra Windrunner says [telepathically]: As soon as preparations are made on my end, yes.
Rommath Pyrewing says [telepathically]: Then do take care, Miss Windrunner.
Velameestra Windrunner says [telepathically]: Always a pleasure, Grand Magister.

Rommath disappears out the door after Kael’thas, and Astalor claps his hands together.

Astalor Bloodsworn says: That was a fascinating experience to watch. Well done, Velameestra! I am ever grateful to have made your acquaintance, and I do hope this not the last time we have the privilege to work together.
Velameestra Windrunner says: I certainly doubt it will be.
Astalor Bloodsworn says: Excellent! That’s precisely what I hoped to hear. Do tell Arkha’din that I wish the best for the two of you!
Velameestra Windrunner says: He will miss you every day, I’m sure.

Astalor gets a dumb little smile.

Astalor Bloodsworn says: Oh I do hope so. Please make sure he doesn’t forget about me.
Velameestra Windrunner says: He won’t.
Astalor Bloodsworn says: Farewell, Velameestra!

Astalor bows and also leaves, closely followed by Malande, who nods and bows to Vel.

Malande says: May the Light watch over you, Miss Windrunner.

Alleria and Vel are the last ones that remain in the chapel.

Alleria Windrunner says: So you’re heading back?
Velameestra Windrunner says: Yes. My companions are ready to leave. Best I make whatever final preparations are needed.
Alleria Windrunner says: And… you’re sure… about what you…
Velameestra Windrunner says: Yes.
Alleria Windrunner says: Okay.
Velameestra Windrunner says: I already informed someone I trust it’s what I’ll be doing. I’ll be informing the other two soon. I’ll be in contact once my preparations are made.
Alleria Windrunner says: Then I will be a part of it. If it’s going to happen, then it’s going to happen my way.
Velameestra Windrunner says: Thank you.

Alleria offers a small smile.

Alleria Windrunner says: This was… nice. We never really got to… I’m… this was nice.
Velameestra Windrunner says: And ultimately you do have a direct line of contact.
Alleria Windrunner says: If you need anything, let me know.
Velameestra Windrunner says: Likewise. I believe the plan is for us to travel by night, at least while in the desert. So it may be easier for us to line up our schedules if needed.

Alleria chuffs.

Alleria Windrunner says: I suppose that’s a good thing. I can’t say I’m not looking forward to when this blasted sun sets. Safe travels.
Velameestra Windrunner says: You as well.

Alleria puts a hand on Vel’s shoulder and squeezes it, and she also disappears through the door.

Vel draws an arcane circle on the floor of the chapel, chanting the words of the spell, and teleports back to Gadgetzan and arrives in the tube-like teleporter that Marin Noggenfogger had set up, her hair slightly static-y. She recomposes herself, and drops her disguise, then heads out into the streets of Gadgetzan.

Back a few days, Remnii had made several attempts to dream Jarod Shadowsong due to the night elf sleep schedule. Finally, it connects, and Remnii fashions the dreamscape in an environment of huge, towering trees.

And she sees the figure of Jarod Shadowsong appear, his arms crossed, and a perplexed look on his face. Remnii lets him examine the dreamscape for a bit, and he is muttering to himself in Darnassian. There almost seems to be a sense of wonderment.

Then he sees Remnii, and he tenses. But then speaks in common.

Jarod Shadowsong says: Identify yourself.
Remnii says: My name is Remnii. I am the draenic ambassador to Azeroth, and I believe we need to have a conversation. This is a dream.
Jarod Shadowsong says: I had a feeling. Can’t say that I’ve ever dreamt of a strange forest before. A forest, yes, but nothing like this.
Remnii says: This is a forest from the world that was my home.
Jarod Shadowsong says: It’s beautiful.

Remnii smiles earnestly.

Remnii says: It was.

Jarod approaches and stops 10 feet away.

Jarod Shadowsong says: You said we should talk.
Remnii says: I do not wish to burden you as I don’t know much about you.
Jarod Shadowsong says: Not much to know. Just a humble man. Not sure what you sought to learn from me, but you went through the trouble of reaching out. And if you meant me harm, you likely could have done something more drastic.
Remnii says: It is my goal to never use this spell for harm.
Jarod Shadowsong says: Mind if I…?

He gestures to the area.

Remnii says: Of course. Log? Chair? Moss?

As she speaks, those options materialize, and Jarod chuffs in amusement as he sits.

Jarod Shadowsong says: Well. Remnii. I’d introduce myself, but you seem to know.
Remnii says: Yes. If you ever wish to not hear more, please tell me as I understand you are in a form of retirement.

Jarod chuffs.

Remnii says: But I believe I should catch you up on a few things that are happening in this world. First off, I do not wish to pull punches, and I will stop whenever you wish.
Jarod Shadowsong says: I appreciate it, but unneeded. I will hear you out.
Remnii says: I know of what is now known as the War of the Ancients. I heard about it before I arrived on this world. My people are… I may look familiar in some degree.

Jarod nods.

Remnii says: We are the remnant of the eredar people. The draenei. Before a faction of them broke off when the titan Sargeras reached out to us. The draenei are what is left. We look the same because we were the same, at one point. Have you ever heard of the Violet Star? Fifteen years ago?
Jarod Shadowsong says: I think most of the kaldorei have.
Remnii says: That was no cosmic activity. That was my people crash landing on this planet.

Remnii explains to him what she knows currently, including her contact with a singular kaldorei druid.

Remnii says: Thus, they are fighting. Drawn to blows… as the Prophet Velen’s only family, I can tell you that is not our intent. It never is. But the Legion is on our heels, and they have come. Again. On the other side of the world.

Jarod furrows his brow, and Remnii explains her own story.

Remnii says: There is… much work to be done, but something is… we will defend ourselves. We are also a long-lived race. But I fear that the Legion… the Legion is working to keep the draenei and the kaldorei apart. That is my current guess. A people who have defeated them before, and the last remnants of their mortal selves. And… beyond that, trouble is brewing. Also now, at this time, the Traveller is alive, and I know her personally.
Jarod Shadowsong says: is that so?
Remnii says: From what I understand, from what I have seen, I… she has not gone yet. She does not look the same.
Jarod Shadowsong says: Well. If she was half the warrior she was back then.
Remnii says: She is. And the Legion wants her dead by name. Thus, this party I mentioned… we will be traveling north to meet my people, but I will be attempting to treat with whoever I can to discern what is causing this violence.
Jarod Shadowsong says: And you’re hoping to get my help?
Remnii says: We have little choice. I’m sorry to disturb your peace, but the world is… you know what happens. The Legion will not stop. They’ve been trying for the last 40 years, with much of the blood of my own people.

Jarod smiles sadly and nods.

Jarod Shadowsong says: With all due respect, Remnii. My peace ended about ten years ago. I’m not surprised to see you here. I didn’t know it was going to be you, but it was only a matter of time before someone tried to reach out to me. I don’t know how much I can help you and your friends, but I do know some things. I’ve seen your people. I’ve spoken to them. I went back some years ago, but I didn’t stay for very long. But I saw enough. If the theories you are presenting…

Jarod shrugs.

Jarod Shadowsong says: Something is off. But I don’t know how much I can help. What I’m more worried about is what you might be getting yourselves into. That. That I can help with. You and your companions, your friends… if you want what little help I can give you, if you want to know what little I know, come find me.

Jarod smirks.

Jarod Shadowsong says: I won’t make it easy. If you can’t find me, then you won’t stand a chance in Ashenvale.

Remnii smiles and nods, accepting the challenge.

Remnii says: Every world I have set hoof on is cut throat and ruthless. I will find you. With the help of many others. But thank you. My biggest worry was showing up at your door unannounced.

Jarod chuckles.

Jarod Shadowsong says: That’s fair. If you had pulled this stunt on anyone else, they probably wouldn’t have taken it as easily.
Remnii says: I made friends with harder.
Jarod Shadowsong says: Good. You’ll need that. Kaldorei are many things. Stubborn is one of them.
Remnii says: Have you met Broxigar?
Jarod Shadowsong says: I did. A damned hero.
Remnii says: If you want to talk about stubborn, someday I’ll tell you about his son.

Jarod gets a look of intrigue.

Jarod Shadowsong says: I look forward to it.

He pats his knees and gets up.

Remnii says: Oh. If you want to explore, I spent much time here as a child. I have some time before I wake. I will not bother you.
Jarod Shadowsong says: I may take you up on that.

He spends some time wandering around exploring until the dream fades.

Remnii and Tol’vas head out on a supply run with Samaara, Aramar, Makasa, Tae’shara, and Elissa, and they set off on camels along with some of the more physically gifted members of the Ati-Kaso. They follow a trail that is mostly denoted with signs, and it is fairly uneventful.

After about eight days, the shore line comes into sight, and they see the docks. They are not particularly fancy, primarily just some goblin buildings and some piers that are demarcated as “Steamwheedle Port”.

They pass a few goblins minding their own business, and the group can see some palm trees near where the water meets the desert edge. Remnii is enamored with the sight of the palm trees.

As they arrive at the port, Tae’shara heads in to take care of the orders that they are picking up. Remnii tries to help, but eventually Gotri sees her struggling and he tells her to make sure everyone stays hydrated.

There were definitely moments when Tae’shara was checking out Tol’vas and some of the other draenei. Which Remnii notes her doing so.

Remnii says: Wait until you see a Vindicator.
Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: I… don’t know what you’re talking about.
Remnii says: Appreciating the beauty of the form is something the draenei value.

Tae’shara chuffs.

Remnii says: I mean, if you want to miss out on big blue muscles, more for me.

Tae’shara spittakes at that, laughing.

Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: What the hell, Remnii, this stuff is valuable!

However, Tae’shara does wind up asking more about the Vindicators. Meanwhile, Makasa is picking up huge stacks of things and being very efficient about everything. Aramar is trying to keep up, but is failing. Makasa, meanwhile, was berating him and only him.

Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: So… while we’re at the beach, are we having any fun? We have plenty of time.
Remnii says: Aside from looking at Aramar’s father’s ship, I was hoping we could have some fun before things get harder before we have to be serious all the time.
Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Well, maybe we can split up. I’ll take a group to find a good spot, and you can take a look at that ship?
Remnii says: Sounds good to me!
Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Great. Good luck!

Tae’shara and a few of the Ati-Kaso take off to claim a slice of beach, and Aramar heads over with a furrowed brow.

Aramar Thorne says: They said the Wavestrider is off limits and no one is allowed to go there.
Remnii says: Who is they?
Aramar Thorne says: The guys in charge of the dock. The Steamwheedle Cartel. Said it’s too dangerous.
Remnii says: Were you able to get any specifics?
Aramar Thorne says: They mostly just brushed me off and said they were busy. Do you want to go talk to them, or should we just go?
Remnii says: We should try the appropriate channels first. But if not, we will approach. With care. If you and Makasa know the captain, and you are the living kin. I’m going to likely approach it that way.
Aramar Thorne says: That’s fine. We can do whatever, but I’m going to see that vessel.

They head into the office, and the goblin rolls his eyes at Aramar.

Goblin Dockmaster says: Look, kid, I told ya. It’s dangerous. We’re holding up an unstable dune. You go poking around and it may all crash down.
Remnii says: Pardon me.
Goblin Dockmaster says: Well you’re a tall one.
Remnii says: I get that sometimes. I know the Wavestrider--
Goblin Dockmaster says: Yes, the same ship he was on about. Off. Limits. No one goes there.
Remnii says: May I ask why? This is the only living song of Greydon Thorne.
Goblin Dockmaster says: I don’t care if he was the prince of Lordaeron come back from the dead. Point stands. Cartel orders. Besides, it’s been a decade. You step in that thing and it may all crumble down.
Remnii says: Yet we would like to try and see it.
Goblin Dockmaster says: No. Absolutely not. I don’t want to call the bruisers over here to escort you off the premises.
Remnii says: What will it take? This is the last remnant of his father.

Remnii and Tol’vas pick up that the goblin seems to be hiding something.

Goblin Dockmaster says: Look, just scram. It’s too dangerous.
Remnii says: You know it’s not that simple. To put his father to rest, we at least deserve to know why. In truth. Please.
Goblin Dockmaster says: You’re killing me, tuts! Look. I got paid a lot of money to keep people away from the ship. So stay away from the ship. Because if you don’t, I’ll get my ass in deep water, alright? And I’m not a very good swimmer. Ironic given I’m right next to the bay. But come on lady.
Remnii says: Are you paid by the Cartel or...?
Goblin Dockmaster says: Some woman. I think she was a troll.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Was she or wasn’t she?
Goblin Dockmaster says: I dunno. She had a cowl and was tall. She had that accent. It sounded like a troll. She had some other folks with her.
Remnii says: How long ago?
Goblin Dockmaster says: Just the other day.

Remnii looks to the rest of the party.

Goblin Dockmaster says: Now, ya didn’t hear that from me. I would just go back to Gadgetzan with your caravan and forget the Wavestrider ever existed.
Remnii says: Thank you for your time.
Goblin Dockmaster says: Sheesh. Thanks for coming to the Steamwheedle, fuck, port. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Remnii offers him a kind smile as he leans back and lights a cigar.

Remnii says: Shall we be off to the beach, then?
Goblin Dockmaster says: Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

As they leave, Remnii asks if Aramar’s father had any history with trolls. Aramar isn’t sure, but Makasa offers they never dealt with trolls when she was a part of his crew. Granted, that over a decade ago now.

Remnii says: Well. We were warned. Do you still want to go?

Aramar and Makasa both want to go, as does Elissa and Tol’vas.

Tol'vas Moonshadow says: The only other plan was to see if I could wash someone out to sea.

Everyone looks at Tol’vas, who shrugs.

The group heads to the shore where the Wavestrider is beached. Tol’vas asks how subtle they are trying to be, and it’s pretty clear they aren’t going to be able to be particularly subtle. However Remnii offers that Tol’vas and Samaara could scout ahead of them.

Samaara says she’s willing, and she breaks away from the group to scout along the side as the rest approach. Makasa, Aramar, and Elissa opt to stay at a distance, and Remnii offers to Tol’vas that she is good at de-escalation, but not sneaking.

However, Tol’vas chooses to cast pass without trace, and they start to try and creep forward as a group. They flank around to the side opposite of Samaara, and there are moments Elissa’s armor scrapes against the wood and she mouths sorry.

They don’t see anything dangerous as they scout around, but then Tol’vas sees movement up in the crow’s nest of the ship. There’s a figure up there that slid down the side of the pole, and then he sees her whip out a weapon and start to fire.

In response, Tol’vas holds his hand out and casts call lightning. Storm clouds appear above her, and she dodges out of the way, avoiding the majority of the lightning strike. Tol’vas then presses himself against the side of the ship.

The woman, who appears to be a sand troll, lands at the lip of the ship and fires her hand crossbow rapid fire at everyone she could see. Remnii and Samaara take particularly bad hits, and they are poisoned.

Sand Troll Assassin says: Nothing personal!

The woman then ducks behind cover. Her cowl had dropped, and she has fiery red hair, though her lower face is covered. She is also wearing heavy, chitinous armor, and it seems her armor has a scorpid tail built into it.

And then another figure materializes above them, and there are incantations. Remnii looks up and she’s bright, red eyes and a long beak. The figure seems to be speaking in Ravenspeech and the speaker is an arakoa.

Aramar staggers back but seems to have resisted the spell.

Remnii squawks up at the arakkoa in his own tongue, and the individual squawks back and draws a scimitar. Then another arakkoa materializes, and summons two void walkers in the midst of the party. One of the void walkers immediately slams into Remnii. It tries to assault Remnii’s mind, but it can’t break through her defenses. The second one goes for Aramar, but Aramar is able to duck away, and the third one also goes for Remnii, but Elissa is able to intercede. The void walker tries to hit again, and once again misses.

Samaara fires an arrow at one of the void walkers attacking Remnii, and the arrow disappears into its body.

The sand troll pulls out a small sphere and strikes some flint off of it, and then lobs the bomb into the midst of the group. It explodes, and most of the group is able to take some type of cover, but it showers the group in shrapnel. The troll then ducks behind cover again.

Tol’vas continues to strike lightning, but this time he targets the closest arakkoa. It squawks and ducks out of the way, the lightning singing some of his feathers. Tol’vas tries to duck back under cover again.

Makasa Flintwill says: We need to board the ship! You handle these monsters.

She ignores the void walker beside her and proceeds to try and climb the ship. It slams into her, and she grunts angrily, but gets to the deck of the ship and starts to attack the arakkoa mage. However he manages to maintain concentration.

Remnii casts spiritual weapon, summoning a draenic warhammer that is glowing gold, and it appears next to the arakkoa mage. It cracks into the mage, the arakkoa staggers, and the void walkers vanish.

Remnii tries to get the arakkoa to stand down, using Ravenspeech. The arakkoas fluff up, and there’s a clacking laughter.

Arakkoa Mage says [Ravenspeech]: Surrender? Surrender? Never surrender! Hahahahaha!
Arakkoa Warrior says [Common]: Stay away!

The arakkoa fighter jumps down behind Remnii, his scimitar manifesting magic as he strikes into her with two attacks. Remnii isn’t looking good, and staggers to the ground.

Elissa Cross says: Watch out, Remnii!

An aura of light magic pulses around her as she uses aura of vitality, and she heals Remnii, and then drops to try and engage the arakkoa.

Arakkoa Mage says [Ravenspeech]: Thorne will never escape! Thorne will never escape!

He holds out his claw to Aramar, and he starts to panic. It seems like he’s struggling against something, but there doesn’t seem to be anything around him.

The arakkoa cackles and backs up, which Makasa tries to strike at him, but she misses.

Aramar continues to struggle against the seeming illusion, shouting about his father, but then he tumbles to the ground unconscious, blood streaming from his nose.

Elissa calls out to him, and the arakkoa warrior tries to cast a spell on her, but she resists and bonks the arakkoa with her shield.

Samaara runs forward to cover Remnii, but the arakkoa warrior strikes at her.

Tol’vas uses the Scythe of Elune and summons two massive dire wolves on the deck of the ship. They growl and then run at the sand troll assassin.

Sand Troll Assassin says: This just got interesting.

Tol’vas then also heals Remnii.

The dire wolves close on the assassin, and the arakkoa mage--noting Makasa following him--cackles and then disappears.

Elissa uses aura of vitality to get Aramar stabilizes and then attacks the arakkoa warrior. She invokes a smite, holy energy surging through the arakkoa.

Aramar gets to his feet and draws his blade. A diamond sword appears from the hilt, and he uses second wind before scrambling up the side of the ship to go help Makasa. Makasa points out the general direction of the mage, and Aramar strikes him with a guiding bolt. Makas follows up with her own attacks, getting the arakkoa into a critical condition.

One of the dire wolves lunges at the sand troll, snarling.

Remnii uses mass cure wounds, healing many of her allies.

The sand troll calls for a retreat, and she tries to dodge around the wolf to run, but isn’t able to. Makasa dives in on her, doing a substantial amount of damage. The sand troll calls out to a “Skitter”, and the scorpid tail is revealed to actually be a scorpid, who disengages from the sand troll and starts to attack.

Tol’vas tries to attack the arakkoa closest to them, but misses, and he also climbs up on the ship.

Remnii tries to cast smite at the mage as she finishes climbing the ship, but the spell does not seem to take hold. The warrior turns invisible and starts to also climb up the ship.

Makasa tries to strike into the mage, but her spear passes right through it.

Makasa Flintwill says: It’s false!

She snarls, looking around to see where the arakkoa may have gone, given it seems he had cast a spell.

Elissa uses the ring that Vel had gifted her and tries to fire off some shooting stars at the warrior, but they fail to connect, and she heals Tol’vas.

Sand Troll Assassin says: Skitter, here!

The sand troll disengages and tries to slip by Tol’vas. He tries to block her, but she is able to duck under him. Tol’vas summons another strike of lightning down on the sand troll and arakkoa warrior, and they duck out of the way.

In that moment, the arakkoa mage appears, a scroll in hand as he casts a spell. Fel fire erupts around the two arakkoa, the scorpid, and the sand troll.

The sand troll winks at Tol’vas.

Sand Troll Assassin says: Until next time. The Hidden won’t forget this.

They then disappear into the burst of fel fire.

As the aftermath of the battle starts to finish, Makasa is on high alert, but nothing is found. Remnii looks to Samaara.

Remnii says: Did you feel that?
Samaara says: I saw it. They used fel magic.
Remnii says: That was powerful. Where there is Light…

Remnii is looking around the ship, and then back to Aramar.

Remnii says: There will be shadow.

Makasa shrugs, and Aramar allows the blade to vanish.

Aramar Thorne says: Any idea what that was about?
Remnii says: They called themselves the Hidden. Judging by how they were talking and the magics they were using, they are diametrically opposed to our group. Also. They said that Thorne would never escape. Earlier.
Aramar Thorne says: What? Are you kidding me? So, what, now I have to clean up my father’s messes? He pissed off some bird gang and now they’re coming for me?
Remnii says: Well. The trouble is that those bird people are called arakkoa. They are from Draenor.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: How did they get here?
Remnii says: Well I would wager they came through when the orcs did. Orcs are slave takers. They were possibly brought through the portal. But to be over here so quickly, and established… that was a troll, right?

There are a series of nods.

Remnii says: They are already moving with denizens of Azeroth. Thus…
Makasa Flintwell says: She moved and acted like a mercenary. It’s possible she was paid to do whatever they were trying to do.
Remnii says: The arakkoa have a rough history on Draenor. Mercenary work is not beyond them. But they were chattering madly. I…

Remnii falls into silence.

Remnii says: The void walkers they summoned. That… that is not good. That is also shadow magic. Well. Enemies abound.
Samaara says: At the least, we are here, and this place has been secured. Whatever you were looking for, Aramar, you can find.
Aramar Thorne says: Maybe not everything. But we’re safe, at least.
Remnii says: And we know to keep an eye out for these Hidden people. Perhaps we can find answers in time.

Aramar looks concerned, but they branch out to look through the ship.

A voice calls from down below. It’s Tae’shara.

Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Hey! You guys up there? Is… is that a wolf? Where did the wolves come from?
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: I brought them.
Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Oh. Okay. Well, we looked around and there wasn’t much beach space. There was a basilisk on one of them, but this one seems fine. Um. Something happened, huh?

The group fills in the rest of the fellows on what happened, and no one knows what the Hidden would be.

Samaara says: Perhaps it is a mystery to solve later. Perhaps Kilnar or Velameestra will have information. They know more of magic. Perhaps they know of fel magic as well.
Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Well, if there’s nothing else… we could probably go swimming. How does that sound? Pretty good?

There are some sighs, and some agreement. Aramar looks frustrated, but he took out his sketchbook and he seems to be focused on drawing the people that attacked them best as they can. The entire place also seems to have been picked clean. Remnii reassures him that they’ll find something when they can.

Tol’vas suggests hidden compartments, but Makasa knows where they are, and she managed to find some rum that had been stashed away, but nothing else.

Remnii investigates the naaru figurehead, and it seems to be the same size of Mu’ru, but everything is scaled down. It’s pattern is more intricate. Aramar also works on sketching the figurehead.

The group spends some time swimming and drinking. Tol’vas makes a tidal wave and tried to surf on the tidal wave, and she did alright, but beefed it after the wave well off. The wolves chill with the group until they are dismissed (and when asked informed Tol’vas they came from the Dream), and the group crashes on the beach and then head off the next day.

On the way back, Remnii talks a bit to Tol’vas about Jarod, and how well he knew him. Tol’vas said he didn’t know Jarod very well personally, but did mention that Jarod was present when the demon lord Archimonde killed an entity named Malorne.

May 22nd

And the group returns to Gadgetzan around the same time as a certain Thunderdrome is happening, and a certain mage returns home.

Vel and the group meet just outside the fighting pit, just in time to see Uther, Seria, and Riff be let into the Thunderdrome.

Thunderdrome Announcer says: Alright, ladies and gents, you’ve been waiting for this! The reigning champ of the Thunderdrome, the Thunder Titan herself, Thrud, and her trusted companions Skoll and Hati! And you know them, you love them! Ever since they came into the arena, they’ve been cracking skulls and taking names! Venomous fangs and all, the Death Adders.
Remnii says: ...oh!
Velameestra Windrunner says: Have they been fighting the entire time?
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Oh. We just got back from the beach.
Remnii says: We got attacked by assassins. And I have news.

Vel blinks at them, trying to unpack that information that came out literally as soon as she returned.

Elissa had started to approach Vel, but upon hearing Uther and the others were fighting, she and Tae’shara immediately ran to cage to start cheering for them. Vel sighs, hanging out at the back, but she waves her hand, summoning a major image above Elissa and Tae’shara depicting the name “Death Adders” with a black snake weaving around it.

Thrud sees the cheering and the illusion, and smirks, and she and her wolves prepare to fight. Seria immediately holds out her staff and casts phase shift on herself, and then turns into a fen dweller, her form flickering.

Uther uses his channel divinity and then advances in solidarity with Seria.

Skoll starts to advance, and then his fur crackles, and he blasts a bolt of lightning at Seria. Seria takes the damage, but she absorbs it. Skoll cocks his head in confusion, but then charges forward.

Thrud grins and then also runs forward. She spins her hammer around her head, and then leaps up to bring it down on Uther. However, as it comes down, Uther erects his arcane ward. She smiles and swings around again, but her hammer is also turned aside.

Uther Menethil says: You have a nice hammer.
Thrud says: As do you.
Uther Menethil says: Thank you. I got it from my dad.
Thrud says: So did I.

Riff bites the side of his wrist and waves a hand over it. He casts bane and on both Thrud and Hati seem to fail.

Hati tries to blast lightning at Riff, but he is able to avoid the majority. The lightning hits a chain, electrifying a section of the drome. The wolf then closes around to Uther’s other side.

Thrud tries to swing at Uther again, but both attacks once again miss thanks to Uther’s shield.

Thrud says: Not bad! A change of strategy may be required.

Riff gets into the zone and casts sapping sting on Thrud, which works! Vel has the black adder in the illusion hiss loudly, and everyone cheers.

Uther then closes on the now proned Thrud, holy magic wreathing his hammer as he slams it into Thrud. Vel has the illusory snake flicker iridescent gold and black. Thrud’s eye flashes on the impact, and Uther is blown back into Hati, but Uther closes on Thrud again, coming through with his hammer once more.

The hammer flashes with more holy light and he brings it down on her chest. Thrud is blinded by the effort.

Vel has the snake flash pure gold and hiss in triumph.

Uther comes through with one final strike, once again smiting. Thrud is not looking good, and Vel has the snake twist around the Death Adder label, still gold and hissing loudly.

Skoll closes on Uther, he had nearly dropped his master in one turn. Skoll bites into him, his fangs clamping onto Uther’s entire mid-section. He shoves Uther down, and then Hati goes for Uther. Uther rolls out of the way of both attacks.

Seria brings her fist down on the prone Thrud, and she rolls over to the side, coughing. Seria screams in triumph before rounding on Skoll and smacking him as well.

Skoll raises a fist to her wolves and says something in her language, but heaves herself out of the arena.

Seria continues to beat on Skoll, walloping him with two solid hits. Riff heals Uther and tries to sapping sting Hati, but it fails. Hati rakes into Uther, and he fades out of consciousness for a second. The wolf then moves to back up Skoll.

Skoll bites Seria and slashes at her, but she is still standing without a problem.

Riff heals Uther again, and tries sapping sting again, but it once more fails.

Riff says: Get in there Uther! You ain’t out yet!

Seria slams into Skoll again and hurls him into the wall, where he lulls over, exhausted. Then Seria turns on Hati, but he is able to duck out of the way.

Hati bites into Seria, his fangs crackling with lightning, but as the lightning courses through her, she heals from it. He opts to try for thunder damage with his claws, and then retreats to kite them.

Uther gets to his feet and then nova heals himself with lay on hands. Everyone starts cheering. Uther then quickens arcane missile, and he swings his hammer around, missiles flying off of them and striking into the wolf as he approaches.

He looks to Riff.

Uther Menethil says: Much obliged, Riff.
Riff says: Anything for a Death Adder!

He slaps Uther on the shoulder and then charges at Hati and tries to hit him with an inflict wounds, but the wolf is able to dodge.

Riff says: Awww mon! That was going to be so cool!

Riff ducks around Hati as he tries to counter attack, and then strikes at Uther, who he seems to be almost scared of. He kites around Uther and Riff, but gets into range of Seria, who slams into him twice. The wolf is heavily winded, clearly almost out.

Uther then closes, and takes a final hit, dropping the wolf to the ground.

There is a moment of silence before Dealwell declares the winner, and Vel has the black adder illusion lunge forward and explode into bright red blood as it disappears.

Thrud enters the arena, heaves Riff onto her shoulder, and holds both Uther and Seria’s arms in the air as Seria shifts back, declaring them the winners.

Quietly, she speaks to the trio.

Thrud says: That was well fought, all of you. I am more than impressed. I would speak with you later. I have something… of the utmost importance. I have a boon to beg of you. I believe that you are the right people for this job.
Uther Menethil says: Of course. Where would you like us to meet you?
Thrud says: I will find you.

She holds their hands in the air again.